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5 Future Conspiracy Theories

6 years, 9 months ago
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The Kennedy assassination, Pearl Harbor, the moon landings, everybody’s got a favorite conspiracy theory, even if they don’t believe it actually happened. One thing all conspiracy theories have in common is that they all took place in the past. Duh, right.

Well, we decided to project ahead to the next fifty years and identify five future conspiracy theories. Some of these are based on fragments of real theories, others on sci-fi stories we’re working on, but in the batshit crazy future our beloved human race is careening towards, all of them have at least a snowball’s chance in hell of actually taking place.

False Flag Asteroid Impact


Ten years from now government scientists will report that a rogue asteroid that has somehow avoided detection is on a collision course with the Earth. The vast majority of us are herded underground while the elite get to watch the impact from posh spaceships. Either the asteroid is faked in order to fool even the rich, or they are part of the scheme, and don’t need to be lied to. Either way, a nuclear device is detonated to simulate the asteroid’s impact.

Meanwhile, the Earth is rigged and outfitted with whatever diabolical technologies are required to carry out a slow depopulation agenda. Or the underground cities are gassed, killing the vast majority of humans. A much more comfortable 500 million person population inherits the Earth.

Zombie Containment Requires Martial Law

zombie uprising

We saw how quickly our government could corral us into martial law during the Boston Marathon bombings. Virtually an entire city went into lockdown because of two armed suspects. Imagine the reaction if a virus broke out, especially a virus that caused violence and death on a scale even larger than 9/11.

A false flag or government-caused zombie uprising would lay the precedent for entire regions of the country going under martial law for months, possibly years at a time. This was an interesting under-the-radar characteristic of World War Z.

Project Blue Beam

The rhetoric regarding aliens has intensified in the last decade, with even the Catholic Church claiming they believe there are other civilizations out there. Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory involving the New World Order using out-of-this-world holographic technology and ELF frequencies in order to convince the people of Earth that alien gods have arrived.

What better ‘Other’ could possibly be summoned? Earthlings unite under a common intergalactic cause and accept the one-world government as their protectors. Reagan as much as said that aliens are the one common enemy that would unite the entire world.

Google Driverless Car Assassinates World Leader

google driverless car

We’re pretty weirded out by the whole driverless car thing, but truth be told our cars may already be hackable. The recent death of journalist Michael Hastings has many conspiracy theorists wondering if it’s possible for the government to take control of a vehicle remotely. Remember in Batman Returns when the Penguin takes Batman for a special ride?

In the near future, most cars will be driverless, navigated by an artificial intelligence system. What a perfect patsy for a calculated geopolitical murder.

Life Extension Corporate Employment Plans

elysium life extension

This one is just about inevitable and would make a great futuristic thriller. In the future giant corporations have created technologies that can pretty much extend human life indefinitely. The problem is they’re incredibly expensive. Middle class customers are allowed to enter into pacts whereby they essentially belong to the company–and do dirty off-the-payroll jobs–in exchange for monthly injections of the immortal serum. Would create a whole new meaning to ‘benefits’.

We’d mention Google Glass being used to survey our every waking moment except that’s not the future, it’s basically the present of webcams and smartphones. Are some of these theories a little paranoid? Sure. The government probably wouldn’t actually fake an asteroid–that is, unless there were a compelling reason to do so…like, say, money and power.

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