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5 More Blood-Curdling True Night Terror Stories For Bedtime Reading

4 years, 2 months ago
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by Anna Olvera

A night terror can be truly terrifying — the constant turning from side to side, the feeling of being stalked by something from deep within your unconscious or, worse, something that is real. It is considered a sleeping disorder, but some people think it has to do with some sort of supernatural occurrence. Millions of people all over the world suffer from this frightening phenomenon. I’ve found some people online that have shared their most personal and blood-curdling night terror experiences.

1. Dreaming Of My End

I hear my back door being forced open, lying on the couch I can’t stop myself I hear hurried footsteps crossing the linoleum in the kitchen, then the hardwood in the dining area getting closer to where I am in the living room, I can’t move I can’t even yell out. I manage to regain consciousness at the last possible moment before I likely suffocate due to my sleep apnea, this happens about 50% to 70% of the time, I pass out drunk on the couch if I’m on my back I know some day I’m going to die like that, not from an actual intruder but dreaming of my end and then realizing it when I’m suffocating and then dead already.

2. I Still Don’t Believe

For the record, I have zero belief in the paranormal and I believe what I’m about to tell you is simply a product of the amazing human brain, I understand if other people think otherwise and it doesn’t mean that this whole ordeal hasn’t creeped me out because it did and still does. I work overnight at a funeral home I babysit the place by myself all night if someone croaks I’m there to answer the phones and dispatch someone for the body, clean up a bit and get things ready for the funerals the next day even with my few duties I end up with a few hours to kill every night. I’m not supposed to sleep on the job that said, sometimes I do, I will either doze off at the desk or I will go to one of the couches and take a power nap, other than the handful of bodies I’m alone all night long.

Weird thing is that my night terrors are pretty common for me when I fall asleep at work since rarely (once in a while) someone shows up at the funeral home unannounced, I think is the reason I have them since I rarely have them at home. When this first, I hear music, I would find myself lying there with my eyes wide open and I would begin to hear music loudly and vividly it was always Christian gospel music modern stuff like you would hear on the radio it always sounded like it was coming from inside my skull particularly in my mouth area I know it sounds stupid but at one point I looked up the lyrics on google with no results then, the weirder this started happening.

Sometimes I would think I heard someone walking towards me from one of the hallways, fearing that an employee had shown up, I would always fight my terrors and wake up but the sounds of footsteps were gone. After that, I would feel foolish for getting tricked by some dream. The sounds and music went on for months. One night I was really tired and napping on the couch I slipped into my state and heard the footsteps again so I decided “screw it” I’m not gonna get tricked again for the millionth time but to my complete surprise a man came walking in from the direction of my head, coming into my field of view and stopping next to me. There was nothing memorable about him, just a white male wearing a normal dress shirt and slacks except, for one thing, his face and head were obviously there but I wasn’t able to see anything then, to my horror he reached out and poked me in the forehead and let out kind of a sinister chuckle more like if he was laughing and then, I made myself wake up.

The second time was even worse but this time, I saw a woman wearing a creepy rubber clown mask and holding a gun at her side staring at me passively of course as soon as I woke up she had vanished. I still keep seeing the man, the woman and now what I think is a little boy, I don’t believe there’s nothing paranormal about it like I had mentioned but none the less, it still creeps me out.

3. Demons & Angels

I have a few sleep paralysis/night terror demons and one sort of guardian angel, the demon ones are usually shadowy figures standing over me or my bedroom door. One of the worse ones was when I was lying on my side with my back to the bedroom door and I felt like someone got into bed behind me under the covers they put their arm around my waist then it felt like they were cuddling into me and I could feel their breath on my neck, it felt like they had cuddled me for about half an hour. All this time I’m trying not to show that I’m panicked because it feels like I’m getting cuddled by a skeleton with claws, it was only about the second or third time I’ve experienced this so I nearly had a heart attack when this thing is moving closer to kiss me behind the ear, worst of all it whispered at me “not yet, you’re not ready yet, I’ll come back for you when you are” to me it sounded disappointed and excited it felt like it was silently telling me that it was coming back when I die, it scared the living hell out of me.

