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8 Signs That Your Child is a Psychic

5 years, 27 days ago
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By best-selling paranormal author Joni Mayhan

Mary-Jane’s five-year-old daughter Shaely ran from the bathroom screaming, telling her mother there was a monkey man in the mirror behind her as she brushed her teeth. After calming down her daughter, Mary-Jane hesitantly approached the bathroom, fearful of what she might find.

Would she discover a real live person who broke into their home? Or could it be connected to the other events that had transpired over the course of the past few months? She stepped into the bathroom, finding it empty. As she leaned against the doorframe, she wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or more concerned.


Her daughter had been talking to a playmate that nobody else could see for months. While she first blew it off as an imaginary friend, she began to wonder as her daughter shared more details about her friend. She said the girl came with the old woman, who couldn’t walk because her legs were broken,and she described the girl down to the color of her dress. Shaely went on to tell her mother that the two ghosts came across the bridge. Little did Mary-Jane know, but her rental house was located in an area that was once a hot-spot for the spiritual revolution at the turn of the twentieth century. The bridge Shaely spoke about was considered the gateway to the community. When more and more invisible friends began showing up, Mary-Jane knew she had a problem. Her Kindergartner was a medium.

Most people with metaphysical gifts first discover their abilities in childhood. It’s typically something we’re born with, passed down from parent to child like blue eyes or an aptitude for music. In generations past, the abilities were often repressed or ignored, due to social constraints, but as the paranormal world is becoming more mainstream, more and more psychic children are emerging from the shadows.

Some people theorize that children are more psychically inclined than adults because they are more receptive to unusual circumstances. Until they’ve learned that it isn’t normal to see the shadows move by themselves, they might not question it. Children also have a boundless sense of curiosity and are inclined to push reason aside to learn something new. It’s the age when we’re allowed to believe in unbelievable concepts, such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or magic.

While most signs probably aren’t as prevalent as Shaely’s were, there are indicators that a child might be metaphysically gifted.

1. Does your child have an imaginary friend?

Children can’t always tell the difference between what is real and what is paranormal. If a ghost child shows up to play with them, they might not even question it. They might simply be happy to have someone to entertain them. One way to determine if the invisible playmate is real or imagined is to ask your child about the friend. Find out personal details about the playmate, such as name, age, type of clothing. Another way might be to slip a digital recorder into the room to see if you capture any responses you can’t hear with your ears.

2. Is your child unusually perceptive?

Does she notice things you miss, details that didn’t seem important at the time but became more relevant later? Perceptive children are tuned into the world better than other children. They might also have an extraordinary imagination or be sensitive to emotions or physical sensations.

3. Is your child empathic?

An Empath is someone who feels other people’s emotions. An empathic child might be unusually good with animals or seem to sense when you aren’t feeling well. Watch how he reacts to people with disabilities or people who are ill. An empathic child might mirror some of the same behaviors or emotions. Empathic children will also be dialed into their parents and siblings. If one of them is ill or is having a rough day, the empathic child will often feel it too. Empathic people tend to require ample time alone and have difficulties fitting in with traditional groups. If your child spends more time alone than with friends, this could be a sign.

4. Does your child have vivid dreams?

Some say that people with vivid dreams are more connected to the Universe and are able to tap into a world we can only dream about. Perhaps your child has mastered Astral Projection, the ability to leave her body and travel along the Astral Plane. Other possibilities could be revisiting past lives or delving into lucid dreaming. Listen to the stories your child tells you about her dreams. Do they have a richer texture with more detail than a child should be able to describe?

5. Does your child simply know things?

Psychic abilities are unique to the owner, but most of them come with a knowing. Psychics often just know things they shouldn’t have access to. An example might be that the child has a knack for finding lost objects or seems to know when a visitor will arrive.

6. Does your child have frequent spells of nausea or hear ear-ringing?

Both of these symptoms are signs of mediumistic abilities. When people who are Clairsentient are near ghostly energy, they will often feel it in their stomach, either as a clenching feeling or through nausea. People who have the ability of Clairaudience will often hear sounds or tones when a ghost is nearby.

7. Secretive nature

Children with a metaphysical gift might attempt to hide their abilities, depending on their age. Younger children won’t know any better, but an older child might grasp the concept that “different isn’t always better” and attempt to hide the ability. This could be especially true if the parent is a firm non-believer in the paranormal.

8. Do you have any metaphysical abilities?

Psychic and mediumistic abilities are almost always passed down from parent to child. Many times, the strength of the ability will vary from generation to generation, depending on usage. If a parent works with a gifted child, they will raise a gifted medium, but this doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. Parents who are frustrated by their own abilities might not encourage their children to follow the same path. Children of gifted mediums might also repress the ability after watching their parents endure hardship from having the abilities.

If you suspect your child has metaphysical gifts, find a good mentor for him or her to work with. Teach your children about paranormal protection so they can fend off any unwanted paranormal advances. Most of all though, give them the support they’ll need because it isn’t an easy life.

