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5 Freaky Ouija Board Messages You Hope To NEVER See

5 years, 8 months ago
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By bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen

The Ouija Board has a message for you.

Danger-seekers can fully expect that the plastic pointer, or planchette as it’s called, will navigate the letters and numbers displayed on the slick board and spell out responses to your questions. Unfortunately, some engage the board with more of a naïve curiosity than a significantly warranted concern as to what it’s going to say.

Over the years people have shared thousands of stories that cite communication with an unseen presence. The tales include countless threatening warnings, haunting predictions, and intimate knowledge of familiar names and dates. For some very unlucky “players” of the “game”, it has even produced physical manifestations beyond the confines of the board to prove the often terrifying presence of a spirit or demon.

Before you “play” with the board, brace yourself for one or all of these five, frequent responses.

5. A Death Date


It’s a very common strategy to ask questions of the board that are only known to you. The queries might include a street address, an age or a birth date. An accurate response to the latter often fuels an immediate trust and a desire to move past the testing stage and utilize the seemingly impressive board to uncover the unknown. Foolishly, many then ask for their date of death.

Human beings, while completely aware and even mostly accepting of our mortality are by design, not privy to individual expiration dates. Imagine the fear in knowing that on a particular day that you would perish. Each moment of that day would be terrifying as you brace yourself for an attack or an accident. Even the days leading up to the final twenty-four hours would be wrought with panic of the impending end. Regrets of things not accomplished and experiences not lived label you a failure and weigh down an already heavy heart.

In 1994, Mick Levens received countless accurate predictions from his Ouija Board that included his date of marriage, the birth of his daughter and sadly, the death of his father. Convinced of the board’s ability to predict the future, Mick shared its devastating prophecy that his brother, Kevin, would die just two years later. At first, Kevin dismissed the forecast as nonsense. Mick then urged his older brother to test the board himself. After an intense session filled with countless questions, Kevin walked away from the board as a believer. Kevin became a recluse and felt he could cheat his prophesied death by withdrawing from the world. He crossed the lines of hermit and hoarder while his demeanor wafted from panic to paranoia.

Finally, six months prior to the board’s proclaimed date of death, Kevin took his own life. Instead of passing on to a “better place” with a feeling of pride and a sense of accomplishment, you may live your days in the end consumed with fear and, as in the case of Kevin, end your days.

4. A Person’s Full Name


Another common query is to ask for someone’s full name, which would include their lesser known middle name, and grant the board credibility. While it may sound like an innocuous strategy, psychic medium J. David explains the real evil behind the response:

“There is one, primary thing to consider when the board spells out your full name. First of all, when two or more people are working with the Ouija Board, a spirit will channel the energy of one of them. This will be the person whose name they spell out across the board because they now have access to their thoughts. Therefore, they are pulling information contained within the mind of that particular individual. The other person or persons, act as grounds for the interacting energies. It is suspected that some people are more open or susceptible to allowing spirits inside their energy field, which also makes them much more vulnerable to suggestion and even possession. And, once you allow entry, they are now free to return.”

3. Parlor Tricks


Bored with the usual questions of names and dates, Ouija Board enthusiasts will sometimes challenge the spirits to prove, physically, that they truly exist. Requests of “make something move” or “turn out the lights” beg the spirit to show themselves to those questioning their abilities.

“Not the brightest move.” J. David explains. “The spirit will need to utilize every ounce of energy it can avail itself to and that includes people. The temperature in the room will severely drop and those that it can drain energy from will feel fatigue and possibly become light-headed. The spirit will harness every bit of power to move an object or extinguish a candle or, if they have enough strength, even push someone to the ground. The point is that they have, at your request and with your energy, manipulated physical reality from the other side. Access to your sacred home has now been granted to the spirit. How safe do you think you will now feel?”

2. Z-A-Z-A and Z-O-Z-O

For those who encounter the spirit, or more accurately, demon that introduces itself as Zaza, J. David has some specific warnings for you.

“While we don’t know for sure who, or what, Zaza is, there are a few theories and neither one of them is favorable. Some speculate that it is the spirit of Lola Zaza, the daughter of famed dark practitioner, Aleister Crowley and offspring of the wickedest man in the world and a Satanist.

Others believe it is the Jewish goat demon, actually named, Azazel, that is connected with the singling out of one peer or child for unfair and negative treatment. Hence the term, scapegoating. Regardless, Zaza spews vile threats between cursing and hateful name calling. Were Zaza to embody someone using the board, the atrocities it would commit would be sickening.”

When asked about Zozo, his warning is clear and direct. “To simply communicate, via the Ouija Board with Zozo, is to invite foul evil into your home.” J. David then recalled a visit he made to a home at the owner’s request to clear the house of negative energy. “A friend of mine and her husband had moved into a new home. Within a few weeks, the household appliances began to break, one by one. First, the oven, then the refrigerator, next was the microwave, and finally the washer and the dryer as well. Their disposition was constantly moody and they found themselves continually fighting. I paid them a visit armed with my sage and candles. It didn’t take me long to discover the source of their negative experiences. Sitting on the coffee table, under clear glass, was an old, homemade Ouija Board. The numbers and letters were placed where you would find them on a store bought board but there were additional words painted around the edges that included, “Zozo”.”

