5 Unexplained Images Captured By NASA

7 years, 3 months ago
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Has NASA been concealing evidence of extraterrestrial life from the public? The answer is yes, according to Gary McKinnon, the infamous hacker who obtained unauthorized access to NASA’s computer database back in 2002. Gary not only pulled off the biggest military hack ever, he also claims to have found proof of extraterrestrial life in NASA’s files.

In a candid interview with the BBC, Mckinnon admitted that “there are some very credible, relied-upon people, all saying yes, there is UFO technology, and it’s extraterrestrial in origin and they’ve captured a spacecraft and reverse engineered it.” He also claimed in that same interview that he saw a detailed picture of a “cigar shaped” UFO and that photographic experts regularly altered satellite images to hide UFO evidence from the public.

McKinnon isn’t alone in his theories. It seems ever since the first Apollo missions to the moon, there have been countless conspiracy theories that NASA has purposely edited out images they did not want the public to see in photos. Whether these conspiracy theories are true or not…the fact is NASA sometimes captures footage of the universe that can’t be explained. The following images are our top mysterious images and video from the NASA archives.

Apollo 16 UFO sightings

During their return from the moon in April 27, 1972, the Apollo 16 crew captured four seconds of 16mm video footage of what was believed to be UFO footage. The astronauts later described the object shown in the footage as a “saucer-shaped object with a dome on the top”. NASA recently stated that this UFO was just the shuttles EVA floodlight reflecting through the glass. Interestingly, the astronauts from the Apollo 11 moon landing also spotted a UFO flying near them.

UFO Captured by the Sun

This video is one of many UFO’s that have recently been spotted near the sun. NASA apparently shut the satellite down after this video went viral on Youtube. The Naval Research Laboratory gave one possible explanation…that the UFO was simply a camera glitch caused by cosmic rays.

Viking Orbiter Captures Face on Mars

When the Viking Orbiter radioed back an image of a human face from the Cydonia region of Mars in 1976 it captured the imagination of the world. Was this just a rock formation that was angled in the light at the perfect place to resemble a face? The more the photograph was digitally enhanced however, the more it seemed plausible that image could actually be of a human face. After all, “the Face appeared on two separate frames of the Viking scans, each taken when the sun was at different angles, and in both cases the features of the Face remained”.(

Other discoveries started being made just west of where the Face was discovered that resembled pyramids. This lead to all kinds of conspiracy theories that maybe the ancient aliens who built the Giza Pyramids in Egypt were also responsible for building the face and pyramids on Mars. There is actually a fairly complex history of research regarding the Cydonia region on Mars. The Face is just the beginning….

Rover Captures Alien-like Figure on Mars

In January of 2004, while searching for water on Mars, the Mars Rover Spirit sent back this remarkable image of what appeared to be an alien figure resembling the sand people in Star Wars. NASA stated this image was most likely the shadow of a strange rock formation. Still tantalizingly creepy.

Space Anomaly Captured by Mercury

A NASA telescope recorded this mysterious object hovering over a wave of plasma orbiting the planet Mercury. Many UFO theorist believe this object was a “cloaked spaceship”. NASA claims it was a ghosting artifact of the video.

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