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Ghost Caught On Tape In Oklahoma

7 years, 5 months ago
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We here at Ghost Diaries are often times skeptical when we see supposed footage of ghosts on YouTube. A blur on a videotape is way more likely to be a meteor than a UFO and a ghostly figure wandering around a cemetery is far more likely to be special effects or, you know, an actual confused person walking around.

That’s why we were so blown away when we found this footage of a ghostly figure from a car impound lot security camera. The footage has been examined by paranormal researchers who have yet to come up with a rational explanation. What makes the footage even creepier is the fact that this footage is linked to three fatal car crashes in Oklahoma. These wrecked cars were later taken to a car impound lot where employees witnessed an unexplained apparition. This report eventually made it onto national news.

The reader is invited to make up their own mind as to whether this is a hoax or a ghost. There seems to be a divided opinion as to whether this is a hoax or not. The fact remains, some footage can’t be proven fake: the film is either untampered with, or the graininess prevents experts from obtaining definitive answers.


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  • I have read alot of books on the subject of ghtoss and ghost hunting and I think this may just be the best of them all. At first I wasn’t sure when the author got in to the brain stuff but it really makes you think, and it was very interesting. I like how he goes over so many different paranormal subjects, and he makes you think about all the possible reasons for activity. He’s not trying to make you believe one way or the other,(which I find a refreshing change) but rather gives you all the options to consider so you’ll take more time to review things. I think this book is a must for beginners. It’s well written in simple language so you don’t get lost in all the technical talk. Experienced investigators can benefit from this book too. There are good books on the subject out there but if you’re looking for one you can refer to time and time again this is the one.

  • ron c

    This is a hoax.There was a show on tv about a similar “ghost” at a gas station,and some special effects guys showed how it was done.They used a piece of glass,an action figure,and some fishing line and filmed the reflection of the action figure from the glass. The end result was a video that looked just like this one.Sorry to burst any bubbles,but this is a fake.

    • puppy

      Not quite correct. It was a bug on the stations security camera…this story about the young mother is true. There was a movie made about it also. I agree some of the stories are crap, but not all. People tend to laugh and make fun of things they dont understand..and then they see something they cant explain. It is what it is, believe what you want. I know what it takesvto make you believe and sometimes, its better not to.