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Five Reasons Home Remodeling Triggers Paranormal Activity

4 years, 9 days ago
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By Taylor Leonard

Older homes are more likely than newer ones to need remodeling. They’re also more likely than newer houses to harbor spirits. When the two collide, paranormal activity tends to follow. Motives for spirits to make their presence known during a home renovation vary from entity to entity, but it boils down to one thing: sacred space shared by the living and the dead.

While perhaps most famously utilized as the plot catalyst of the 1988 film Beetlejuice, home remodeling causing paranormal activity has been documented in the real world for centuries. The reasons for the likelihood of renovations stirring up the spirits of the dead are as follows:

Spirits are confused

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If a spirit is familiar with a certain layout of a house, renovations altering that layout will lead to confusion. Remodeling will cause existing spirits to basically bump into walls and get mixed up with rooms. These breaks in a ghost’s pattern are what leads to the living picking up on the presence of the dead. Sometimes the spirits get used to the changes, but sometimes they remain fixated on the same routine, leading to a never ending frequency of bumps in the night.

Spirits are angry

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Oftentimes the reason a spirit is in a house in the first place is because it’s under the impression it’s still alive and owns the property. Therefore when the living begin making changes, the ghost feels violated, upset, and ultimately infuriated. This type of paranormal activity during a home renovation is highlighted by what appears to be sabotaging of tools and materials; misplaced hammers, tipped over paint cans, and so forth.

Spirits are attached

Ghostly figure standing on stairs inside a hounted house holding doll

A home can mean everything to someone, even after death. So many memories are connected to its walls that former inhabitants find it impossible to leave. Therefore when alterations commence on what amounts to a museum of their life, the spirits of the dead are troubled and emotionally conflicted. This can lead to sounds of crying in unoccupied parts of the house being renovated, floor creaks of feet pacing back and forth but nobody is there, and a number of other bizarre phenomenon.

Spirits are possessive

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While similar to attachment, possessiveness of a house takes on a more violent form of paranormal activity. Typically, spirits who feel territorially entitled to a house after death were not nice people when alive. Therefore it’s not unusual for such ghosts to lash out at the inhabitants of the house during renovations. These types of hauntings are highlighted by recurring nightmares, mysterious bruises incurred during sleep, thrown objects, and other sorts of terrifying scare tactics.

Spirits are envious

A dilapidated two storey late Victorian Georgian farm house with corrugated iron roof with attic space and corbelled brick fireplace,  no longer lived in.  It once had an upper storey verandah with fancy wrought iron lattice work.  It lies between the Hawkesbury river and the plains of Freeman's Reach. The house has survived many hardships including floods.

Home remodeling is oftentimes a by-product of personal success. Fortunes allow for an upgraded quality of life, perhaps a quality which proved unattainable by a past inhabitant whose spirit still resides. These paranormal encounters are marked by mysterious damage done to the renovated portions of the house after an uneventful remodeling process. The envious spirits take pleasure in spoiling home improvements out of spite.

Old homes need to be renovated now and again to keep from rotting away. If remodeling occurs within a house occupied by a spirit, chances are good for an increase in paranormal activity. Ranging from confusion to envy, ghosts have more than enough reasons to make themselves known to the living during a home renovation. Current inhabitants take note: it might be your stubborn spirit there someday.

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