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Christopher Columbus: America’s First Serial Killer

6 years, 8 months ago
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The title of this is provocative but true, and we’re launching our serial killer section with it. Today, America celebrates the life of its first mass serial killer, Christopher Columbus.

Most schoolchildren are taught early in school that Columbus is some kind of hero–the man who discovered America. The endurance of this lie in popular culture is testament to the powers of historical revisionism and cultural propaganda. Not only did Columbus NOT discover America, his reign as Viceroy of San Domingo was widely known to be one of the most brutal and genocidal regimes in human history.


Maybe this is not a surprise to you. Knowledge of it is far more widespread than it used to be, though some scholars still publicly deny it. But by way of hundreds of eye witness accounts documented in the 15th and 16th centuries and that which was recorded by friends and family, we know today Christopher Columbus and his men were responsible for the eradication of the Taíno Indians. In 1492, the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the indigenous population numbered around 8 million; only 4 years later, it was reduced to 3 million. Within fifty years of his arrival, they were considered extinct–wiped out by systematic slavery, pestilence, and murder.

From the moment they set foot on the New World, Columbus and his soldiers treated the peaceful Lucayan, Taíno, and Arawak as slaves. Thousands upon thousands were murdered for sport, hacked apart and tortured. Girls as young as 9 and 10 were sold into sexual slavery. Entire villages of people were wiped out indiscriminate of gender or age. Columbus instituted a law making every Taino Indian over the age of 14 produce a hawk’s bell of gold each year. If they didn’t, he cut off their hands and let them bleed to death.

columbus atrocity

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, nor is it Anti-western propaganda.

So this Columbus day, the Ghost Diaries encourages you to seize and burn all textbooks depicting Columbus as a hero. Statutes and monuments are to be shattered and destroyed. Newscasters and well-wishers who say “Happy Columbus Day!” must be hunted down, stripped of everything they love, humiliated, tortured and killed. That’s the way Columbus would have wanted it.

Sorry, dark post for a dark day…plus it’s Monday!

Sources used: Indians Are Us by Ward Churchill; Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen

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  • Kennedi-Paige Pinder

    was he really a serial killer?

    • Queen2Cent

      What you think? EVIL at its finest.

    • Aysha72

      Yes he was. He enslaved,killed and butchered millions of Indians !

  • I dunno

    Your validation is weak

  • Karate Sudarshan

    americans are never americans….all the whites we see today in the u.s are descended from the europeans who invaded the red indian’s land and performed a mass genocide…columbus was such a fool that he thought that he was in india which is how the term red indian emerged…what an idiot…very sad…their invasion of the land itself is monstrous and inhuman..yet they are racist and tortured the poor red thing is for sure..america is a land of bad karma..because of the deeds of their predecessors…the pseudo americans are going to suffer for future generations…they can’t be blamed though. This needs to be known to the nation and they should feel ashamed of columbus not proud.

    • Benjamin Gray

      Columbus was in fact a kike, kikes have been behind a lot of slavery and genocide against all races under the sun, they are parasites, yet they are taught they are nothing but victims throughout history. their not, they have never suffered an ounce of slavery, read the book the synagogue of Satan, and learn some real facts, instead of blaming the Europeans for everything, my sympathy to the Indians of course, but they weren’t exactly angels either,no one is, so do your self and every other good human being a favour and educate your self, stop being brainwashed by the anti white establishment(the Jews), read how ancient Britain the British were one of the first champions of early civilisation and human rights and freedom for all. you could say the mother of civilized countries and people, till we were conquered and enslaved by the system. and don’t come back to me with excuses trying to tell me bullshit i only talk to smart and enlightened people. learn real history, let the truth be known to all.

      • Devi Welch

        Well if you only talk to smart and enlightened people then you surely don’t talk to yourself ever!

  • Rosanna Miller

    So where is the proof? Where are the documented testimonies of those who witnessed it? What is the proof that the documented testimonies were authentic and based on actual people who existed at that time? How was this new discovery found? By whom? How reliable is the person who made the discovery?

    I find this whole new discovery to be quite suspicious, to say the least. And the fact that this new discovery is held by the Flat Earth theorists, I am finding it impossible to accept.