5 Really Creepy Night Terror Stories

4 years, 4 months ago
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by Anna Olvera

A night terror can be truly terrifying, the constant turning from side to side, not being able to wake up from whatever or whoever is creeping right in your face and the lack of sleep is enough for someone to go mad. Considered by many professionals as a sleeping disorder, there are some people who think it has to do with some sort of supernatural occurrence or haunting. Millions of people all over the world suffer from this frightening phenomenon. I’ve found some people online that have shared their most personal and blood curling night terror experiences and here’s a few of them:

1. Tentacles

I remember the very first time I suffered from a night terror. I don’t know why this started to happen to me all of a sudden, I don’t even wish it on my worse enemy. It was a hot summer night like any other, I actually went to bed a little early than usual, I believe it was about 10:30 or so and I fell asleep right away since I was way too tired. Suddenly I felt someone staring at me, I thought someone had broken into my room but I was all alone…after a while longer of feeling uneasy I fell back to sleep. Then again a little while later I woke up but this time someone was in my room. I tried getting out of bed but I was paralyzed with fear, as much as I struggled and try moving out of bed nothing happened. Suddenly the bed started to sink with me into it, while all this time whatever it was, it was in the room watching me silently, only the yellow eyes of the dark figure looking back as I kept sinking deeper and deeper.

I kept struggling screaming at the top of my lungs while everything was happening but no one heard my cries. Then, the tentacles started to surround my bed pushing me even further. There was nothing more I could do but lose consciousness as I was losing my breath. All I remember after that was waking up to the sound of my alarm blinking 7:00 am already. It felt like a never ending night as I looked all over for the yellow eye thing it was gone, everything seems back to normal. I don’t know why this happens to me these occurrences keep happening a few times a week. I got to the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore. I take medication in order to avoid the “nightmares” but I still believe there’s something more sinister after me.

2. Deteriorating

I’m talking on behalf of my 63-year-old mother, she means everything to me and I don’t know what to do, I’ve taken her to the doctors for her “illness” and sometimes the medication works but it’s getting to the point where it’s mostly useless. It all started after the passing of my father about a year ago; we actually thought it was some sort of depression but now, these reoccurring night terrors are getting out of hand. She falls asleep normally but in between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 am she starts screaming uncontrollably. She has the same night terror every single night. 3 figures with dark hoodies show up. She screams “leave me alone” over and over but when I go into her room, there’s nothing and no one there. She tells me the dark figures are torturing her and no one comes to help.

When I go into her room, nothing and no one is there, she tells me the dark figures are torturing her and no one comes to help, I feel useless because I know how much she’s suffering, she tells me she’s in great pain every night, I don’t see any physical marks on her but I see how this situation is taking a toll on her mentally and emotionally. She’s not the same she used to be, she does not enjoy the stuff she used to do before and she doesn’t think about anything else. She fears the night, my mother is deteriorating and I can’t do anything at all.

3. The Warning

My sister developed this condition in the first grade an unusual age to be having such a menacingly realistic dreams caused by stress or outside forces, it got to the point where she would stay up nights on end sleeping during the day and at school hours or near daylight but not at night. We were getting worried about her and didn’t know what to do, the doctors said the same thing a teddy bear, a night light but nothing helped. She always said the same thing – a lady who stood over her bedside with long straggly hair smile too wide eyes too large and would whisper that she was going to steal my sister’s body. My sister would shake and scream until she would wake herself, she said she knew one day the woman would succeed.

One night she woke up from a terrible episode into my room where she tugged on my shirt to wake me, seeing her in the pitch black room was a little bit unnerving. I asked her why she came into my room and not our parents and said she wanted for me to sleep in her bed tonight. I was unsure but she was my little sister so I sucked it up she smiled and said to me, “Good, you’re my big brother so you protect me.” I slept there for a few night so I started a routine where I would read a story until she fell asleep, then I would crawl out of bed and start sleeping on the floor next to her. She woke up one night her eyes were wide open but every other thing about her told me she was still sleeping. As I stood to my feet and came near her bed she started waving her arms around as if controlled by some other thing and yelled “Look here” I knew she was struggling with whatever was haunting her dreams

She woke up one night her eyes were wide open but every other thing about her told me she was still sleeping. As I stood to my feet and came near her bed she started waving her arms around as if controlled by some other thing and yelled “Look here!” I knew she was struggling with whatever was haunting her dreams  so I met her by her bedside and woke the sleeper (something you’re never supposed to do) she woke up in an instant with tears streaming down her face and then she punched me, I mean with inhuman strength and then she snapped out of it. I stared at her from my fallen position “I don’t know what happened” she cried “I’m sorry, please don’t leave me alone in the room.”

The following night the same thing happened and to this point, I was getting scared by these night terrors. She said to me while still asleep, “Come to me, come.” On the third night, her blanket hit me and I tried a new approach; her eyes burst open and she was screaming attempting to swap something imaginary in front of her. As I took a peek from the blanket, her eyes were focused on the left of her bed where they always were, suddenly her head snapped in my direction and said, “Come to me, closer.” I walked closer and as I was about to wake her her sweaty grip held on to my shirt and said, ” I’m awake.” She bolted from the bed grabbed my hand on the way out and slammed the door behind us “what the F*uck?” I yelled out, our parents heard us and were getting out of bed. I was totally confused about what had just happened.

