A New MK-ULTRA — Aaron Alexis the Target of ELF Frequencies?

6 years, 9 months ago
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The newest smoking gun for covert MK-ULTRA brainwashing tactics is in and has taken the tragic form of 34-year-old military contractor Aaron Alexis. On September 16th, the man entered the Washington Naval Yard facility and killed 12 people with a shotgun before he was killed.

The FBI has released a close-circuit tape depicting Aaron moments before the shooting.

After the release of the video, more disturbing and interesting details began to emerge. The most significant of these is the revelation that Alexis believed he had been targeted to receive ELF (extremely low-frequency) radio waves. His note read: “Ultra-low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this.”

Evidently, a month earlier Alexis had complained that voices were talking to him through his walls and ceilings.

my elf weapon

So now we know what Alexis meant when he etched “My ELF Weapon” on his shotgun. Hopefully more info will be revealed by the contents of the flash drive, external hard drive and compact discs he left behind.

james holmesIs this a clear cut case of brainwashing? There is surely no shortage of conspiracy theorists who claim that the CIA and other puppet agencies routinely experiment on Americans, citing the notorious MK-ULTRA experiments as proof that our government would use its citizens as guinea pigs.

More recent fringe thinkers have suggested that other mass shooters–the likes of James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and the Boston Marathon bombers–were embedded with a kind of psychological trigger that once activated would spur them to commit atrocious crimes. Indeed, newly released documents from the Holmes case include a jail inmate who claimed that James Holmes entered prison saying he had been brainwashed by an ‘evil psychiatrist’ who used NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming.

Others claim there are CIA documents linking Adam Lanza to a brainwashing type experiment. In the near future, we plan to chronicle more of this insidious tampering.

Why would the government do this? This is a laughable question, but here you go…

1) To have controllable killers in the general population
2) To create patsies for false flag operations
3) To test new tech for black ops and psi ops
4) To see if it can

In the meantime, we’ll just idly speculate as to why 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti is so adamant that MK-ULTRA still lives.

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