Disturbing Final Quotes from Serial Killers, Deranged Minds, and the Condemned

6 years, 5 months ago
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Serial killers say the darndest things. As do many deranged minds and criminals in the final moments before execution. We’ve been collecting final quotes from all around the web and we’ve been very picky. These are the ones that resonate most with us:


Robert Erskine Childers: “Take a step forward, lads, it’ll be easier that way.”


Aileen Wuornos: “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus, June 6th. Like the movie, big mother ship and all, I’ll be back.”

Polizeiaufnahme eines Massenmörders

Peter Kurten, Vampire of Dusseldorf: “Tell me, after my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.”


Thomas Grasso: “Please tell the media, I did not get my Spaghetti-Os, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know.” (strangled an 87-year-old woman for $133 using her Christmas lights


Christopher S. Emmett: “Tell the governor he just lost my vote. Y’all hurry this along. I’m dying to get out of here.”


George Engel: “Hurrah for anarchy! This is the happiest moment of my life. Last words on the gallows.”


Edward Earl Johnson: “I guess nobody is going to call…[tears streaming down his cheeks] Warden, you’re about to become a murderer. I did not kill that policeman, and dear God, I can’t make anyone believe me.”

Portrait of Martha Beck

Martha Beck: “What does it matter who is to blame? My story is a Love Story…but only those tortured with love, can understand what I mean. I was pictured as a fat, unfeeling woman. I am not unfeeling, stupid, or moronic. In the History of the World, how many crimes have been attributed to Love?” (before death by electric chair in 1951)


Robert Alton Harris: “You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper.”


Mary Surratt: “Please don’t let me fall.” (on the gallows, see feature pic. Surratt was convicted as a conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, along with three others.)

Sean Flanagan: “I love you.” (spoken to the executioner)

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