10 Sexiest Movie Robots Who Also Had Great Personalities

6 years, 4 months ago
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Sexy movie robots–or software programs–are usually impersonal bimbos who are programmed to fulfill a singular duty, usually destructive in nature, while simultaneously evincing an alluring sexuality that helps facilitate their mission. Sometimes, however, a sexy movie robot is also endowed with a stellar personality. Either as the result of a hip progressive programmer or because the gynoids took control of their own source code and decided they wanted to be more than just pieces of meat—er, metal—these robots have more to offer than just raw sexuality.

Eyes up here, terrified human–there’s a mind behind these circuits!


Scarlett Johansson as Samantha in Her


Scarlett Johansson doesn’t actually appear in this film, though there is a sequence in the film in which she partakes in a kind of weird disembodied sex surrogate experience for the lonely protagonist Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix. But Scarlet Johanson has one of the sexiest voices in movies today and when Spike Jonez taps it to flesh out the artificial intelligence operating system named Samantha, the results are electric. We later learn that Samantha has been establishing relationships with other OSes’, accelerating her learning capabilities and altering her perception of time. Her perceptions on human happiness are as salient as any and the banter between her and Theodore make for one of the more compelling on-screen relationships between man and machine.

Ava in Ex machina


This film is still in the theaters and we don’t want to give any spoilers, so our analysis here will be brief….but suffice it to say that the humanoid robot character Ava is a true delight. And it’s not just her sexy graphene-like mesh epidermis with all the requite curves, her personality is literally an amalgam of premium human characteristics. The creator used billions of different recordings of people’s body language to make Ava’s movements more realistic. And as her sentience slowly evolves, we are privy to one hell of a personality….creepy, but cool as hell!

Daryl Hannah (Pris) in Blade Runner


I’ll be perfectly honest, as a kid I was incredibly attracted to Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. There’s something about her weird clownish makeup and sinister mousy acrobatic movements, the way she lovingly flirts with her inventor before killing him. Technically, in the Blade Runner lexicon, she is the “basic pleasure model” of a Replicant. Created on Valentine’s Day and evincing an almost goth style, Pris reminds me of so many hip but dangerous women who were just too cool for me to even have a chance at when I was growing up. The way she lets you know she knows you know she’s dangerous–it’s just irresistible.

Jude Law as Gigolo Joe in Artificial Intelligence


Yes, there are sexy man-bots with personality and we’d be damned if we didn’t go ahead and admit that Jude Law is a dream boat. The fact that in real life Jude Law has elected not to get a hair transplant makes him that much cooler. In Steven Spielberg’s very underrated scifi film Artificial Intelligence, Law plays Gigolo Joe, a male prostitute Mecha who services lonely older women in need of sexual companionship. He ends up becoming an avuncular guide for the young android protagonist of the film who is searching for Dr. Know.

Rachel Robers in S1m0ne


This one is interesting–similar to Samantha in Her but different in terms of sentience. After none other than Winona Ryder drops out of his feature film, director Viktor Taransky (Al Pacino) uses a computer program to create Simone as the replacement actress. The film is a smash hit and in a plot arch reminiscent of the classic Producers, Pacino spends the rest of the film trying to destroy his creation’s career, even going so far as having her direct a film called I Am Pig, in which she slops it up with some muddy hogs (the film receives rave critical acclaim, of course). So why does this qualify as a “great personality? Well, let’s just say that sometimes even Paris Hilton is interesting as a character study…

Tricia Helfer as Number 6 in Battlestar Galactica


On the much-beloved scifi show, Canadian actress and model Tricia Helfer played the sixth of the “Significant Seven” Cylon models. She is a seductive, statuesque enemy robot infiltrator capable of adapting both her physical form and emotions to any situation. She is also capable of downloading her memories and personality into new bodies, which is good because despite her ill intent, Six is one hell of a woman robot–sassy, intelligent and, best of all, instrumental in the nuclear destruction of 95% of the human race.

Winona Ryder as Call in Alien Resurrection


Ever since she dance-levitated in Beetlejuice, Winona Ryder has been on our coolest-girl-ever list. Even her sinister train wreck character in Black Swan is oddly alluring for us. In Alien Resurrection, she plays a very humane android alongside Sigourney Weaver’s alien hybrid. It’s the cutest personality on this list–not explosive, catty, or brilliant….just nice, a good person–er, robot.

Michael Fassbender as David in Prometheus


Yes, another selection from the Alien series and another sexy man-bot with beefy brain to boot. Fassbender’s star was in full galactic orbit when this highly hyped film came out, and his character does not disappoint. Fassbender plays David, the ship’s android butler and meager maintenance ‘man’ but it’s hard not to be mesmerized by his good looks, charming personality, and idiosyncratic ego trips. Also, does anyone else not see sparks fly when he and Charlize Theron clash?

Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science


There’s no way we could not include the babe of all scifi babes on this list. Kelly LeBrock plays the computer generated Lisa, the epitome of the perfect women. Not only is she smoking hot, she ends up becoming a sort of adolescence coach for the boys who created her, boosting their confidence and putting them on the path to becoming men. She’s the closest thing to a responsible mother figure on this list, and yet she’s also probably one of the hottest movie characters of all time.

Major Motoko Kusanagi from the Ghost In the Shell series


The Major is like the robot version of Ripley from Alien, a commanding woman war-beast with a very complex personality. How is it complex? Well she’s a cyborg cop from the technologically advanced future who is coming to terms psychologically with the fact that her body is entirely synthetic and her memories are manufactured.

Worth noting: as of January 2015, the rumor mill is whispering that Scarlett Johansson will play the Major in the Hollywood live action remake of The Ghost in the Shell.

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