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15 Random Facts That Will F*** You UP

3 years, 10 months ago
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1. The Romans used crushed mouse brains for toothpaste. source

2. 20% of office coffee cups contain fecal matter. source

3. The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery ticket are greater than the chances of actually winning the lottery. source

4. Lake Tahoe of the Sierra Nevada mountain is super deep, at its deepest 1,645 feet down. It is one of the most popular lakes for vacationers in the world. It is also a lake in which the bodies of the many people who have drowned in it have never been discovered—except for one. There are some reasons that this should be so. It is usually the case that a bacteria in drowning victims causes a buildup of gases in the corpse that makes it float. This is a beneficial thing for search parties. However, the depths of Lake Tahoe are so cold that it prevents the gas-inducing bacteria from building up. As a result, the bodies float down to the deep depths of the lake. The lake is a high one at 6,225 feet above sea level. This means that divers can’t swim all the way to the lake’s bottom, where countless bodies hang in suspended animation. The one that was retrieved was found by 2011 by divers using specialized equipment to go down 350 feet. That is where they retrieved Donald Windecker who had been missing since 1995. source

5. The Gympie Gympie, a shrub found in Australia, injects people and animals with a neurotoxin that makes them want to commit suicide. source

6. About 100 billion people have died during all of human history. source

7. Someone commits suicide every 40 seconds. source

8. The Malagasy people of Madagascar hold a yearly festival in which they will dig up the bones of deceased loved ones, dress them up, and dance with them. They have had this tradition since the 17th century. The practice is becoming less common only because there have been objections to it by local Christian organizations and because the silk shrouds used for the ceremony are becoming expensive. source

9. Villages in ancient England, Scotland, and Wales always had an individual they called a “sin-eater.” When someone in the village died, this “sin-eater” would be invited to the house. During the ceremony that ensued a loaf of bread would be put on the dead person’s chest and a cup of ale given to the “sin-eater.” The “sin-eater” then drank the ale and ate the bread and thus at the sins of the deceased. source

10. One of the most prolific serial killers in history, a South American man who killed over 300 young girls, is alive and his whereabouts unknown. source

11. Dr. Harold Shipman is believed to have killed more than any other serial killer in modern history, murdering 250 patients. He committed suicide in 2004 by hanging himself in his prison cell. source

12. Serial killer David Parker Ray a.k.a. Toy-Box Killer manufactured a $100,000 homemade torture chamber in his old mobile home. A trailblazer in serial killing, he tape recorded himself talking to the victims explaining in detail what was going to happen to them; he placed a mirror on the ceiling, above the gynecologist-type table he used to strap his victims to, so they could see everything he was doing to them during the torture sessions; he had a recorded audio tape of himself played for his victims whenever they regained consciousness. source

13. When a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go. source

14. Men who are hanged get a death erection, known as rigor erectus. source

15. A man received the heart of a suicide victim, married his widow, and years later killed himself on the same day the donor did. source

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