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5 Signs the Age of Paranormal Transhumanism Is Upon Us

7 years, 9 months ago
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The age of paranormal transhumanism is upon us–when humans will use machines to realize magical, psychic powers once relegated to the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Advanced technology, the creative bully of the human race, has been creeping up on us for years; now it’s here and it’s, well, creepy.

Here are a few of the ways technology is realizing the ancient dream of psychic powers:


Muscle-based apparatus control will give way to thought-controlled activity. Microvolt signals from the brain will be escorted by electrodes to external devices, meaning you will be able to activate machines and other objects by thought alone.

Also, keep an eye on telekinetic tattoos….seriously.


Telepathic communication will soon be possible between people equipped with implanted electrodes. DARPA is already establishing something called “Silent Talk”, whereby soldiers will be able to communicate on the battlefield by thought alone.


Author Micah Hanks writes about Nigel Kerner’s idea of a futuristic microchip called “Soul Catcher 2025” that will have the capacity to collect vast amounts of information about virtually every piece of communication out there. Some believe this technology, combined with advanced biogenetics, will one day be able to recreate people as artificial entities and harvest information from them–information outside the known human senses.


Ghost Cloak (Invisibility)

Invisibility isn’t a psychic sense, per say, but it’s certainly always been thought of as a kind of magical power. The fabled ‘invisibility cloak’ has been in pop culture for some time, and it may be closer to reality than you think. Scientists working for the military have been working on a device that can bend light around an object, making that object disappear for the view. There are any number of possible “ghost objects” that could result from this, and we’re absolutely positive it won’t be used to stalk and murder people.

Superhuman Powers

One could argue technology has already given us superhuman powers. Most of our daily mundane actions would look like sorcery to someone from a previous century. It’s only going to accelerate…the next three decades should supply the human race with exoskeletons, nanotechnology, gene therapy, cyberwear, and the exocortex (neural chip that merges with your BRAIN!). Combined, these technologies could facilitate synthetic bodies, mind uploading, human flight, and advanced human sensory perception. Heck, it’s already begun. Genie’s out of the bottle, Pandora’s Box is open…

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  • Frosteetoes

    Mind control? Exocortex? With corrupt and dangerous governments, what could possibly go wrong?

    • J.Griffin

      What could possibly go right?

      Corruption is only intensified as it is magnified…
      before it
      explodes and/or implodes.