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Ghosts and Aliens: Is There A Connection?

6 years, 10 months ago
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By bestselling author and paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan

When I began researching this topic, I must admit that I was firmly in the skeptic’s corner. I am open minded to many things paranormal, but this took my belief system to a level I couldn’t immediately facilitate.

In my experience, there are Ghost Camps and there are Alien Camps. People who belong to one seldom venture into the other. We might appreciate the findings and the stories that are passed around in the other camp, but we do little more than nod and smile.

As a charter member of the Ghost Camp, aliens have always frightened me. After seeing the 2009 Milla Jovovich movie The Fourth Kind, my fear of aliens grew exponentially. In the movie, Milla plays a therapist in Alaska who begins hearing stories of alien abduction that often started with a seemingly innocuous owl sitting in a tree outside her patient’s windows. I began regarding owls in a brand new way. It made me wonder if aliens are truly among us, scoping us out for some merciless science experiment.


When I started hearing several of my Ghost Camp friends talking about aliens, it got my attention. Could some of the paranormal activity we’ve experienced be attributed to extra-terrestrials?

Of course, my first reaction was an internal eye roll. Seriously? It’s a big enough stretch to freely admit that I communicate with dead people, but adding ETs to the mix could be social suicide. It took me forty years to admit that I’ve also seen Bigfoot, something I’m sure caused my old high school friends and cat-adoring aunties to whisper behind their hands, questioning my sanity. When confronted with the alien theory, I did what most people in my position would do: I started asking questions.

The first time I asked, “Do you think some ghosts could really be aliens?” I felt like I was asking people what color underwear they were wearing. I probably even backed up a few steps to give them running-away room. The responses I heard were actually surprising.

Most people studied me for a minute, with the gears and wheels spinning in their heads as they gave it some serious thought. Many of them acknowledged the possibility with a shudder, letting me know that the possibility exists, at least in their collective minds.

My go-to expert on anything paranormal is my friend Michael Robishaw, from Alexandria, Virginia. Michael is a medium, spiritual healer, and Shaman with over 30 years of experience in the paranormal field. I knew if the possibility existed, Michael would know. When I asked him, he gave it a moment of thought and said, “I think it’s possible.” He went on to tell me that in his experiences, some ghosts are elusive, slipping away quickly before he can glean any information from them. When he tries to get a better grasp on who they are and what they want, they simply disappear. “Those types could possibly be alien in nature,” he said.

Many people believe that aliens have been among us for a long while, studying our progress and keeping tabs on our undertakings. Still others believe that our human race is actually descended from an ancient alien civilization that seeded our planet and are silently guiding us towards a higher goal. The examples they provide are difficult to dismiss.


(Above) Hieroglyphics in a prehistoric cave in the French Pyrenees depicts two spacecraft with a trail of sparks behind it. The drawing was estimated to be from 13,000 BC.


(Above) A cave painting from 10,000 BC, found in Val Camonica, Italy, seemingly shows an alien holding a human inside a circle, with strange beings surrounding it.

Others believe that the star of Bethlehem was actually a UFO, due to its strange ability to hover over the birth site of Jesus. Still others theorize that the number of near-collisions between commercial airlines and possible UFOs can’t be coincidence. Law enforcement officials as well as eagle-eyed pilots have reported seeing strange lights in the skies for decades.


(Above) the infamous painting of the Madonna and the Saint Giovannino, supposedly shows an alien craft in the background.

According to Dr. Ellis Silver, there are many signs that humans didn’t originate on this planet. In his book, Humans are not from Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence, he states that “Mankind is supposedly the most developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more,” he told Yahoo in a recent interview. As evidence, he showcases our human inability to handle sunlight, resulting in sunburns, as well as the size of our heads at birth, pointing towards difficult birthing situations. Bad backs are also a contributor, according to Dr. Silver, caused by our origins on a planet with a lower gravitational field.

Another friend I interviewed pointed out global perceptions. Ricky Permatteo is a psychic medium who is immensely talented, something I’ve witnessed firsthand at an investigation. He said, “To the ancient mind, the lights in the sky are angels. To modern day people, who live in a highly technical and machine age, these lights represent a craft,” he said.

He also said that aliens are beings that didn’t originate from our planet. By the same definition, angels also follow this model. He believes that the collective lens is the filter by which we perceive such forces. It’s all in the label we give them.

I asked Michael Robishaw how we would know if a ghost was really an alien. “You wouldn’t,” he answered. He’s encountered a few that he suspected were extraterrestrial in nature, but they always departed long before he could get a reading on them.

