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5 Haunted Hotels With Horrifying Unsolved Murders

5 years, 6 months ago
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Hotels are notorious for unsolved murders, especially the haunted ones. What is it about temporary lodging that seems to invite horror and dementia? Here are five of the creepiest haunted hotels that have vacancies, should you be looking for a room tonight.

1. The Biltmore Hotel


Several disturbances have occurred at the famous Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. Back in the 1920s, Thomas “Fatty” Walsh frequented the establishment for business. He ran a casino and speakeasy out of the 13th-floor of the hotel. In 1929, Fatty and the hotel manager got into a fight, resulting in the manager fatally shooting Fatty in the casino. The manager, Wilson, was able to escape to Cuba with the help of corrupt law enforcement, and was therefore never charged with the murder.

This historic landmark Hotel has lived on with the reputation of being haunted by Fatty, due to his murder that went unpunished. Hotel guests have repeatedly reported over the years that the hotel’s elevator has risen to the to the 13th floor, without being directed to do so. This often happens for unexplained reasons to attractive women, as Fatty was known to be quite the ladies’ man. During one particular incident, a couple was riding the elevator up to the fourth floor, however were instead taken to the 13th against their will. The woman stepped out of the elevator and its doors immediately slammed, taking her male friend down to the first floor. The woman also reported smelling cigar smoke and hearing strange, unexplained sounds in as empty suite.

Amazingly, Bill Clinton has reportedly been targeted by Fatty’s ghost. During a trip to the Biltmore, president Clinton was residing in a 13th-floor suite, and kept having trouble with his television while trying to watch a football game. The television continued to turn off and on by itself, despite the staff not being able to find anything wrong with it.

2. The Bangor House


During the 1960s, the infamous Boston Strangler murdered over ten women in the Boston area. The Boston Strangler was identified and captured in 1964 as Albert DeSalvo. However, a few months following his capture, a similar murder took place in the area. Effie MacDonald was an employee of the Bangor House in Maine. On one morning in 1965, MacDonald went to work as usual, and was last seen around noon. MacDonald’s coworkers were concerned that afternoon when they were unable to find her anywhere.

Forty-eight hours later, a fellow chambermaid found MacDonald’s nude body in a guest room. She had been strangled to death after being beaten and sexually assaulted. Her body went unnoticed as the room had not been rented for days. Even though this crime happened in Maine, quite a distance from Boston, the similarities between the Boston Strangler’s murders and MacDonald’s murder were shockingly similar.

The cases were found to be unrelated, however, which leaves the case as an unsolved mystery 50 years later.

3. La Posada

la posada

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa is an historic hotel on a six-acre estate in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Staab House in the three story centerpiece of this beautiful estate, and is named after the previous owners of the property. This mansion was built in 1882 by Abraham Staab. Staab and his wife were socialites in Santa Fe with seven children.

Unfortunately, Julia fell into a depression when their eighth child died shortly after birth. After multiple failed pregnancies, Julia withdrew herself to her bedroom, where she eventually died in 1896. When their famous mansion was changed into a hotel, Room 256 was that of Julia’s former bedroom. This room is now rumored to have paranormal activity and be haunted by Julia’s ghost. The first sighting was in 1979, when a maid cleaning this room saw a woman who was well dressed and resembled Julia Staab. The woman abruptly disappeared. Since then, there have been several sightings of this well dressed woman in Room 256. The sightings come along with claims of the room having possession, with voices being heard from behind the walls of the empty room. Although the phone in this room is not connected, operators have reported phone calls connected to this room.

The sighting of Julia at La Posada are not only in her bedroom, room 256. There have been reports of her ghost around the hotel in places such as the dining room, where glasses have been knocked down and broken and candles have been blown out with unexplained wind. La Posada is considered to be one of this country’s most infamous haunted hotels.

4. Claypool Hotel


In the late 1920s, Maoma Ridings worked in GA in physical therapy. She had famous political patients, who found her to be a kind and delightful nurse.

Ten years later, Ridings was in the Women’s Army Corps serving as a corporal. She was stationed in Indiana at Camp Atterbury and while on leave, checked into the Claypool Hotel. Here, one evening, her body was found half-nude on the bed by a housekeeper. Ridings was killed by being beaten and mutilated by a glass bottle. It was assumed that the motive was robbery, as very little money was found in the room.

This case got more intricate when an employee reported that he had delivered ice to the room prior to the murder, and as Ridings answered the door, he also saw a dark-haired woman dressed in black from head to toe sitting on the bed. This woman could never be identified and the murder remains unsolved.

5. The Crescent Hotel


The Crescent Hotel is considered to be America’s Most Haunted Hotel, with visitors coming from all over the country for tours. It is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This hotel has a legend of guests checking out, but never leaving.

Some of these infamous ghosts include an Irish stonemason named Michael, who died after falling when he was building the hotel in 1885. Theodora is another ghost who was a cancer patient at the hotel when it was a hospital. She has been known to roam the hotel looking for her room key. Norman Baker is another known ghost who travels the halls in a white suit and light purple shirt.


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