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Can You Communicate Telepathically With Your Pets? Try These 5 Easy Steps To Bridge the Gap

5 years, 6 months ago
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By best-selling author Joni Mayhan

On some level, I think I’ve been communicating telepathically with my pets all my life, but didn’t realize it. My pets seemed to always be in sync with me. They knew how to interpret my moods. If I felt sad, one of them always came to snuggle with me. If I was thinking about taking a walk outside, my dog always perked her ears up, ready to accompany me. And, in turn, if one of them was feeling out of sorts, I instinctively knew what was wrong with them.

For years, I dismissed it as the simple act of reading each other’s body language. When my cats are happy, their tails are held high. When they want to be petted, they curl their bodies towards me in a C-shape. When my dog wants to go outside, she stands in front of me with perked up ears. It wasn’t until I had an experience at one of my Paranormal 101 classes that I understood there was more to it.

My Paranormal 101 class is more than just a class. It’s a place where people with similar experiences and beliefs can meet and talk freely about the strange occurrences that happen to them in their everyday lives. People with a variety of abilities attend, both in person and in my online class. One of these people is psychic medium, Raymond Richard. He’s astounded us over the past year with his abilities, often providing us with information we were able to later validate. When he told me something about my pets, I listened.

“Your cats are upset,” he told me one evening during class. “They want to know when you’ll be back home. I see them racing around the house with a lot of anxiety. One of them is asking about dinner time,” he told me.

I probably gave him a blank stare for a moment. Ray has never met my cats before, so how was he connecting with them telepathically?

“Just reach out to them with your mind and show them a mental image of you coming home after it gets dark,” he told me. I closed my eyes and visualized myself coming through the door several hours later. When I opened my eyes again, Ray smiled. “That’s good. They understand now. They weren’t sure where you were, and that new ghost in your house was kind of bothering them.”


Later when I got home, I discovered proof of Ray’s insight. The house looked as though a pack of wild animals had raced through it. Vases and knick-knacks were knocked over, items on the coffee table were now on the floor and one of my cats was professing to be near starvation. Was there something to animal communication?

I reached out to my friends on Facebook and asked if they thought that telepathic communication with pets was possible. The results were amazing. Nearly fifty people responded with personal accounts of communication. Some are able to tell what their dogs want by looking in her eyes. Others, like Jo Jo Marchand always seems to instinctively know what they need. Perhaps one of the most interesting stories I received came from Dawn Russo.

Dawn told me the following story: “I’m convinced my pig helped me to save his life six months ago. I’m still new to having pigs but knew when he wouldn’t eat his breakfast one morning that something was wrong. I looked it up online and it could have been a few different things all with different treatments and a couple would result in death if treated wrong. We couldn’t get a hold of our pig vet to help narrow it down. I would sit in the pig house with him and rub his belly and talk to him. I could “feel” his pain. Somehow I just knew it was a blockage (I felt like it was his tummy causing the problem. Not his lungs.). Long story short we finally found a vet to come out after about 5 days and he confirmed it was blockage. The vet later told us that because they’re a prey animal they’re very quiet when in pain so they don’t attract a predator. I had asked because when I rubbed his belly he didn’t flinch. If we had treated him with the most common treatments I found online he most likely wouldn’t have made it. As it was the vet was surprised he did as well as he did. Now he is back to his normal beastie self lol, “ she said.


I reached out to my go-to expert on anything spiritual and paranormal to learn more. Barbara Williams is a gifted psychic medium from Maine who has helped me with numerous projects in the past. She offered some advice and also connected me with an online class that provided valuable insight. Here’s what I learned.

Ways to Communicate Telepathically With Your Pet

1. Start With Your Own Pet

While it’s possible to communicate with animals you don’t know very well, it’s always better to start with your own pet. This is important on several levels. You should know how your pet is going to react to your messages, but you probably won’t know this about an unfamiliar pet. You wouldn’t want to get face to face with an animal that might respond unfavorably. Since you have a stronger bond with the pet in your life, communication will be much easier to establish, especially if the trust element is strong between you.


2. Pick a Good Time

Wait until you and your pet are both relaxed. A dog who is excited to see you won’t be truly focused on any messages you attempt to send him, at least for the first time. Pick a time when both of you are settled.


3. Get Comfortable

Get down on the floor with your pet and relax. Try to clear your mind of everything else and calm your thoughts. Imagine your mind as a blank screen. Purge out all thoughts of the day and take several deep breaths.


4. Get Your Pet’s Attention

Eye contact has different meaning for animals than it does with people. For us, eye contact is essential for communication. Imagine talking to someone who won’t look at you. You’d probably interpret this behavior as disinterest. It’s different with dogs. Dogs often use direct eye contact to establish dominance, with the submissive dog frequently looking away. If you attempted this with a dog you didn’t know, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation, so only try it with a dog you know well. Cats are different. Eye contact isn’t always taken as a challenge, but finding a way to keep your cat’s attention could prove daunting.

Once you have the pet’s attention, try saying his or her name in your mind. Imagine it as the sound of the name, like the pet would hear it if you spoke it aloud, not the letters that spell it out. Watch for a reaction. Do her eyes dilate? Does she seem to remain interested in what you’re attempting to do?


5. Send Images Instead of Words

While most pets recognize a handful of words, they don’t typically communicate with our human language. They use images, scents and emotions in their everyday life. Focus on an image from your pet’s perspective. For example, if you want to tell your cat that you want to pet her, send her the image of your hand stroking her fur.

If you’re attempting to receive information instead of sending it, just quiet your mind and allow the images to come to you. In the story above about Dawn’s pet pig, she stroked the pig’s body and allowed the images to come to her, alerting her to the animal’s physical discontent. In my case, my dog often comes to me and stands in front of me to get my attention. I can tell that she wants something, but it’s not always immediately apparent what she wants. Before I learned about telepathic communication, I would go through the list aloud with her. I’d say the words and watch for her reaction, but even that wasn’t always effective. The word “outside” almost always garners a reaction, whether that was the message she intended or not. Instead, I clear my mind and take a deep breath and try to connect with her. The image that comes to my mind first is usually the correct response.

If you’re using this as a training exercise, send the images along with the command from the pet’s perspective. Invision it as your pet would see it. I actually taught my cat how to sit on command by using this technique. I tell her to “sit” and then see her sitting from her point of view.

Practice Makes Perfect

You might not have immediate results. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or that you aren’t equipped to communicate telepathically with your pet. It just means that you haven’t mastered it yet. Start small. When you leave the house, tell your pet that you’ll be back when it gets dark or at feeding time. Show them the image in your mind of their food bowl or of the room getting dark. They won’t understand phrases like “ten o’clock” but they will understand it if you connect it to something they comprehend.

After you’ve tried this, please leave a comment in the “comments section” below. I’d love to hear your stories.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 15 paranormal books. She also teaches a weekly Paranormal 101 class, both online and in the town of Gardner, Massachusetts. To learn more about her, check out her website Jonimayhan.com or click on the covers below to learn more about her books.


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