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2 Creepy Cemeteries You Wouldn’t Want to Be Caught Dead In

8 years, 3 months ago
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We love exploring creepy places. There are few adrenaline rushes better than walking through a graveyard at night. But there are some burial spots on planet Earth that have such unnerving reputations there’s no way in hell we’d consider spending a night there. The following are two such places…

The La Noria Cemetery in Chile

Far from civilization, in the deserts of Northern Chile, lies a small abandoned mining town that gives the term “ghost town” a new meaning. It has been reported that numerous people have traveled here and never returned. Welcome to La Noria…

In the late 1800’s La Noria was a booming mining town, but after a number of economic slumps the mines were shut down and the town was deserted. The residents of La Noria lived under terrible working conditions that bordered on slavery. Many, including children, suffered horrible deaths from accidents and poor living conditions. Their bodies were then buried in a makeshift cemetery just past the town.

The La Noria cemetery is by far one of the most frightening and surreal places one will ever see. Most of the shallow graves are open. What’s most disturbing is the fact that many of the graves have been dug up with open coffins and partially dressed skeletons lying within and outside of them. The idea that this would be the work of grave robbers is ridiculous – these were the bodies of slaves.

Was it some deranged person? Or something else? Locals in a neighboring town refuse to enter La Noria, the cemetery, or even the surrounding areas. Some locals will actually attempt to physically stop tourists from venturing into the town out of concern for their well-being.

It’s when the sun goes down that things start to get really terrifying. Reports of paranormal activity are common. Witnesses have reported hearing disembodied voices, screaming, footsteps walking towards them. Others have reported seeing apparitions and shadow people wondering the streets. Locals of Chile have also reported seeing children creeping around the abandoned schools at night.

You’ll more then likely see human bones scattered through out this massive ghost town. Just remember if you decide to venture to La Noria at night …the closest form of civilization is one gas station that’s 20 miles away.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicago is not for the faint of heart. This desecrated cemetery has been the epicenter of countless ghostly, demonic, and satanic ritual sightings. The now abandoned cemetery has gravestones that date back to the mid 1830’s. Many of the tombstones have been vandalized and a majority of the bodies have disappeared over the years. Of the 200 tombstones once on the grounds only around 20 are still fully intact.

Rumors of satanic rituals have been swirling around here since the 1960’s, which only adds to the eeriness of this cemetery. Then there’s the reports of the red streaks of light that follow you, orbs, and sounds of children crying, which are commonly witnessed and often times even caught on video by thrill seekers and ghost hunters.

Many people complain of sore throats, shortness of breath, and coughs that typically follow them home. This is believed to happen because the dark energy desires to hold onto the living at any cost, draining you of energy and weakening your immune system. There’s also the rapidly declining temperatures of at least 20 degree on a warm summer evening in some areas of the cemetery, which can turn the most hardcore skeptic into a believer.

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  • Lady-Tam Powers

    I have been in Bachelors Grove Cemetery many times including the woods around it. I have a lot of interesting stories about it if you would like to hear. I used to live very near by it so it was simple to run over and visit and I had on 3 separate occasions. I had experiences every time.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Do share!

    • Dariusz Przechadzki

      That might be interesting, do share 🙂

    • Lady-Tam Powers

      So lets start with one visit since each visit not only was long, but had tons of incidents. On one occasion I made a huge mistake visiting it on Halloween. There are too many kids trying to do this then and the Police definitely watch for this on that day. I am sad to say many of these kids are boozin it up and are vandals. To those people shame on you. Regardless of the day and the interrupted clearing of the “Kiddies” by the cops, My friend and I hid back behind the large mound that blocks the trail beyond the cemetery. Why the mound is there I do not know but it is huge and makes it appear as through the trail stops just past the cemetery. The trail does not end and its super dangerous in the dark to navigate as at some point there is a drop off cliff so warning: DO NOT try this in the dark if you do not know this territory from day exploration first. On this particular occasion after the Kiddies had been cleared we came from behind the mound and walked back down towards the road past the cemetery entrance to check that it was clear of people and cops. On the way back up the trail about 20 feet from the entrance we heard what sounded like something was running at us from the left side of the woods at about 3 miles per hour. The thing is these woods have a lot of bramble and thorns plus closed in trees and brush. Yet there was no sound of leaves, brush noise or “ouches” from human or animal. Whatever it was rushed us at a 40 degree angle unhampered and stopped dead at the wooded edge, the feeling we got was that it was aggressive. We shined lights on the area we heard it stop. We saw nothing. We waited and listened for any movement. Nothing. We stood still for 20 minutes on the spot. No more movement or noises. We stepped into the woods edge and searched the tree line. Nothing. Feeling a bit nervous we knew we had to pass this area with it at our backs to investigate the cemetery. Cautiously we pressed on. Reaching the cemetery without further incident we passed through the chain link fence. The first thing I noticed was the smell of roses and rotting flowers. It was late fall and there are no flowers growing here nor any placed on plots. I also noticed that one of the stones down the slope to the left appeared to be glowing. We sat on one of the stone slabs on the far side of the cemetery and just watched and waited for a while. After 20 minutes or so of no further incident, and no longer smelling the flowers we decided to investigate the area behind the mound which leads to the previous homesteads. There are foundations still evident back there. At some point the trail abruptly ends at the cliff and it was before this I noticed an odd shaped obelisk stone marker in the woods about 2 feet tall to the right side of the trail. I was investigating this when my friend called out to me in terrified tones. He was still back towards the trail and I asked what was wrong he said “Listen”! I could hear the same thing we heard earlier. Something was rushing us again. At the same speed, at the same angle as before from the opposite side of the trail. Except this time we are in the woods with whatever it was. I ran back to the trail and we took off towards the mound. Whatever it was chased us unseen again with no wood crunching noises, (though we ourselves sounded like a heard of Buffalo). When we got to the other side of the mound the chasing stopped. Again at the edge of the woods but not the same area as before as we were now currently past the cemetery. My friend at this point said “F” this, so this ended this particular excursion. This was the tamest visit I had here. Yes there is more…DO you want more? Let me know find me at ….Thanks for reading, Lady T

    • Doreen

      It would be cool if it’s written in English.

      • You can try using Google Translate applet that I’ve put on the right, at least it will give you some general idea about the article. However, it is not necessary as it deals mainly with local history. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos 🙂

  • gilcarlson

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  • Martian

    ..And heartbreaking…these were people. They had families, and loves, and maybe even dreams of something better in their lives, once.

    Now their remains lie scattered and broken underfoot, like so much forgotten, useless offal.

    It seems there are plenty who will go there to gawk at their sad, violated graves, but no one (or group) who has the respect to at least re-inter them in the earth with the dignity they deserve as human beings…
    Tragic…and shameful.