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Ancient Alien Sightings Consistent Throughout Recorded History, Including During Black Plague and Journey of Columbus

4 years, 11 months ago
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Initial ancient alien research often focuses on the distant past, with the Sanskrit writings of Vimanas and descriptions of the Anunnaki beings in ancient Sumeria. What is important to note is that UFO sightings have been reported throughout our entire history, not only in ancient civilizations but in Biblical times, all the way through the Middle Ages, precolonial times and even during the colonization of America.

Ancient alien theorists say there is evidence that during Middle Ages, what was depicted in the artwork of the time as demons and angels could very well have been ET overlords, that paintings of both the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the crucifix both contain UFOs. There is also the classic painting of Jesus in the clouds with God, each holding on to an antenna connected to the Earth, which was there depicted as round even though the scholars of the time all believed the Earth to be flat–was this actually an ancient satellite?


The 1486 painting of the Virgin Mary clearly shows an unidentified object in the sky with a laser beam shooting out. Going out on a limb here, but in an worldview in which aliens have been involved in the development of mankind, one could speculate that perhaps aliens used advanced biotechnology to induce the fabled virgin birth.

In his book Gods of Eden, author William Bramley discusses the mysterious paintings made during the Black Plague. These paintings show cigar shaped flying objects emitting noxious mists. Bramley posits the controversial idea that the plague itself was created by ET, citing reports from the time that villagers could actually see the plague coming through the streets as fog. Additionally, there are numerous reports from this dark time period of black-cloaked creatures that appeared at the outskirts of villages just before outbreaks. The reports describe terrifying Grim Reaper type figures who waved scythes that emitted noxious mists.


Perhaps you’ve never heard that Christopher Columbus had a well-documented UFO encounter at 10 PM, Oct 11th 1492 while standing on the deck of the Santa Maria. Columbus and several of his men saw a light in the sky glimmering, moving up and down; the light vanished and reappeared and seemed to travel along with the ship. Most importantly, Columbus reported a luminous object rising out of water and flying off into the sky (this is important because it eliminates the possibility of the object being a comet or shooting star). This is also significant because it is history’s first UFO report in which the unidentified object came out of the ocean. Since the ship was in the Bermuda Triangle at the time–where countless subsequent UFOs have been reported–some have speculated that this area is the site of an alien hub on the ocean floor.

Columbus’s sighting is also recorded in the official records of the Spanish Inquisition, the original documents of which are sealed away in the Vatican secret archives.

See more ancient alien UFO paintings below:





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  • Sir John Henry Balls

    Anything that pisses off religious people is fine with me!

  • Guest

    Scholars at the time actually knew the world was round, The ancient greeks even knew it, it’s just generally thought that people back then believed it the earth flat because the greeks publicized the people who thought it was and in reality they were making fun of them. Like how we do today when some person higher in society says something stupid

  • gilcarlson

    Allegedly written and leaked by a government officer involved with
    ultra-top¬-secret programs. It’s an encyclopedia of sort, regarding intelligent
    extraterrestrial species. Could it be that our government works with living
    flesh and blood extraterrestrials? Or is this just a massive hoax?
    Give it a read, believe it or not, you’ll definitely get chills.

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