Shaking his head, he continued. “I explained that the board is not décor, but rather a door. After I salted, burned and disposed of the board, her husband told me that he had something to show me. I followed him to the guest bathroom where he lifted the toilet seat to display an etched “Z” under the top cover.”

He warns us to close the board after each use. “If you insist on using the board, ensure that you move the pointer to ‘goodbye’ and say a prayer to close the board.”

1. L-U-C-I-F-E-R


There is no other name that can instill a paralyzing fear at its mere mention than that of the devil.

“When the level of evil coming through the board calls itself Lucifer, you are dealing with an extremely powerful demon.” J. David explains. “It doesn’t happen as often as you would think. Some spirits will spell out “the devil” or even “Satan” but very few will dare to call themselves by the angel name, Lucifer.”

J. David relayed the story of Eric, a young boy who engaged Lucifer through the Ouija Board.

“I was called to a home where a young boy had been playing with the board. I cleansed and cleaned and said prayers throughout the home and felt confident that I had removed any negative entities that may have come through the board. I couldn’t be sure however because I didn’t feel a specific presence in the house; only a peripheral heavy darkness that I couldn’t pinpoint. During my follow-up visits, I observed a very drunk father and assumed the area of blackness belonged to him and his addiction. After interviewing the young boy, he didn’t offer me very much information regarding his interaction with the board other than the name of the demon was Lucifer and that it would repeat the words, ‘upside down’. A week or so passed and I received a frantic call from the young boy’s mother. She asked me to visit them immediately as there had been some frightening activity. I quickly arrived to find the boy locked inside his bedroom. The father was slurring threats through the door while the wife cried behind him. I asked if I could have a moment alone. The boy’s parents removed themselves from the hallway and left me alone outside the bedroom door. As if he knew, the boy opened the door. He looked at me through tears and said, ‘Upside down’, and then turned his gaze toward the window. I entered his bedroom and walked toward the window. The room was cold and smelled of two day old garbage. I looked out of his window and into the backyard to see his mother now standing and sobbing uncontrollably next to the family dog who had been buried, head to stomach in the ground. With his hind end and tail in the air, he had been placed into the earth, upside down.”

The Ouija Board has a message for you. Are you sure you want to hear it?

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  • Amanda

    Quoting from a paranormal book I’ve read (and I wholeheartedly agree), this should be called the no-no board because it invites in more evil than you think, and because the supernatural is not a game you should be trifling with.

    • Maria

      Omg!!.. Thanks for the info… I was gonna play but not anymore!!…

      • PassingBye

        Would u open your front door & invite anyone in? Especially if you were in a very bad area & likely whoever would come in would mean you harm? That is what anyone does (and FAR worse) every time u use that board. I would NEVER go near one again after a terrifying experience & thankfully learning better. Please don’t mes around with one….for a silly thrill is it worth the risk?

  • Eric Goel

    I used one once and asked for my death date and it said 19 by gunfire. So I’m 14 2/3 and I only have a few years. I was talking with two demons specifically and their names were Beelzebub and Taccuta. Taccuta is nice though. They said that they were watching odlver me and have been protecting me since I was born. I think they’re latched onto me since every time I use a board they show up. Every time Beelzebub is there, there are flies in my room and a foul smell. But taccuta I feel safe and protected.

    • Maria

      That’s dangerous.. I’m gonna be 14.. And they could hurt you.. It doesn’t matter how nice they are.. If I were you I’d say good bye.. and burn the board..

      • Loki the Teutonic Devil

        You don’t know that Beelzebub actually IS the devil, I never heard of Taccuta, but you got two nicer demons of the bunch, And it is said that if you burn the board, It screams, You should cut the board into seven pieces and separate them away from the other pieces, Burying the Planchette.

      • Pico

        You shouldn’t EVER burn the board!! It release any demon you’ve spoken to.

    • Maria

      Beelzebub is known as the devil.. Taccuta is safe.. But Beelzebub is not.. Get rid of Beelzebub.. Beelzebub could hurt you..

    • Maria

      Never mind..Taccuta is also dangerous… Get rid of them..

    • Alyssa

      Do NOT burn the board or these spirits will haunt you even when your not using the board. Break the board into 7 pieces and then bury the board first, sprinkle holy water over it then go as far away as you possibly can and bury the pointer. NEVER bury the pointer near the ouija board as it can open up a portal from the spirit world and that can be VERY dangerous

    • Keiran Boyko


    • Pico

      Beelzebub is also an anime of a baby that doesn’t wear clothes ._.