So, why would aliens choose to inhabit our world? To keep track of us? To guide us in the right direction? Perhaps they’re waiting for the moment when we’ve finally used up all the planet’s resources so they can give us a lift to another planet we can harvest. If they wanted something we have, they could easily just take it from us, considering they are so advanced they can wander around undetected, if that is indeed the case.

Researching this topic left me filtering out many hoaxes. Just because something is on the Internet doesn’t make it true. I will conclude with this thought: if aliens are visiting our planet, it would stand to reason that they would cloak themselves in some manner, likely in a technology that would look to us like magic. If this is the case, it would be difficult to tell them apart from the other paranormal experiences we encounter.

Then again, that’s just my opinion from the Ghost Camp.


Wandjina petroglyphs from Kimberley, Australia. About 5,000 years old and may represent alien beings.


(Above) The Helicopter hieroglyphs found in Abydos, Egypt, reportedly show a helicopter, spacecraft and modern airplane.

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  • Giannid7

    Hieroglyphics of Abydos especially is a great ancient “photo” posted of the past and of course the link evidenced alien and ghosts…

    • Ash

      I suggest you see this carefully:

      • Wayworld

        There was a copy in bronze made of the cartuch, the discrepencies are likely caused by difficulty copying the rubbing of the original cartuch. The re-working of a cartuch is an interesting hypothesis but here we have the explanation being more complicated than the rendering at face value. When the cartuch was discovered we did not have helicopters nor space craft!

  • Wayworld

    That was an excellent article! You are so right, there is a Ghost – Alien connection. I’m from the Alien camp. I’d like to dismiss ghosts, fairies, sasquatches, bigfoots and extra-dimensional beings as just total BS. Unfortunately many incidents have no explanation using logic or present day science. Unless you are a certified Skeptic, in that case the skeptic usually knows little about what they are debunking and are adept at sidestepping facts. They are happy to offer explanations that stretch the bounds of imagination (even mine) as long as the answer isn’t “we just don’t know”. Skeptics get paid whereas most paranormal & UFO investigators fund themselves because they have a calling of some type. These fields of study are huge, so much information exists yet nothing exists that we can show as absolute proof. There is a large body of doubt that we even went to the moon yet we have the space ships (flimsy) and moon rocks (DID have moon rocks – they have disappeared I heard!) to prove it. We have cave paintings showing clearly that Aliens had interacted with humans long ago and somehow they are discounted as something else. No wonder people turn to the paranormal for answers! No dis-respect intended, I’m trying to be rational with answers that make sense to my personal experience.

  • gilcarlson

    Here are the startling answers to the mysteries of aliens and UFOs
    – Where are they, who are they, what do they want with us?

  • LisaB

    You know, I wondered about this today after watching a documentary on a
    haunting followed by a documentary on Roswell. It is interesting to note
    that people who encounter aliens claim the aliens are able to
    communicate with them mentally, just like psychics/mediums say the
    Spirits communicate. Also, those who are haunted claim their electrical
    appliances go haywire, just like those who claim they’ve encountered
    alien beings in ships. Perhaps a haunting is really nothing more than an
    alien ship being nearby, in which case there are some aliens out there
    with a really wicked sense of humor, lol. It is intriguing to think
    about. Great article.

  • Daniel Dubois

    Read a book called Oahspe. If youre just gonna read the cover, and look up who wrote it, then stop right there, you will never know the answers to the universe. Including the alien questions.

    It all in it. Consider yourselves extremely lucky that I am sharing this info with you for free. You can even read it for free on sacred texts. com. Best would be to get the thick green version on ebay. No, Im not making any money off of this.

  • Ian Wööds

    I have come to the conclusion that aliens and ghosts occupy the same dimension.
    Haven’t you noticed that they have very similar powers ?Can move between the brains /parallel universe at will
    I have had multiple ghost experiences and multiple sightings, even walking through a ghost(felt nothing) they say that peoples spirit is recorded throughout their life on their central nervous system only to cross over when the physical body dies ,this I think is an unknown, undetected electrical type energy).
    I have also seen plasma type “circles” just sitting in the sky which was the thing that started me thinking along those lines.had a weird experience a few years ago .On one summer night when I saw a guys face sitting in a pub garden(I wasn’t and was totally sober)half transform into an aliens face.
    I have only just started reading Travis Waltons and Whitley Stribers books trying to cross reference them to see if I can find any connections on this.
    Has any of you had thoughts on the same subject ?

    • Patty Ransdell

      Read extra dimensionals by john desouza. Are most valuable asset that they donot have is our eternal soul.