My guardian angel, on the other hand, was a different experience, I’ve been going thru this on and off for about 18 months now by this point so I can usually tell straight away when it happens, at first I thought it was the usual demon thing beside my bed but I looked properly and I realized I could see a man kneeling next to my bed smiling at me, it wasn’t a creepy smile more like a parent coming to check on their kid he looked like he was dressed in a 50’s style suit and hat, he didn’t say anything to me although I got the sense that he was letting me know everything  was alright and he looked after me so that makes me feel a little bit safer.

4. My Nightmare Has Just Begun

This happened when I was younger but I still remember this vividly like if it were yesterday and for obvious reasons. My recurring night terrors began when I was about 8 years old out of nowhere I started to get them and of course, I was a kid back then so I thought they were normal until I started telling my parents that my night terrors were hurting me. I would dream that I was walking down the street heading towards an ice cream truck that was parked across from my house but every single time I would cross the street my legs would start feeling like noodles and I would stop in the middle of it since I wasn’t able to move, suddenly out of nowhere dark skies start to roll in and it would start to rain heavily I would look up and the ice cream truck would be gone.

It’s isolated and dark and out of nowhere a car appears out of thin air and hits me, propelling me into the air and then I disappear, when I would open my eyes (still in my dream) I’m all alone sitting in a wheelchair completely paralyzed. I had that recurring terror for about 6 years in a row not every night and you might think it wasn’t a terror but for me it really was terrifying. I don’t know if it was some sort of sign or coincidence I’m currently 26 years old and a year ago I got hit by a car on a dark and rainy day, I don’t remember seeing and ice cream truck when it happened and I stopped having those dreams long ago but I feel like my nightmare has just begun.

5. Sharing Everything

When my husband and I got marries we were in our 20’s and he had mentioned he had suffered from night terrors since he was in his teens. Back then there weren’t such things as cataloging it as “trauma” or even sleep studies etc my husband just thought that they were regular nightmares. We are in our 50’s now and all these years that we’ve been together I always help him get thru them, whether is waking him up, give him herbal teas to calm him down or even staying up at the late hours of the night I would do anything for him. I’m sure you would do the same for the one that you love.

One day we were having dinner and I decided to ask him about the terrors, he had always refused to talk about them since he thought that by talking about it would trigger them even more so I respected his choice and figured he would tell me when he was ready but that day I asked because he had been having them for about 2 weeks straight (which usually are about twice a week) so I love him but I was exhausted. After telling him “Look, maybe talking about them would actually help since you’ve always been so reclusive about the subject.” “I don’t think it’s the best idea,” he said but like an idiot, I regret asking and now it’s too late.

He told me that it was the same thing every single night, an alien-like creature pacing back and forth on the porch talking gibberish to himself (he was able to see him thru his window) then the next second he was pacing back and forth inside his room doing the same thing, then the creature would stop dead in its tracks turn to look at my husband and with lighting fast speed we would suddenly be hovering over him, touching his head and becoming, even more, creepier and inpatient because as much as he would talk gibberish to my husband he doesn’t understand him and at the same time he’s frozen in fear. “It sounds creepy but not entirely scary” What?? He got up from the table upset at my comment and we slept in separate rooms that night.

I was deep asleep when suddenly I see my husband in bed looking at what he had previously told me, then that “creature” got off from him and came towards the door frame where I was standing, I couldn’t move I couldn’t think all I wanted to do was wake up. Ever since then, I get the terrors now and I go thru what my husband goes thru, I can’t help him much anymore and I’m trying to figure out what the creature is saying, maybe if I understand him he might just go away.  I’ve heard the phrase “until death do you part” and how beautiful it is to share anything and everything with your partner but this is not what I had in mind.

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