I was trying to piece together in my head all the things she had been saying to me the past few days when she told me, “The lady that stands over my bed tried to grab a hold of you, I saw her trying to climb into your mouth when it was hanging open.” My sister had been trying to save my life while the lady was taking control over her body.

insidious 2

4. My First Terror

My first experience was last night about 3:00 am. I was having such a vivid dream in which I was in some sort of old abandoned art gallery and I saw a painting of what seemed to be a stairway and a window on top of it with some light and a creepy face plastered on it. The face came thru the window and down the stairs at which point I woke up and I couldn’t move. I’ve never had night terrors before but it I felt an overwhelming sense of absolute dread. I sleep on my stomach with my face to the side so I couldn’t see anything but I felt an unnatural presence behind me at the foot of my bed. I also felt what seemed like hands or water running down from my neck to the base of my spine.

Being an idiot, I thought I try telling whatever it was to “F*ck off” but I couldn’t speak. I was just mumbling but this terrifying feeling kept on for about 30 seconds longer. I finally regained full control of my body and I just shouted at the top of my lungs “F*UCK OFF” I just realized I had a night terror it was my first and I hope my last.

5. Intruder

I want to start off by saying that my fiancee and I have a happy and relaxed relationship. He’s loving, caring and would never do anything to hurt me on purpose. My fiancee has had random night terrors since I can remember but there usually very similar  he will suddenly sit up abruptly screaming and shouting leans over to grab a hold of my arm and panics even more or he jumps out of bed and runs towards the door turning on the lights and panicking even more with eyes wide open the whole time. To wake him up I basically have to yell at him while grabbing his hand and say, “It’s me, it’s just me” over and over until he finally wakes up. These episodes can happen from 5 seconds to nearly a minute but it feels longer than what it actually is when he finally wakes up he freaks out and he’s inconsolable (still sort of unconscious) after fully waking up he has no recollection of what he’s done.

Anyways, most night terrors revolve around him thinking I’m an intruder, we still live separately due to our careers but I’ve noticed things get more violent at his house. Last night he went to bed like around 11:00 pm and I came over to spend the night like around 1:00 am when I opened the bedroom door as quietly as I could and with my tiny chihuahua  in my hands he suddenly screamed, jumped out of bed and threw the night table at me grabbed my throat and slammed me up against the wall, he then threw me out of the bedroom really hard against the hallway wall. I don’t remember what I said at that moment, I just remember that I was trying to protect my dog. He then locked himself in the room and I saw the lights turned on, I was banging on the door yelling his name and telling him that it was me  (to try to wake him up) but he took forever to come to.

He finally quieted down and convinced him to open the door, when he opened the door I just lost it I started crying uncontrollably because I was so scared, I told him what had happened and he’s been beside himself all day. Tonight I stayed again just to show him it doesn’t change how I feel about him but I’m really scared; he’s really strong and I learned that he can completely overpower me. I’m sleeping on the couch because I don’t want this to happen again but he’s wandered out of his room with these terrors before as well so even in the living room I might not be safe please help! I don’t wanna be terrified of the man I love. When I crawl into bed him I know it’s out of his control and not his fault.

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  • Shelley Hanson Griffiths

    When I was a teen ager, about 1976, my sister and I slept in bunk beds. I was on bottom. One nite I woke to a dark figure standing beside the bunk. He had a long coat and a brimmed hat on. I could not see any features, just the black form. I was frozen in fear, I couldn’t move or scream. Something was holding me still. He reached down and touched my abdomen. Next thing it was morning. I proceeded to tell my sister what happened….she cut me off and told the same story! We both saw him. WOW

  • Kittycatgirl

    You guys can be together. Just have separate bedrooms with a locking door. There’s no rule that says you must sleep in the same bed. I suggest him maybe trying hypnosis.

  • Ruben

    I had 2 night terror experiences, i was around 17 or so and i remember in that strange dream that i was with some girl that i met, i don’t know what it was about her but i thought she had a demon inside of her but i thought wrong it was more like 1,000 demons inside of her. So i told her “do you want me to pray for you” and she replied with a “yes” so when i was about to pray for her she just snapped and grabbed my neck and in that moment i thought about the top of the mountains. When i looked down it was about 200 or 300 feet high from the water and rocks. Then with a big smile on her face she said to me “goodbye” and let me go. I just kept on falling and when my back hit a big rock my back crack in my dream and in real life and when i woke up i was kinda levitating, the back of my hands, my feet and my head were touching the bed but my back, buttocks and calves were not. I woke up crying. The 2nd night terror was a week after, but this dream was very realistic because i remember i was a character in a video game or something like that, this person in the terrifying dream tells me and i quote “kill yourself without dying” then he put a bag in front of me full of dangerous and deadly weapons you name it. So i grabbed a knife and i slit my throat but i didn’t feel pain and could still move my head up, down, left and right then i grabbed a 9mm blew a hole through my head and nothing and just kept on going, then this person says game over and i told him “what do you mean game over i did what you asked” and he or she replied “what i meant by killing yourself was forgive your past self” that doesn’t make any sense and if anybody knows what that means please let me know. Anyway back to the story, i don’t know what it was but i started feeling pain and i was dying. The person multiplied to 2 other people and they chopped my head off when i looked it was my mom and 2 teenage brothers, that day in my dream it was one of my cousin’s birthday she had turned 15. My mom and my 2 little brothers wrapped my head up and put me in a box and when they arrived at the party my mom gives the present to my cousin, when she opened it up she said to my mom “what is this” and my mom replied “this is the victory for us and the family that my son is finally dead. The look on my cousins face was very disturbing, a big smile she was happy. She kicked my head towards her lawn and when she was about to close the door i saw that my dad that i haven’t seen since i was 12 years young was the only one that was crying. I woke up in tears, i told my family, my dad, my brothers, my mom and i even told my cousin that turned 15 years old 2 years ago about those 2 night terrors