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Contact in the Desert, the “Woodstock of UFOs,” Was Not At All What I Expected

4 years, 7 months ago
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Contact in the Desert was not at all what I expected. I watch GaiaTV, Ancient Aliens, listen to Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, and more. I expected to meet my heroes. Those guys and gals who put their lives and reputation on the line to spread the truth. I expected to get more involved in the UFO community. What I did not expect was the overwhelming positive energy and the spiritual evolution that occurred while I was there. I did not expect the number of synchronicities that my best friend, Sterling, and I experienced.

Yes, of course the speakers talked about aliens, the cabal, coverups, and the normal “conspiracy” goodies, but they also spoke of love, of being positive, and of each and every one of us coming into our own power. They talked about ascension and what it takes to make it there. They emphasized that we MUST get together as a community. We must put aside our differences and be the co-creators of disclosure. If we continue the infighting and separate ourselves into different camps we will never succeed. We need each other! The powers that be (or as different speakers said, the powers that were) continue their reign because they actively try to separate us and inject negativity into our community.

When walking around and talking to other attendees, vendors, and volunteers we got the same positive vibe. If you are reading this chances are you are feeling it too. The world is shifting. There is no denying it now. One of my favorite quotes came from Corey Goode which explains it all, “Right now all of the starseed type people are being activated. I have never seen a time when there are more starseeds that are excited, activated, and ready to get on a  mission.” This is what Contact in the Desert was truly about this year. FInding each other, finding our mission, and finding ourselves!

There is a call to action right now for others to talk about their experiences, whether it is at CITD or simply their own experiences with feeling the ascension vibrations. There is also a call to get together in your local community. The best part though is that the speakers were not only letting us know what needs to be done, but they also gave us ways to do it! It was not the same old, problems without solutions. By coming together we are now able to create solutions to the problems. A website was created to allow us to find each other in our local community. To find your community go to, “” and type in your city and state. If there is not a group in your community YOU get to create one!

As to the synchronicities, Sterling and I were already thinking that we needed to create a YouTube channel dedicated to helping spread word about ascension and what we have been experiencing with our awakening to help others through their own process. When we asked for advice on how best to do so we were literally told, “Just do it” and so we did. We ended up going live on Facebook throughout CITD and we’re now making vlogs which can be seen on YouTube and Facebook under, “Sabrina and Sterling”! This is what CITD was all about this year. It was not about the speakers promoting themselves (although there was some of that, they do have to make a living after all), but it was more about promoting each other and empowering the individual to stand up and make a difference in their own way.

For some, that means creating realistic 3D renderings of aliens, making ORMUS, orgonite, healing pyramids, energetically charged crystal crowns, or amazing coffee and for others that means vloging or writing articles. We each have something to offer and CITD was about finding what that thing is and then going home and doing it!

As David Wilcock said, “Don’t get high on David Wilcock. Go out and make others high.” He emphasized choosing love and wanted all of us to be different people when we left. That was what CITD was about this year! It was a call to action to be a better person and to go home with that same high vibratory feeling and inject it into your own life on a daily basis and to do whatever you can to make a difference to raise the collective vibration.

I am doing my part. Please do yours. Try not to listen to the trolls and the individuals trying to bring negativity into your personal life or into our community. Be positive, be thankful, and spread love!

Please feel free to contact me for more information on how you can begin your own process.

Written with love and positive intention ~Sabrina

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  • guest

    “Corey Goode” is a hypno-programmed disinformation agent sent to distract, divide and subvert while blaming others for what he is doing himself. Wilcock is just a well-meaning dupe who tells you what you want to hear (but he also wants it to be true.) In any case, you dont have to swallow their stuff whole in order to be a constructive force in your community, and there are many others with more relevant things to share.