Eye Witness Testimony of Shapeshifter’s Broken Veil

7 years, 2 months ago
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Though it’s hard to believe, there are thousands of people who claim to have witnessed strange entities who suddenly shift physical appearances. Fringe conspiracists believe there could be extraterrestrials or even demons living among us in disguise. Some claim these shifts have even been caught on video.

The following post was submitted to us by a Ghost Diaries reader. It concerns an experience with a possible shapeshifter.

“I am now 56 years old and living in British Columbia Canada. About 30 years ago I was coming home from work…as a welder…during the summer. It was a lovely clear peaceful bright summers evening downtown and I was standing waiting for my bus to take me home. It would have been about 5—6:00pm and the streets of Aberdeen Scotland were busy with people moving around and going home. I am originally from Glasgow but so many of us in those days were lured by oil and offshore rig romance.

“That night I was standing on the corner of Bridge Street and Union Street, leaning against the wall of a large store and thinking of nothing in particular except my bus. The way I was standing was facing the majority of pedestrian traffic coming both ways along Union Street. My vision slightly to the right and behind me was somewhat restricted, but nonetheless I admit to people watching, daydreaming and having nothing particular on my mind.

“I remember turning slightly behind me and there it was…a being, walking among the pedestrians unnoticed. It had a very large domed head and a pointed chin. I cannot remember its eyes but I do remember when I stared at it with shock, it was very startled, and just as quickly it transformed into a man with hair and a beard.
“It turned left and continued to walk past, all the time side glancing me. For whatever reason I was not afraid; nor did I feel that something demonic or paranormal had happened…I tried to move and make contact with it but my body would not make any motion. I did not feel paralyzed or restricted, I just could not move.

“I watched as it finally turned a corner and only then could I move again. I did tell some people close to me at the time…of course there was some ridicule but nothing serious and for whatever reasons that day just hid away in the back of my mind. Just lately, in the past two years, I have been relating my experience. It is still as clear today as it was then.

“Wondering if anyone else may have had the same or similar happening. I am just a hardworking bloke…older and looking forward to a peaceful retirement…but…some things need to be shared. Thank you for your time spent on this regardless..”

Thanks for sharing! It sounds as if the entity was shocked at having been discovered and was forced to use some kind of power on you while he made his getaway.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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  • no one

    I’m sorry I can’t believe this or any story about shapeshifters and all video footage must have been tampered with. I am too scared to allow this reality in.

  • Julian Carl Weller

    shapeshifters? lol all you’re seeing in these videos is digital signal break up you morons, it happens with poor digital signal. basically digital information is sent to receivers scrambled and decoded to be displayed correctly on your panel, when a signal becomes weak or temporarily lost, pieces of that information are lost or partially decoded leading to incorrectly relayed pixel data

    • over the moon

      Check out the big brain on Brett!!!

      • Julian Carl Weller

        Lol actually don’t believe anything I say I am an agent of misinformation working for a secret order of which i cannot disclose 😉

  • Bella

    They are real… I’ve had experiences. A few too many..You’ll probably not catch them on videos because they only really show themselves behind the scenes, in dreams, or when you’re in a helpless position alone and they want to scare the sh** out of you. The gruesomeness is in their nature and lack of morality or limits, and they can take the form of lovely, charming people, or manipulate you from afar with weird sensors and tools that they attach to you, or right in front of your face. Most people hardly even pay attention and will ignore the signs as if drugged. Masters of manipulation.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Creepy thoughts Bella. Thx for sharing

  • Brett Brohman

    I need help with topic…a friend experienced this and is in distress.