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5 Basic Pieces of Equipment for Ghost Hunting

4 months, 22 days ago
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Most people believe that ghosts exist in various forms. It is widely accepted that they do appear at night, especially in dark, quiet and deserted areas. This is one of the reasons many people tend to avoid cemeteries, dense forests, and areas without civilization when the night falls. 

No one knows the exact shape, size and even the color of a ghost. This is the reason why many individuals across the globe are trying to capture a real photo or video footage of a ghost to convince people that don’t believe in ghosts. If you have identified a ghost hotspot and you are interested in ghost hunting, you need the following equipment.

Voice recorder

It is believed that ghosts can speak, shout or even produce low-frequency voices. Humans are unable to hear ultra frequency sounds even in a quiet environment. Therefore, it is wise to have one or two voice recorders to pick such voices. You can use different types of software to amplify the voices to the right frequency and listen to the recording.

Source of light

You can set up your fixed camera, tent and other tools during the daytime. However, you need a source of light to work at night since it is believed that ghosts are active at night. You should get a primary source of light and a backup unit which can be handy in case the other one fails or if the battery is low.

An LED headlight is perfect for your investigations because it keeps your hands free. LED is known to be lightweight in nature and it is an energy saver. It is advisable to select a model which has a separate battery compartment to reduce weight on your forehead. In addition, the unit should be able to emit both white and red lights. White light is good for navigation and installing equipment while the red led can be used during investigations.

The backup light may contain infrared LED which can help you navigate using your night vision goggles. This flashlight can also give your night vision camera additional illumination.

Temperature recording device

Temperature recording is important when it comes to capturing an image of a ghost. Ghosts are believed to take energy from the surrounding air, thus causing a drop in temperature. A Forward-Looking Infra-Red unit can be used to measure the exact temperature of an area in real-time. The gadget indicates hot zones in red color while cold zones are in blue. You should note that the deeper the colors, the extreme temperatures.


You need several cameras with night vision capability to do your surveillance and an ordinary camera to interview witnesses. Good surveillance cameras should have wireless connectivity to allow you to live-stream video to your laptop, tablet or Smartphone. This allows you to save important footage and photos on the local storage or even cloud storage. According to the Third Eye Paranormal Society, there are various camcorders for ghost hunting. Models with two-way communication enable you to speak to ghost-like figures without moving to the site. In addition, motion and sound detection features are important when it comes to detecting sound and slight movement in the scene. 

EMF recorder

Electromagnetic fields are generated when energy is consumed. The appearance of a ghost is believed to naturally generate electromagnetic fields. For this reason, you need an EMF recorder that can detect and record the EMF readings in real-time. Most tablets and smartphones come with EMF sensors. You might download an app that can activate the sensor to generate EMF readings.


A good ghost hunting gear can enable you to prove the existence of a ghost in a certain area. You can only convince people if you can provide temperature readings, EMF readings, real audio, high-quality images and videos of a ghost. This can only be achieved if you have the right equipment. The most commonly used equipment includes Voice recorder, Source of light, Temperature recording device, Camcorders EMF recorder.


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