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5 Disturbing Trucker Stories From the Creepy Back Roads

5 years, 1 month ago
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by Anna Olvera

I can’t imagine truck driving being an easy job — the long hours on the road, days and sometimes weeks away from home and only the solitude of the road ahead. At the same time, you get to see amazing views and interact with other people, sometimes people who aren’t even alive! The truckers in our next list have experienced some of the most horrifying encounters imaginable and lived to tell their stories.



I was driving home one night as I had not seen my family  for about 2 weeks, filled with excitement I decided to take a “short cut” through a desolated area that I didn’t know too well. I had heard stories thru the scanner about it (mostly ghostly tales) and I do as a matter of fact believe in ghosts but my eagerness to surprise my wife and kids got the best of me. It was about 3:40am or so in the morning and I had been on that particular road for about an hour already and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Suddenly, I get to an area packed with old creepy trees on the side and tons of shrubbery. As usual, my radio was on and out of nowhere this horrible static starts to crackle thru the speakers. I started to feel chilly and uncomfortable when wouldn’t you know it, I saw a man hanging from a tree on the side of the road.

There he was, his body was even swinging from side to side, I stepped on the break as fast and carefully as I could but I kept looking through the rearview mirror and he was still there. I grabbed my coat, my gun, and my flashlight and I had my phone in my pocket and I started to dial 911, but there was no signal. I made my way through the shrubs and when I reached the tree, he was gone. I moved the flashlight around, thinking maybe he got free. I went back to my truck looked back and there he was again, hanging like I had seen him before. After this, let’s just say I didn’t like taking shortcuts anymore. – Anonymous



My friend and I stopped at some shady truck stop off of interstate 37 going towards Corpus Christy, Texas. He fell asleep as usual and I’m not gonna lie, I was about to pass out too. I finally decided to pull over and I fell asleep when a little while later we heard a loud bang on the side of the cab that startled us. We woke up immediately to find this big lizard like creature with red glowing eyes and sharp looking teeth looking back at us. No, it wasn’t the creature from the movie Jeepers Creepers either and you don’t have to believe me, but we both know what we saw that night. It stood there I don’t know how many minutes just looking at us, nothing else, after that it flew over the cab and took off in the dark of night. – Landstar2206



I’m not one to believe in anything like this but this I had to share.

During the summer of 05/06 around 2:00am driving back home from Rushville, Illinois. About Northeast of the town, there’s a rural area filled with corn fields and woods. My father was driving and I was in the passenger’s seat when my dad suddenly taps my shoulder and points out the window and he tells me, look. About 300 yards out or so, there’s a large object flying a few hundred feet away from the ground, smoothly and constantly passing us.

It looked liked it had either one or two levels, rows of lights that went along the sides and bright large rectangle windows with rounded corners spewing out white light. It made no sound and it flew straight, did not rotate and it had no blinking or no flashes of any kind indicating that it could be some sort of small plane or nay traditional aircraft. It kept flying straight forward and disappeared into the distance. I turned to my dad and we both looked at each other and said “that was interesting” and kept driving home with no further comment.  – Remrie



Many years ago I was on a shift called ” Meet and Turn”. This is where the driver that is domiciled out of the city will drive a load halfway to its destination, while the other driver that meets him halfway and brings the load where it needs to be delivered. I had been doing runs like these for several of months and I found out that I had to meet on point an hour before the other driver arrived. It was a dark and empty lot around 3:00am, so since there was still some time to kill, I decided to close my eyes and take a short nap.

About 10 minutes into my nap, I was awakened by a barking dog. I tried to ignore it but the bark carried on for several of minutes and it grew louder and closer. At this point, it became clear that he’s either trying to alert me of something or he’s just being a pain in the butt. So I sat up and looked out my window, and what I saw left me motionless. Standing there, inches on the other side of the glass, was a man around 35 years of age, he was a large fellow and he was barking at me, his eyes were crazy and he was even frothing a little from his mouth.

