Experts Confirm UFOs In Denver, Colorado

7 years, 4 months ago
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Something bizarre is hovering over the skies in Denver, Colorado. Recent reports of UFO sightings have been captured on video twice, reported on Fox news, and have been verified by an aviation expert. What makes these UFO sightings especially interesting is the detailed analysis of the footage which you can watch below. These UFOs cannot be seen with the naked eye unless the video footage is slowed down. This makes sense too. If aliens had the technology to travel from light years away their aircrafts would move too fast for the naked eye. Can these UFO sightings be explained?

Denver Colorado is not new to UFO sightings. On May 15th 2012, a UFO almost caused a mid air collision with a commercial aircraft.

Here’s some more baffling UFO footage from Denver Colorado. All of them have patterns of the 3 lights that form in a triangular shape.

With millions of people armed with cell phones and digital cameras, more and more UFO footage is being posted to YouTube every day. Some of them hoaxes, others perhaps not. Whether these anomalous crafts originated in secret government facilities or different star systems, one thing is for certain: the UFO phenomena is real and it’s happening all over the world.

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  • GameDaddy

    I don’t know about the Fox 31 video since I haven’t seen it.

    The Colorado Springs sighting is parachute flares over Fort Carson. The military normally conducts night training and maneuvers, and they launch magnesium parachute flares. I have seen them both up close and personal, and from a distance (like in this video). They are designed to provide daylight illumination in an area about half a mile in diameter, drifting very slowly towards towards the ground on the prevailing winds, and will burn for 1 to 5 minutes or so, before burning out.

    The Denver videos are the landing lights of planes that are put into a looped holding pattern over Denver International Airport. When they are flying straight towards you in the pattern they appear motionless, and then makes a radical turn as the plane executes the loop vanishing when the landing lights are pointed away from you.

    • We love rational answers! Thanks for engaging…what is your background btw? You seem to know more about aviation than the aviation expert…

  • Demetrice

    Some people got these hands on some serious marijuana in Colorado, lol

  • Katie

    In 1994 Ulster County, New York I watched a similar craft above my house move slowly. It seemed to change shape. As it moved without sound I followed it on foot for 5 blocks near the local park where it hovered for a few minutes ( enough time for me to run to a friend’s house and ask if they had a camera) when it seemed to have just disappeared. It was like a metallic black, triangle shape with three major lights and countless smaller lights. In the paper the next day this was explained as aircraft that were practicing an air show. What I saw that night was not multiple airplanes, and I now know the hundreds of sightings to be the Hudson Valley UFO. I’m no expert on anything so I can’t say what it was. What I do know is something is being kept from the general public, maybe I’ll know before I die.. WE ARE NOT ALONE!!