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13 Ghost Photos That Will Amaze You

6 years, 7 months ago
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By bestselling author and paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan

When things go bump in the night, some hide under their covers, but others reach for their cameras. Ghosts are often elusive and illusory in appearance, making them difficult subjects to photograph. However, with the influx of technology at our fingertips, paranormal photos are becoming easier to take.

The following images bring ghost photography to a level that will amaze you.

Photo 1)


(Above) When I sat down on the wicker sofa at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts, I had no idea what was going on just behind me. A fellow photographer snapped a photo from the doorway. The photo was interesting because it was dark outside, with the strange glowing apparition appearing in front of the chairs, floating between me and the window. You can even see the glow of her form on the other investigator’s back, but you can’t see her in the mirror.

Photo 2)


(Above Left) Paranormal investigator Eric LaVoie captured this photo at the Mount Prospect Cemetery in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The cemetery is located inside the Bridgewater Triangle, a 200 square mile area in southeastern Massachusetts that has long been known for paranormal activity, including ghosts, UFO sightings, Bigfoot reports and balls of fire. According to Eric, the figure appears to be a Civil War soldier, taken near a large Civil War monument.

(Above Right) When Eric enhanced the photo, the details of the soldier become clearer.

Photo 3)


(Above) Linda Masanimptewa captured a misty image in a Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada. She said of the event, “I was just taking photos of the background when the whitish mist figure appeared. I’ve caught a couple of good EVPs from this same park. Both times were without the use of a spirit box. There is a child spirit here that was the one on audio recording.” Below is a cropped black and white version of the photo, which displays the mist more prominently.


Photo 4)

(Above) Perhaps the most chilling photo was one taken by investigator Cheryl Phillips. The photo was taken in 2005 while her family endured a demonic infestation that followed them for six years. The activity increased to include intense poltergeist phenomena and the eventual possession of her son. “We had a baseball being thrown at our bedroom door over and over, Lego’s and crayons thrown at incredible velocity, many other things,” Cheryl said. Her son was twelve years­old when the above photo was taken. Her tribe attempted to rid themselves of the entity through an intense, formal sweat, but it eventually diminished with time.

Photo 5)

Investigator Robin Mosley’s paranormal team was investigating Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania when the above photo was taken. There were no groups of women or children present during the investigation. Robin feels the photo depicts two children holding hands at the end of the hallway. Pennhurst has been the subject of many paranormal shows and books, due to the horrid conditions the mentally and physically ill patients endured during the hospital’s 76 year history.

Photo 6)


(Above) Paranormal Investigator, Jeff Bartley took this photo in the cemetery behind Chestnut Hill Baptist Church in Exeter, Rhode Island. The cemetery is known locally for the vampire legend of Mercy Brown. In 1892, after consumption took the lives of his wife and daughters, George T. Brown was convinced by friends and family that their deaths were actually due to vampires. After digging up the graves, they discovered that his daughter Mercy’s body was still in excellent condition, having only been buried several months. They removed her heart and burned it on a nearby rock, thinking she was a vampire since her heart was seemingly full of fresh blood. The ashes were mixed in an elixir that was supposed to cure the elder Brown of consumption. Sadly, it didn’t work. George T. Brown succumbed to the same fate as the rest of his family, passing away months later.

Photo 7)


(Above) Zach Menard is an avid fan of heavy metal music. While attending a concert at the reportedly haunted Palladium Theater in Worcester, Massachusetts, he captured the eerie mist just beyond the stage. The theater has a long history of phantom footsteps and floating balls of light. It appeared on the SyFy show Ghost Hunters in 2006.

Photo 8)



(Above) George Brun was surprised to capture the image of a shadow person as it passed across his television screen. He’s since photographed mists and light anomalies around his New Hampshire home, as well. Above is also a cropped version of the photo, showing an entity that looks extra­terrestrial in nature.

Photo 9)


(Above) While the above photo, taken by Rebecca Sams Codner in 1987, appears to be a double exposure, she assures us that it’s not. Her three boys were enjoying a Fourth of July parade, waiting for their sister to pass by on a parade float. Their sister’s image appeared in the photo, despite the fact that she wasn’t present when the photo was taken.

Photo 10)


(Above) an image sent to the author by a friend shows a reflection in the woman’s glasses. At first glance, it appears to be the woman herself, but on closer inspection the image is of another person. Could it be a lost soul living in her apartment or a relative coming to check on her?

Photo 11)



(Above) Sandra Chase took a photo in the Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire in March of 2008. Upon further inspection, she realized there was something in the photo besides the two women. “It looks like a face if you follow to the right on the wall from the girls but also it looks like people coming out of the ground,” she said. Below is a cropped section that better shows the entity.

Photo 12)


(Above) Kayla Viall lives on Saint Simons Island in Georgia, a place known locally for its hauntings. She often sees shadows darting out of range, but was able to capture one on film as it attempted to open the door.

Photo 13)


Marion Luoma often has entites follow her home from the Haunted Victorian Mansion, where she is the caretaker. In the above photo, she heard heavy footsteps coming down the hallway and snapped a photo, catching a large man walking midstep. Another time, she heard the sounds of a child and snapped the photo below, capturing the image of a little boy at the bottom of the stairs.

Many believe that the veil between the living and the dead is thinning, giving ghosts more visibility to our world. Others believe they’ve been here all along but haven’t been as easily captured on film. With mobile phones having photographic capabilities, most people now have a camera within reach at all times making the impossible suddenly become possible. As technology continues to advance and cameras become more sensitive, ghost photography could soon become a common occurrence.

The next time something goes bump in the night, grab a camera instead of your covers and see what you can capture.

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