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Are you an Empath? Discover The Truth About Your Sensitivity

4 years, 10 months ago
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By bestselling author and paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan

Do you often feel other people’s emotions and somehow claim their pain as your own? Are you overwhelmed in crowds, wanting nothing more than to escape all the madness? Do children and babies frequently flock to you? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you are an empath.

Empathic people are wired slightly different from others. They possess a near supernatural ability to hone in on other people’s emotions, as well as tap into their physical well-being. If empaths spend time with people who are depressed, they often absorb the other person’s emotions. Empaths are also excellent lie detectors.

If you attempt to lie to an empathic person, they will usually know. This goes beyond the shifts in body language and the “tells” that people often give when they’re telling an untruth; empathic people feel the lie deep inside. It’s as though the other person’s words were painted with invisible ink and the empath possesses the reacting agent.


Empaths are often told they are good listeners and typically make friends easily. People are inexplicably drawn to them due to their wonderful sense of compassion and their innate ability to empathize and truly care about other people’s problems. Empaths tend to feel emotions on a deeper level and have keener instincts, especially when it comes to judging people. If they learn how to manage their abilities, they make excellent care givers, healers, writers, and friends.

Everything in this world is made up of energy and vibrations, including people. People with strong emotions and boundless negativity are often difficult for an empath to handle. They seem to radiate with emotion. The sensation is similar to standing beside a whirlwind of unbreathable air. After a while, the empath needs to remove him or herself from the situation or face personal repercussions, such as failing health or depression.

One of the biggest struggles they face is learning to handle all the energy that is launched at them on a daily basis. For most people, this energy bounces off, but empaths tends to absorb it like sponges, making their lives impossible to handle. When they become filled to capacity, the excess energy often overwhelms them, leaving them feeling out of sorts or physically ill. The following tips are helpful for most empaths:

Learn how to ground and shield yourself:

Grounding is the process of shedding both excess and negative energy and replacing it with the correct dose of positive energy. Imagine yourself as a tree with pure bright white light shining down on the crown of your head. With every breath, feel the white light pouring through the top of your head, pushing all the negative emotions through your body and out your feet, where it can absorb into the ground.


Now that your body is purged of all negativity and erratic energy, protect yourself against becoming contaminated by more dark energy by shielding yourself. Just as you imagined the white light pouring into your body, surround yourself with it. Picture a bubble surrounding your circumference, filled with the bright white light. Nothing can get through the bubble. Do this every morning after you’ve grounded and state your intention that the shield will protect you for the next twenty-four hours. This will protect you from absorbing other people’s energy much like an umbrella protects you from the rain.

Being an empath in a sometimes chaotic world isn’t always easy, but with practice, it can open up an entirely new world for you.

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