  • Maria

    I’ve had paranormal experiences since I was 8.. I’ve never used a no no board.. And I think their presence is still around.. but I’m not sure.. :/

  • Frank Hodder

    If I were Lucifer why would I give my real ID away straight off? I’d toy with you a little I’d say I’m Mike from Canmore.

    • Nalia Day

      Lmao that’s messed up

    • Pico

      Tbh, me too ._. When I’m a demon, I’ll fuck with anyone who dares to even talk to me. Besides, I hate children and I’m only 14.
      Demon – Invited in (commonly by Ouija Board) or follow you from childhood.
      Spirit/Ghost – Someone who died at current place of residence or nearby.

      • Matt T

        Pico, you are inept in spiritual warfare. A demon is a fallen angel, an angel is not human, it’s an entirely different species. You couldn’t become a demon in a million years. Your soul can be tortured and even be possessed by a demon, but you will never become a demon, even when you go to hell. Humans are weak compared to demons, your puny soul would be overcome, you would cease to exist.

  • Loki the Teutonic Devil

    So, I used a Ouija board, I contacted Lucifer, and I asked when I died, So then he started to communicate with me, Now I have two demons, One is me, and one is Azazel.

  • rylee hayes

    the only place i can use a ouija board is my bed room. every time i use it in my room it speaks in gibberish but in patterns. I say goodbye on the ouija board every time i use it but it never changes. it will go from one letter then go through starting on a random letter ( for example it will go to Q K Q L Q M Q N Q O Q P Q R Q S Q T etc )

    • rylee hayes

      it will also sometime say its a good spirit and sometime say that its bad

    • slayerman

      me and my freinds used a ouija board and same thing but when we traced its path it made a pentagram dont know what i should do

    • Greta

      You need to get rid of that demon. If they try to spell out the alphabet or go in figure eights, they may be able to escape the board. They are trying to trick you win the Q’s. DONT LET THEM ESCAPE THE BOARD

  • Megs

    My best friend recently died . I would do anything to talk to her again and was curious to know if a Ouija Board would work ? Is this real ?? Does it actually work ?

    • slaine

      from what i know it is real, but you should do some more research on that because you might get a ghost pretending to be your friend.

      • Nalia Day

        or a demon most likely

  • mara

    hey what does it mean when a spirit board says cod4 all the time and you cant talk to anyone else and it repleated says yes tell us plz!!!????

    • Darkswarm27

      Buy call of duty 4

  • ro

    is it really real im 10 and i met a zozo and a eric and zaza and zoe

    • Pico

      I watched a video where this guy was talking to a young girl named Zoe and she seemed so nice.

    • Mai Waifu

      Zozo, zaza and zoe are the same people. One of the worst demons. Eric I think I’ve heard of and he’s a bad demon.

  • *StarLing*

    Guys guys guys! The Ouija board is COMPLETELY, ABSOULUTELY, 100% FAKE! I can PROVE it to you! And there is no such thing as demons and ghosts that can “escape the board” and sh** like that. Here is PROOF THAT IT IS FAKE: https://www.vox.com/2016/10/29/13301590/how-ouija-boards-work-debunked-ideomotor-effect

    • Anonymous

      You seen 1 theory and you absolutely, completely believed it! I can show you millions of videos or facts of it working. So many people got possesed using the ouija board, hell some even died. Well its your choice to believe it, im a christian so i believe its real atheists on the other hand tent do chose an easy way, in other words “common sense”. If you cant see or feel that means it isnt there, how do you explain the existance of air or gas?:D srr for bad grammar english isnt my national language

    • Dino Stiger

      sorry that is not proff

  • jersey

    hey guys so used one yesterday and it seems as tho a spirit named zozo has attached to me and is harming me with scratches bites and voices where do i go for help?

    • Darkswarm27

      A paranormal professional

  • jersey

    when i used it yesterday i encountered zozo and he is harming out of the game and is making me hear voices in the game what do i do?

  • jersey


  • Adam

    So i’ve been playing this game for two weeks now , at first it was fun and shit but now three spirits have threated to kill me their names are uvo , suzu , yafrzv wut should i do one time suzu tried to do the infinity sign but i stopped him so he tried to spell the alphabet but i said good bye cause i was very scared at the time he said no so i puted the pointer in the good bye and now the board is hidden , ps there’s some creepy shit hapening in my house .
    Wtf should i do now ?

  • freddie

    there are lots of conflicting ideas about the ouija board. if you’re brave enough (and smart enough, too) i definitely recommend using it! if you take the proper precautions, and take the board and its rules seriously, it can be an amazing experience. just like any social interaction, there’s a chance you’ll get caught up with the wrong people. i’ve seen people asking for help in the comments about demonic possessions and being physically harmed. GO SEE A PRIEST/RELIGIOUS OFFICIAL IN YOUR FAITH!!! they can help more than random people on the internet. stay safe everyone!