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Exophilia: Bizarre Stories of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial sex

6 years, 11 months ago
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Yes, there are people out there with some peculiar fetishes. Anyone who’s been chased by a furby can tell you that. But sexual obsessions with aliens, ghosts, and robots? Could take the cake. It’s known as exophilia and, with the exception of the robots, there is a vast body of historical anecdotes and psychological studies that have gone into accounting for it. Let’s take a look, shall we, at some of the most bizarre stories of paranormal and extraterrestrial sexual encounters:

Sex with Aliens

In his book Hair of the Alien, Peter Khoury claims to have had two alien abduction experiences. The primary encounter involved two naked Nordic-like aliens who telepathically and sexually assaulted Peter. He went public with physical evidence of the encounter, claiming to have a blonde hair strand from one of the aliens. What followed was the world’s first DNA analysis of a biological sample from an alleged alien abduction experience. As would be expected, the results of this DNA analysis have been hotly debated.

In what is probably China’s best known alien abduction report, farmer Meng Zhaoguo claims that in 2010 he was visited by a 9 foot tall humanoid alien with 12 fingers and braided leg hair. He claims he went up into the hills to investigate what looked like a fallen aircraft when he was approached by the alien being. Meng and the alien had sex for 40 minutes while levitating in the air. The being returned that night to tell Meng she would bear his hybrid baby in 60 years. Police say Meng passed his lie detector test.

Meng Zhaoguo

Psychic Stephany Fay Cohen claims to have out-of-this-world sex with octupus looking aliens and cat people. Interestingly–or perhaps disturbingly is the right word–the cat imagery appears in another alien abduction story. Just this year, UK Labour councillor Simon Parkes claimed he had regular intercourse with an alien he referred to as the Cat Queen. Parkes says he fathered a baby named Zarka with the alien; Parkes also says that he himself is the son of an 8 foot tall mother alien who has 8 fingers.

The next one isn’t alien-based, but it is about a space astronaut–and it’s just as disturbing. A unnamed man claims to have a sexual obsession with Christa McAuliffe, the female astronaut who died in the 1986 Challenger disaster. The man claims he fantasizes about McAuliffe in a spacesuit doing a striptease while watching the tragic video of the Challenger.

Spectrophilia–Sex with Ghosts and Demons

Long before Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore summoned the unholy spirit in Ghost, stories of the succubus (female spirit or demon who seduces a human male) and incubus (male spirit or demon who seduces a human female) have held a place in folklore and mythology.

But are there real supernatural entities who engage in sexual activity with humans? Are there succubi who feed on the human life force via sex? Thousands of people claim to have bumped uglies with demons and ghosts, but is there anything more to this other than deviations on sleep paralysis, drugs, psychiatric issues and an overactive unconscious?

vhs succubus

There are many incarnations of these beings in different cultures: the “Popo Bawa” manhunter of Zanzibar; an insecure dwarf in El Trauco; a Hungarian demon called Liderc. Stories of the succubus and incubus had special incarnations in ancient Egypt, Nigeria, and India too. Later, different nations accumulated tales and each named their own succubi. The Grunge scene had Courtney Love

Incubi are said to impregnate mortal women, who then birth rapists into the world. This is a claim that spans the globe, remarkably often in cultures in which premarital sex is heavily frowned upon.

Other people claim to have had full-blown romantic love affairs with supernatural beings.

The movie The Entity is actually based on the true story of Doris Bither, who lived at the haunted 11547 Braddock Dr. residence in Culver City, CA. Bither, who was abused as a child, claimed she was visited by ghosts, who sexually assaulted her. Her children also saw the ghosts–who appeared as Asian men–and called one of them Mr. Whose-It. The only evidence to back up Bither’s story were bruises on her inner thighs and testimony by her children, who claimed to have seen their mom being tossed around the room.

A paranormal investigation team actually went to the home and claims to have experienced a powerful poltergeist that involved orbs, green mist, and musculature. It was so intense that one investigator actually passed out. None of the high speed cameras were able to capture anything other than an arc of light.

Sex with Robots

Robot fetishism, sometimes classified separately as agalmatophilia, is a newer phenomenon that is growing rapidly in popularity. According to the original ASFR (technosexuality advocates) manifesto, agalmatophilia entails a “sexual attraction for robots and robot-like beings. This can range from metallic, non-humanoid machines to humanoid androids as well as human mannequins, dolls, and toys.”

Cases range from gardeners falling in love with statues to robot fetishists who actually build android dolls to have sex with. A sexy slice of foreplay has been reported by people who like to remove a bit of skin in such a way that they can reveal circuitry underneath. As explained to Vice magazine by Kal Cobalt, robot fetishism can be an attraction for ready-made android bodies or for the act of transforming one’s self from a human into an android.

The movie Metropolis is often cited as one of the first movies to portray robot fetishism. More recently, Blade Runner and Steven Spielberg’s AI have taken up the mantle of exploring the sexuality of artificial beings. One can only imagine the orgy planned for the Singularity.

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