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8 Best Horror Movies for a Date

7 months ago
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Horror movies are a great option for an evening date with your loved one. This genre allows you to demonstrate and explore real emotions, hug each other, and get to know your loved one better. This list of horror films combines a variety of popular trends of this genre and is suitable for those who want to tickle the nerves because of scenes that are frightening, impressive, and atmospheric movies. And so, we would like to bring to your attention the best horror movies for a date to watch with your loved one.

1. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

The little daughter of a puppeteer and his wife died several years ago. The couple is still struck with grief. They invite a nun and several girls from a children’s shelter to their home. It helps to somehow cope with the grief and restore peace in the house where these terrible events took place. But soon they become affected by the influence of evil forces living inside a doll named Annabel. The creation of the puppeteer has its own character and lives its independent life, becoming a receptacle for a demonic entity that preys on children.

     2. Get Out (2017)

A young photographer receives an invitation from the parents of his girlfriend to get to know them better. To do this, he comes to a remote country house. However, the true motives of the elite family of high society are much less benevolent than it seemed and pose many dangers for the protagonist.

    3. Don’t knock twice (2017)

The plot is based on the famous British legend of the witch. The main character – a beautiful girl named Chloe goes to her hometown in search of her missing friend. According to legend, on the outskirts of the city lives an evil witch who preys on the locals. However, Chloe is brave enough to cross the threshold of an ominous house.

    4. The Boy (2016)

The English family hires a nanny from faraway America. Having finally reached the new place of work, the girl discovers that their child is not a real boy at all, but a big doll. “Parents” treat the toy as if it were their own child. They even came up with a rather specific system of rules and prohibitions. One day, the girl violates the strict requirements of employers and realizes that the doll can be alive.

    5. The Conjuring (2013)

The creators describe the film as a movie based on real events. Two private detectives (Ed and Lorraine Warren) investigate cases related to the afterworld and paranormal phenomena. One day, they receive an invitation from a family living on a farm located in a secluded area. The family is terrorized by a spirit that turns out to be a strong demonic entity. The viewer is introduced into the gloomy atmosphere from the first seconds of watching the film, the actor’s play is incredibly convincing, and visual effects keep the nerves tensely strung.

    6. The Orphanage (2007)

Laura grew up in an orphanage. If you think that all places for children deprived of their parents are equally terrible, this is not so. House by the seashore is not like that. 13 years after graduation, Laura returns to this childhood home with her spouse and seven-year-old son. Her goal is to restore the building and open a renewed orphanage for disadvantaged children. However, something unimaginable happens to Laura’s son, from a cute boy he turns into a cruel monster.

    7. The Grudge (2004)

Eastern perception of mysticism is different from the banal European horrors. In places where people die, there is a curse, waiting for new victims. This is a film about a house filled with tragic stories, and it all started when a man killed his wife in a fit of anger. This woman cursed this house and her executioner. Now, all new inhabitants of the house either lose their mind or die tragically. The beginning of the legendary franchise proves that Japanese ghosts are the most frightening in the world. Eastern European brides considerThe Grudge” one of the best horror movies and can watch it only together with a strong and courageous man.

    8. It comes at night (2017)

The film tells the story of a terrible global epidemic that kills the world’s population. The protagonist decides to escape away from the noisy cities and towns. Taking with him his wife and child, he moves into the forest and settles in a desolate house. Now the family has a hope to wait out the nightmare and chaos going on around. The man wants to take everything under strict control, introducing a number of rules and monitoring their execution. Such discipline scares the family members, but still, these very rules help them to pull through the insanity in the outside world. But one day, uninvited guests appear at the threshold of their house.

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