As for Mary-Jane and Shaely? Shaely’s encounters with invisible friends has faded as she’s grown a few years older, however, her younger brother Logan is steadily following in her footsteps. Mary-Jane continues to work with both children, teaching them how to stay protected and providing them with the love and guidance they will need to see them through.


Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 11 books, including Devil’s Toy Box, The Soul Collector and Bones in the Basement, all available on Amazon.com. To learn more about Joni, check out her website Jonimayhan.com.


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  • Jessica Rowley

    Ok then I am very curious and confused. Because I know my mom was neither, yet I am able to hear things others around me cannot. Just as one time when I was younger, I had told my mom that the phone was going to ring and she had told me no it wasn’t. Two mins later it rings and I had freaked my friend out about this. I am also very very intune with animals and ppl around me. I can tell when someone is stressed or upset and when something is or had brothered them. Same with animals, to those that can’t get close to an animal cause it is too upset or angry. I am able to walk right up not only touch it but
    calm it down too. And to this day Kk the house I am at and when I am out with my friends one of whom can see spirits like me too. It kinda scares others. Me and her both once at the age of 19 and 17 were able to see a blue orb surrounded by blue mist floating on the water coming towards us, both of us had gotten such a chill that we had run to the truck and got in. Same with me to this day seeing and taking pictures of blue and red spheres almost fighting. And then a green sphere where everything in the range of it was green and alive( but outside that area everything was dead) around the house that I live at. I have been able to do this for a long long time. I haven’t had anyone to teach me anything. I have just been able to and grow to understand it all and trust my instincts. Just as when my best friend and me were waking at night once, all the muscles in my body starting shaking and my nerves were going crazy. I knew something was gonna happen and it felt like we were being followed. I didn’t know by what but it didn’t feel at all like anything nice. True to my instincts and feelings, just as we passed a rock on a hill and had gotten 6′ past it. A black wolf had jumped down, we both froze and didn’t know what to do. Luckily a truck came around the corner behind us and scared the wolf off. The guy gave us a ride back to my house and then left, we thanked him. Since that night I won’t walk at night. I don’t know what all this would mean to anyone, but is it possible to be able to have all this ability and grow up learning to control it so much that it helps you out even when you least expect it too. If anyone can tell me and would want to see the pictures I have them on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ and my name is Jessica Rowley. Thank you

    • Ron Dalpee

      The animal thing and the sense of impending danger has been with me my whole life. Always had freakish incidents like your describing. I have reputable witnesses to this. Did not get a handle on it til early 20’s. Also infants and toddlers will lock eyes with me in a crowded area. My eyes are sea green. Always had the ability to calm babies, my own daughter, animals and especially cats and horses. Also worth mentioning is a very audible ( to animals) heart murmured. Good luck n life to you J.R.

      • Chrissy

        HI to all!

        Growing up for me was so scary it started around the age of 6 years up until now I am in my 50s. I had repression from a young age, because anytime I had a premonition and always came true, my Mum would tell me to shut up and don’t talk that way, this went on up until she passed when I was 38 years old, but still in my mind anything about the spirit world was a no go area for me and my family. They use to joke and say ,our Chrissy is having one of her spooky dreams, but it was never a dream ,it was a PREMONITION and always came true.

        My Mum taught me to Oppress my gift and I learnt to repress my gift, until a few years ago a stranger on a spiritual site told me I had a gift and my reply was no way, he suggested I go to a church for clarity and to my amazement did this and on the first night together with 22 other mediums gave two accurate messages. I was told at this time my destiny is not in churches,
        as I AM A FREE SPIRIT AND ALWAYS BEEN CONTROLLED and in churches they have rules and if you don’t abide by them you need to exit.

        I am now more happy person knowing who I am and able to put my jig saw puzzle from all those years together, so if anyone reading this can relate to your children seeing, feeling etc, please be open with them, as repression is not a very nice thing to have.

        I put all in a book called Don’t shoot the Messenger by Chrissy Porter, find this on Amazon UK

    • Samantha Lynn

      Hi Jessica, my name is Samantha Lynn. I am a psychic medium and empath. If you would like me to have a look at your pics, I’d be happy to help. facebook.com/samantha.merryman.12

    • Samantha Lynn

      Hi Jessica, my name is Samantha Lynn. I am a psychic medium and empath. If you would like me to have a look at your pics, I’d be happy to help. facebook.com/samantha.merryman.12

