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Attorney Claims Photographic Proof Of Time Travel

7 years, 3 months ago
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“The time-space age has begun.”
— Andrew D. Basiago

In decades past, the concepts of time travel and timeslips were relegated to pop culture references to Back to the Future and The Terminator. But, according to “chrononaut” and american lawyer Andrew Basiago, time travel not only exists, it is part of a real life Philadelphia Experiment that includes teleportation technology, trips to Mars, and “remote sensing” military experiments.

Andrew Basiago claims to be one of 140 kids who, in the late 60s and early 70s, participated in a DARPA time-space program called Project Pegasus. The covert project succeeded in using previously undisclosed Nikola Tesla papers to harness something called ‘radiant energy,’ a universal force which bends space-time and allows for “real time” teleportation travel, as well as time travel.

This tightly guarded technology is supposedly capable of not only yielding a truly revolutionary 21st century transportation, it has resulted in bases on Mars, and government “jump rooms,” where ‘chrononauts’ (often children, because of their ability to withstand the wear and tear of time travel) leap through Stargate-like tunnels using advanced holographic technology. Basiago says that the time travelers were sent back to alternate timelines of the past, which helped avoid paradoxes.

Basiago even claims to have photographic evidence of himself as a child a few days before the Lincoln assassination.
Andrew Basiago, time traveler
How absurd is this idea of time travel?

Well, few scientists would lend support to the idea of macroscopic objects such as people time traveling. But how unlikely is it for particles to time travel? According to some, not very. Particle physicists Tom Weiler and Chui Man Ho say that recent experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, known as the LHC, suggest the possibility of revolutionary and, some say dangerous, new particles. The Higgs singlets, as they are called, may be able to send messages between the future and the past.
hadron collider

The theory of sending messages through time is supported by the M-theory, audaciously known as the “theory of everything,” and is subscribed to by prominent physicist Masao Ninomiya, who has publicly stated he believes the frequent failures and setbacks of LHC are the result of interferences from the future.

“It is as if something is going back in time to keep the universe from being hit by a bus.”

This is not the first mainstream mention of time travel in recent years. Indeed, the Hadron Collider itself was part of a bizarre news story in 2010 when a man by the name of Eloi Cole was arrested at CERN facilities in Switzerland claiming to have traveled from the future in order to prevent the LHC from destroying the world. Eloi, who asserted that countries did not exist where he was from, later disappeared from his cell at a mental ward in Geneva and has not been seen or heard from since.

This is not the only potentially wackadoodle public claim of time travel. Indeed, over the years photos and videos have surfaced which purport to depict real-life time travelers. Some have been debunked, others persist.

hipster time traveller
Skeptics say the entire premise is contradicted by a universal constant, the speed of light. Even Stephen Hawking has gone on record saying time travel to the past is impossible because the universe would not allow for paradoxes that entail the destruction of something that predicates the future.

But what if the time traveler is returning not to destroy but to facilitate? That is, to ensure that things happen the way they are supposed to, that established power structures do not get dismantled by others who might possess the same technology. After all, if information can be sent forward and backward in time, could this technology not be used to ignite an information war the likes of which we’ve never imagined?

And what if the major restriction to time travel, the speed of light, were removed entirely?

In 2011, a controversial discovery at the LHC suggested the possibility that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light, that they can essentially be made to appear before the experiment which actually creates them. The finding raises the possibility that Einstein’s immutable law of physics, the universal constant known as the speed of light, is not in fact immutable. This along with other stunning astronomical discoveries in the last couple years leaves the door open to a new conception of reality that may involve some sort of time travel.

The appeal of this notion in a society obsessed with real time information isn’t surprising. The newest generation of time travel movies–including Timecrimes, Triangle, Looper, Sound of My Voice, Primer and Source Code–testifies to the enduring power time travel wields in a psychological landscape where historical revisionism breaks the seams of reality.

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  • Hmmm, I’m not sure there’s a book per say written about this. Do like we do and just google, bing or yahoo the heck out of it until your heart’s content!

  • The Raver

    The funny thing is that the guy with the ‘ray bands’ and camera is not the time traveller in the 1947 photo. It’s the bloke behind him. How do I know? Well that is the question.

    • Hmmm, are you referring to the man who is staring at the camera?

    • Yeah, there seem to be two odd agent-like men in that photo. One leaning against the vehicle with his hand covering his mouth, almost as if he is speaking into a mic, and the one you’re referring to, who seems to be monitoring the whole situation up close as well. Perhaps, the weirdest thing of all is the lad at the very front holding a camera looks incredibly similar to one of the Ghost Diary writers. That photo is the epitome of weirdness.

    • a__friend

      no one has mentioned he M on his shirt is printed backwards

    • Hammond Ecks

      FWIW the brand name is “Ray-Bans”, w/o the “d”

  • Shanna Page perreault

    I Would love to go. I would sign a waiver…and ride outta here. I do believe its possible. I always have.

    • Would you go to the past or the future??!

      • Hugo

        The past

    • Makroskizhar

      Couldn’t agree more… and as for where I would go… I would go…. everywhere. Explore, maybe come back when I was old. Try best not to interfere, but to observer, and learn first hand! 😀

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    911 was an inside job.. now you know why

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    I am actually a real life time traveller…..yesterday I visited the past, tomorrow I’ll drop into the future =)

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    The M is the “Block M” from Michigan University, and it is also consistent with the time period. Good call.

  • Kev Digz

    If I could go back in time…I might go back to stop this post…You are all letting out the secrets of the universe lol

  • Basiago tells the truth.

    Time travel
    to the past is already taking place. For absolute proof download these free books:

    In Her Hand:

  • Not-An-Idiot

    smfh…. Eloi Cole? Really? You picked up on an April Fools joke story and presented it as fact. Nice.