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Ancient Aliens Expert Reveals Evidence of Secret Chambers and a LAKE Underneath Great Pyramids

5 years, 2 months ago
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Renowned through controversial ancient aliens expert and Chariots of the Gods author Erich Von Däniken gave a stunning presentation at the 2015 Contact in the Desert UFO conference in 29 Palms Joshua Tree in which he featured evidence of a funereal lake underneath the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Däniken, whose previous work includes the now-famous but much-maligned research into Dr. Hermann Burgard’s retranslation of old Sumerian cuneiforms, which describe ancient space stations in orbit and machines dropping down to the Earth. According to both Burgard and Däniken, the kings of the time worked for the gods (aliens) and in return the gods helped the kings defend themselves against their terrestrial human enemies.

Däniken’s presentation then touched upon Egyptian hieroglyphs that describe winged sun gods who descended (almost angel like) to the Earth to help the kings of the time.

What is an ‘angel,’ Däniken asks, if not an entity with a halo around its head? Perhaps this halo—perhaps all historical texts which describe encounters with aliens—are merely misguided descriptions of ancient aliens or astronauts. Perhaps the war in Heaven described in so many beloved religious texts are simply misapprehensions by the ancients, who were actually seeing alien wars in space but simply did not have the technological lexicon to describe it with anything beyond a religious vernacular. Archangel Michael’s battle against Lucifer may have just been an ancient alien skirmish.

According to Däniken, it takes merely changing 10 words of religious texts to arrive at a completely different interpretation of ancient history.

Däniken’s presentation then veered into his stunning research from recent years, including even more recent evidence from inside and below the Great Pyramids. He first traced the recent history of technological efforts to penetrate some of the newly discovered tiny tunnels and chambers that are not big enough for humans to climb through. These tunnels and chambers required advanced robots—the ‘Upuat’ and the ‘Jedi’—which used advanced radar technology to reveal additional unfinished rooms with mysterious red writing that was not the hieroglyphs traditionally associated with the 3rd dynasty builders.

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote at length—before any modern insight into the Great Pyramids—about the existence of a lake underneath the pyramid that contained the remains of the ‘gods’.

Incredibly, according to exclusive evidence presented by Däniken at the 2015 Contact in the Desert UFO conference, an actual lake was found. News of this lake will trickle out slowly and the Ghost Diaries will allow more official channels confirm this archaeological discovery.

How Herodotus, who was writing in the 5th century BC, would have had knowledge of this funereal lake that supposedly housed the remains of ancient alien gods is deeply mysterious.

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  • gilcarlson

    Don’t forget about Dulce Base in NM! You could explore the 7
    underground levels where alien/human genetic experiments took place, but just a
    reminder, there are reptilian aliens under Dulce Base who’d like to take back
    their planet and have us for lunch too!