  • Rina

    Hi there

    Well I have 2 kids a 9 years old and a 2 years old ( a girl and a boy ). When our daughter was two she started talking about an “imaginary” friend, I didn’t push her neither way because I figured it out that as she grows she will grow out of it. We moved to a new city about the same time she started playing with this imaginary friend. My husband want’s tried to sort of get rid of him but of course he couldn’t. Any way neither of us ( me nor my husband ) didn’t really believe in paranormal or metaphysic/psychic, neither are religious and we both come from different background ( nationality, religion, region ), so we didn’t make a big deal, but didn’t put to much credit on the imaginary friend neither. I do not think it is imaginary anymore though but I am not sure how to approach the subject, I do not want to give her ideas ( in case I am wrong and he is not a spirit ). Our daughter is a very intellgent 9 years old, very mature for her age, she has been on of those almost perfect kids that you never have problems with. In fact our only problem is she has a great heart and her approach is that everyone inside is good and we need to help them get on the right path and that scares me and my husband to death because we are worried that she will be hurt due to her trusting nature. She hs taught me few things I had no clue for example she explains the aura ( which she calls soul ) but not with they typical explenation one hears about this things, she insisted for years that an aura does change and based on the mood, thoughts and action that person has taken lately the color of their aura changes. The imaginary 16 years old boy named Julian is still around even though she is past that fantasy believe that we could chalk it up like a childs imagination. Julian lives in our home and when she talks about him is like a very good older brother. Where she goes Julian goes, like during the school time she says Julian is right there at school watching her, at home he helps her with homework, when she wanted to try the mind craft games Julian told her not to try it but let him first to check the game and make sure if it right……in short very unusual imaginary friend. Lately there is a new girl as well, her name is Allie she is 15, the way my daughter describes her is conservative dressing ( not the case with Julian who wears jeans and a t-shirt ). Allie according to my daughter has very long hair, past her waist her dresses are always just under her knees not above, her shirt is 3/4 sleeves. Allie is a new kid that has searched for Julian so they can be friends, she comes around our home but doesn’t reside in our house…..Another thing about my daughter is when I am in pain even if I don’t say a word soon after she will start to have the same pain one of us has. Ever since she was old enough to speak she has insisted that she was the one who picked us to be her parents. She doesn’t talk much about any of this things anymore so I had started to believe they are gone but it seems that she has learaned to try and gnore because she now knows they are not “normal”. When I got pregnant with her I knew it right away even beffore it would show in a pregnancy test

  • edwin keeler

    Im one of those people

  • Samantha Lynn

    I am a psychic medium/empath since 2-years-old and have been since. My gifts, to this day, are as strong as they were growing up…if not, stronger

    • Chelsea

      Hi I have had some of these signs and get weird heart ridding feelings in my house feeling like there is a bad presence. I don’t really know what to do… I had bought a board but only tried to reach anything a couple of times but the entire time my friend wasn’t serious and might of made it mad by joking around. I get the feeling to the point when my fb is at work I do not leave the room unless someone is coming over and already here… I have came to the point of freaking myself out thinking our band posters are watching me and I can hear noises at night and during the day all around the house . They do not happen when my boyfriend is awake. I’ve found myself not even able to look into mirrors in this house anymore. I’m really big on knowing stuff idk … and the past week I thought my vivid dreams just meant maybe I should get on meds to help me sleep better but I wake up random times durning the night to my dreams then I hear sounds……

  • WeirdGal 101

    Ok so I can feel presences, My things move around or fall when there not supposed too, I’ve had one girl revival herself to me in a poofy dress, I was scared of her at first but I grew more curious I tried to get closer but she faded away, I’m 14. And I am an empath, it’s kinda anoying sometimes because I know that someone has depression or is down but I’m not a close enough friend so I can’t help them. I have head aches and stomach aches all the time. And I can usually tell if someone is walking behind me even if I don’t see them.

  • Jazza

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    Beware my fr1end we’re near the end and the h0rns 0f angels s1ng,
    f0r the t1me has c0me and H1s W1LL be d0ne when the m0rn1ng star w1ll fade,
    D0n’t watch the news, just watch the Jews and Saturn and the 1 Wh0 has pa1d.

  • Jess

    I have predicted things from my dreams. I predicted both my first daughters birth and my friends sons. I sense things I always called it “a bad feeling on the air.” Because that’s what it feels like. My mom and her two sisters each had a variation of being able to predict death. My aunt especially through dreams. She would see a black bird or shadow fly over someone and exactly 3 says later that person passed away. They lost their abilities when their father died.

  • Wanda Betances

    I have questions my son has vivid dreams of seeing himself dreaming and wondering around outside and seeing shadows and sometimes what he says ia creepy and gives details. Also he has an imaginary friend who de doesnt see always but he telling me what he looks like and that his friend protects him. He has also seen shadowy figures when we go out and about. He gives me details and i always ask him how he feels when he sees these things. Some scary or creep him out like he says others dont. I believe what he says and hes feels comfortable with talking to about it.my fear is i dont know how to protect him if something notices him and tries to hurt him. We go to church and i tell him to pray for protection before he goes to bed and i do the same. I also told him he should start keeping a journal about his dreams and what he sees and feels. The biggest thing right now are his dreams and feeling watched when he leaves the house. If anyone could send me some information it would be so appreciated. I dont want him to feel like theres something wrong with him i tell him hes a special soul and i am here to protect and help him.