The sheer creepiness struck me and gently without making any sudden movements I reached down and started my truck and slowly started pulling away. As I was doing so, he was chasing after me, much like you would expect an angry dog and still barking as I kept pulling away. Needless to say, I don’t take naps on the job anymore. – Digyo



I used to drive between San Francisco and Cheyenne, Wyoming a lot of the times, it’s about 16-20 hours of driving depending on the weather. My second time driving that route I was driving at night when suddenly my truck starts to make this odd grinding noise, sounded like if I had run over something and it got stuck. It’s about 2:00am and I pull up to a very well lit rest stop and I wake my buddy up, who had been sleeping the whole time. As we both make our way out of the vehicle, I started to explain to him the situation about the grinding noise, when we started to hear what it sounded like a kid crying. There’s not a car in sight besides ours, at the same time we had heard frequent stories about child trafficking and kidnappings nearby so we decided to check it out.

We grabbed our flashlights and made our way towards the bathrooms since the noise was coming from there. As we get closer we realized it was coming from the woman’s bathroom, it’s a low dull sobbing and we were prepared for the worse. We walked in expecting to see someone brutally beaten or worse and we see nothing but only hear the sound, it is still there but there’s no one there, it’s completely empty. We turn the lights on and still nothing. We checked each stall just to make sure and nothing. We even looked exactly where the noise was coming from and again nothing. Is it a hidden camera? A speaker? What the f*ck?

My buddy sees a small window and opens it up and the noise deceased, we stood there for a few seconds and the window slams shut on its own and the crying begins again, we were out of that bathroom in seconds as we ran towards the truck and you could still hear the crying. Of course, the grinding noise is still there so, this time, I pull up to another rest stop some miles away where we checked underneath and we saw some sort of red and silver metal stuck right in there and we couldn’t take it out. A few days later, I took it to a mechanic buddy of mine, and he told me that the piece of scrap metal that was stuck was part of a kids bicycle, I don’t know if this is somehow related to our experience, but it was one of those moments for me, that I will never forget.


Have a scary/creepy experience? Please share with us in the comment section. Wanna chat about horror? Drop me a line or follow me on my social media pages,until next time… Sweet Screams.

Sources: Reddit

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  • Mark Hadley

    When I was trucking and on a run through east central Texas, I was on my way back to Louisiana in the middle of the night. I was driving up a hill on a smaller state highway, when my truck started acting funny. It was slowing down as I approached the top of the hill and I couldn’t make it go any faster. There were old wood-frame houses on the sides of the road, but it looked like everyone was in bed for the night–my engine started to knock as it slowed. The wind was blowing leaves across the road in front of me, and something about that didn’t look right to me. I started to be more than a little freaked out, but kept as calm as I could. Just as I reached the top, my truck was nearly stopped, and I heard a most disturbing sound: The passenger door latch (which I kept locked) clicked just as it would if someone opened the door. The door swung open for a few seconds, then shut itself. After this, the engine smoothed out and I began to pick up speed. I kept going until I reached the next truck stop and got some coffee to compose myself with!

  • Poops McGee


  • Oscar C.

    I got loaded in Louisiana at 2:30am i wanted to be home in Texas by sunrise so i took the backroads, Im hauling a** its getting close to 3:00am i have the radio on, all of a sudden a truck length in front of me i see a black misty rectangular box (probably a coffin) fly over the road from right to left. I hit my breakes not wanting to run over anything i slowed to about 5 mph. I looked over to the left there was a old old cemetery… I looked straight ahead and got the hell out of there.

    I-81 near dublin va exit 98
    Theres a empty lot next to a fast food joint. It was around 3:30 in the morning I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore so i decided to pull in for the night. I released the breakes and just stumble to the back to go to sleep, as soon as i lay down i hear a banging on the door and my immediate thought was the cops probably saw me pull in or its private property and i have to move. So i get up and open the curtain and theres no one around no lights, its quiet then slowly i hear knocking on the top sleeper windows which are pretty damn high (over 10ft probably) on the left is a slow and steady knock and the right a more fast paced knock. Im so tired i ignore it and pass out. That night not only did i have the most terrible dream but i felt sombody was watching me inside the sleeper!.