Can You Talk to the Dead With a Table?

5 years, 2 months ago
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By best-selling paranormal author Joni Mayhan

When Medium Kelly Dawn Purington offered to demonstrate table tipping for me, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. How can you communicate with the dead with a table? It seemed far-fetched and outlandish…until I witnessed it for myself.

Few things in life have intrigued me more than the mystical art of table tipping. Originating during the height of the spiritual revolution in the late 1800’s, mediums have been utilizing this practice for over a century to contact the dead.


In a typical table tipping session, a medium and several participant sit around a small table, lightly resting their hands on the table. Once Spirit comes through, the medium will ask the table to respond by moving. People often use table tipping to communicate with deceased loved ones, allowing the table to move in specific directions to answer “yes or no” types of questions.

I had watched the process once before at a well-known haunted venue and was skeptical. The medium who was there used a three-legged table that tipped easily. With a little moisture on your fingers, the table could be manipulated in any direction you wished. It wasn’t until I met Kelly Dawn Purington that my impressions of this spiritual practice changed altogether.

I met Kelly at Camp Etna, which is located in central Maine, just west of Bangor. Camp Etna was founded in 1877 and originally spanned over 300 acres, with nearly 350 cottages. People from all over the country flocked to the spiritual camp in hopes of connecting with deceased loved ones while getting readings from the psychic mediums who lived there. I was invited to take part in an event focusing around paranormal investigations, which seems to be my forte. While I was there, I learned that Kelly does table tipping and asked her for a demonstration.


Kelly has been table tipping for many years, learning the practice at Camp Etna, where she’s been living since 2006. “When I saw it, I knew it was something I wanted to do,” she said. For her, the experience allowed her to actually feel Spirit. When she table tips, she can feel the energy better, as can the participants who join her in the session.

Kelly has been a medium all her life, developing her abilities more over the years, especially after working with table tipping. She believes that table tipping works through your chakras, especially the solar plexus chakra, noting that many mediums have stomach issues.

One of her most interesting experience with table tipping came when she was with a group of friends. One of her friends wandered off during the session and the table began moving towards the stairs where he went. She felt that the table wanted him to return to the session. She’s even had the table move outside, as though pointing in the direction of the activity.

If someone with mediumistic abilities is interested in getting into table tipping, here are some tips:

1. Find a table that you like. Kelly uses a pedestal table. Others use smaller vanity tables.

2. Sit with the table and feel it’s energy.

3. Work with someone who is adept at table tipping. Kelly worked with someone for nearly six months before she was able to do it herself. It takes a lot of patience to master the ability.

I was so stunned by her abilities, I broke away from the session to video her in action. As a skeptic, I can tell you that I watched her closely and saw absolutely no signs of the table being physically manipulated. At times, she would pull her fingers away and the table would continue to dance. Be the judge yourself and see what you think after watching this video.

To watch the video, click HERE.

If someone would like a table tipping session, you can contact Kelly through her website www.mediumkellydawn.com.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 15 paranormal books. To learn more about her, check out her website Jonimayhan.com or click the photo below.


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