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Fringe For Real? Parallel Universes May Interact With Our Own

5 years, 6 months ago
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It turns out Fringe could be real. One of our favorite shows, which ended in 2013 after a far too short 5 season run, posited that alternate universes not only exist but interact with our own.

Now, a radical new quantum theory is arguing that parallel universes exist in vast numbers and exert a repulsive influence on our universe, which could explain the spooky, near incomprehensible behavior of quantum mechanics. Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, is one of the authors of the new “many interacting worlds” theory that is challenging the credulity of even the most out-there scientists.

When asked about the possibility of humans in our universe communicating with or contacting people from other universes–a huge storyline in the Fringe series, and countless other scifi narratives–Wiseman responded: “It’s not part of our theory…But the idea of interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy.”

Indeed, it isn’t. What do you think? Could parallel universes interacting with our own be the cause of our little quantum enigma…and could it be possible that these other universes can someday be contacted–or even visited? Maybe it’s a question for advanced artificial intelligence to answer….

We strongly recommend you also check out the show Fringe. It’s one of the greatest scifi shows of all time.

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  • LABTECH767

    Hmm interesting, I have never seen Fringe but postulated that if parallel reality’s occur when there are quantum actions that have multiple outcome’s then there must also be a reverse process that can merge parallel reality’s back together.
    So I did some thinking, As you probably know at the event horizon of a real black hole time and space essentially stop but before this point just outside the even horizon there is a region of space were all energy including matter is obliterated by a process that the theorist who dreamed it up called spaghetification, essentially the gravity is so intense that the fabric of the time space is pulled taught and any oscillations we see as matter was basically unravelled and cease to exist.
    Now the implication of this is correct is that two parallel reality’s with the same exact black whole forming in them at the same time will at this point just above the event horizon be merged, they no longer have any difference in this region at all and perhaps this act’s like a quantum wave that then travels out from the event horizon of the black hole zipping these two reality’s together but since they would have been very close reality’s anyway other than a sign in a different place or a few people remembering a book different, or a different football team having won the superbowl there will be little or no difference that is detectible to the denizen’s of the combinant reality that then exists, perhaps someone may remember note’s on history that are different or a species of sentient intelligent human’s popped into a world were there entire civilization simply did not exist but they did and so they had to start from scratch, maybe something like this has happened somewhere in the multiverse in the past.

  • Clive

    There is a good series (filmed in S.Africa) called ‘Charlie Jade’ which is about traveling between parallel worlds where there are other versions of people in these other places.

    ‘IF’ there are parallel multiverses / universes AND new multiverses are propagated at time points when important decision points are made then this implies that a) the multiverse is artificial and b) it is specifically someone’s experiment.

    The above is obvious because the creation of copies of a multiverse means it is absolutely artificial and that the copies being made at important decision points actually implies that a genetic algorithm is being applied to the ‘experiment’ to maximize the experimental result possibilities.

    To apply a genetic algorithm would also require that you could predict the future outcomes of your experiment because this is what you’d have to do to predict interesting future decision points. Once you’ve identified possible interesting decision points coming down the timeline then you make too copies, each of these copies you then directly manage so that you have one copy make decision x and the other copy make decision y . . .

    As far as I can tell we are in a simulation and we are (very
    poorly because there are lots of very, VERY obvious anomalies)
    simulating such a multiverse.

    ‘IF’ there are multiple parallel copied at decision point multiverses then it might be possible to travel between them. In a very reduced scale simulation this traveling would result in ‘people’ disappearing from the simulation, in some cases for advanced cultures the entire cultures would disappear. Strangely we’ve had Mayan’s, Aztecs and quite a few other past advanced civilizations just seemingly disappear.

    This is exactly what you’d expect in a simulation trying to keep things consistent. Another tactic you’d use to keep the ‘fact’ that you are in a simulation hidden would be to slow down advances. This would be done to keep the ‘fact’ that you are being simulated though the time the simulation was built HIDDEN from well the already well ‘cognitively’ managed population. Slowing down technological advances would however (if you are allowed to ‘THINK’ about this) result in lots and lots of anomalies as visible clues, ‘Strangely’ we have all of the deducible clues in our pretend reality . . .

    Clues that are described in this series here:

    Nice article . . .

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Thanks, and kudos for excellent info above

      • Clive

        You’ve a good collection of interesting ‘thought provoking’ articles here ‘GD’.- haha

        You might like this one (, from another web site of mine.

        In this article and the comments that follow are details of how the simulation software directly manages people that are having anomalous experiences (even before they happen) to keep these experiences contained and ‘vague’ while having their memories of these experiences fade faster than other ‘interesting’ experiences.

        Keeping the slowing down of advanced technologies idea in mind from the above comment . . . I’m actually pretty sure that the person P K Dick was simulating was designing virtual realities and his bizarre life and experiences are the simulations desperate attempts to translate these experiences sideways / into a much more acceptable / hidden form.

        Stretching this even further . . . Rasputin is also highly likely to have been designing and spending time in VR environments.

        I say this because ‘IF’ you are living in a VR TEST environment then little things like having your VR avatar form killed is actually not likely to result in the ‘tester’ interfaced to the avatar being killed or even ‘inconvenienced’ (in a test set up). So, if you are simulating someone ‘testing’ out a VR environment while living in our simulation here then being shot, stabbed, drowned, poisoned or whatever won’t actually result in death here . . . how would the simulations ‘anomaly management software’ cover up these ‘cannot die’ anomalies?

  • nancy

    Love ” Fringe”!!!

  • nancy

    Love Fringe!!