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6 Creepiest Hallucination Stories on the Internet

5 years, 3 months ago
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The mind is more powerful than many people like to believe. When you imagine all the tasks the mind undertakes on a regular basis, it starts to become clear that we don’t fully understand the inner workings of the most mysterious biological organ on the planet. The mind has the power to heal, to process, and to emote. It constantly transforms raw sensory data into a usable format that we experience as our senses of sight, sound, smell, hearing, and touch.

Sometimes, however, there are moments when our minds do things we can’t fully explain. Hallucinations are perhaps the most enigmatic example of this phenomenon. They occur for many reasons, but the end result is the same. Your mind forces you to experience something through your senses that isn’t truly there, at least in any physical sense outside of yourself. Unfortunately, even knowing that hallucinations stem from the mind doesn’t make them any less creepy or seemingly supernatural. Then, of course, there are those cases in which a hallucination may have been interwoven with reality itself.

1. The Dark Demons


When Dan was just 19 years old, he had his first experience with the Dark Demons, as he called them. He awoke one morning around 3 a.m. and found himself surrounded by about eight tall, slim figures that were pitch black, like the absence of light itself. The beings came through the walls, approaching Dan in his bed. He tried to flee, but discovered he could not move. After what seemed like an eternity of struggling against his own body, he heard a voice telling him to pray to God. He prayed, and the demons left, freeing his body. He remains convinced of the reality of his experience.

2. The Static Men

tv static Big Bang

Similar to the Dark Demons, the Static Men approached their victim in the dead of night. She was instantly terrified when she realized that these three out-of-focus beings were approaching her, but she could not move. The beings had skin like the static from a TV, and they moved with disjointed, jerking motions that made them seem artificial or fundamentally wrong in some way. One being even reached inside her chest to squeeze the breath from her lungs. After a few moments of terror, the beings receded into the shadows.

3. The Little Girl


As with many terrifying hallucinations, this one also occurred late at night. The victim in question, a young man in his early twenties, awoke to find a small figure standing in the corner of his room. She was a young girl, and as soon as he saw her, she ran forward screaming loudly and jumped on top of him, choking him with her cold, dead hands. Suddenly, the little girl was gone, and a large black figure loomed over him instead. Finally, the figure receded into the darkness.

4. The Shadow People


Locking your room at night isn’t enough to keep out these hallucinations – if that is what they are. In this case, a middle-aged woman named Amy tried to keep her door shut to keep out the Shadow People that plagued her dreams. One night, after she’d locked the door to her bedroom, she awoke to find the silhouette of the door illuminated in terrible light, and on the other side of the door were shadows dancing around each other. The door burst open without a sound, and the Shadow People entered the room as if the door was never there. When Amy awoke the next morning, she found her door still wide open, despite having locked it the night before.

5. The Cuddling Demon


It’s bad enough when you see these horrifying images at night, but Richard has a much more disturbing story. He is haunted by a demon that visits him whenever he sleeps, day or night. Once he falls asleep, he can feel the demon approach and sit beside him on the bed or couch, but he can’t move a muscle. The demon lays beside him and breaths heavily on his neck while tickling his back. After a few minutes, the demon rises and leaves him, at least until his next visit.

6. The Attacker

Ghostly figure standing on stairs inside a hounted house holding doll

Sophie experienced one of the most jarring hallucinations of all time. She awoke late in the evening when she thought she heard the telephone ringing. She answered the call and could only hear someone on the end of the line begging for help, claiming she was being attacked. What disturbed Sophie the most was that the girl on the line sounded just like herself. When she hung up the phone, a dark figure materialized in her periphery at the corner of her room. He approached her, completely dark and without features, and started choking her. He attempted to choke her for a few minutes before dissolving back into the darkness.

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