zombie pigeon apocalypse

Zombie Pigeon Outbreak in Moscow

Warning: if you’re afraid of both zombies and birds, GD recommends you not read this article. Why? Because it’s about a zombie pigeon outbreak in Moscow. Heck, if you’re afraid of Russia that’s an extra whammy.

The story goes like this…in recent weeks the streets of Moscow have been festooned with the carcusses of dead birds. Lots of them, thousands in fact. And among these dead birds there have also been near-dead and dying birds who make Exorcist-style jerking movements and even walk backwards.

Initially attributed to Newcastle disease, the “zombie bird” virus can be spread to humans. So, in the coming months, if you see somebody walking backwards (you may excuse the Moon Walk) and contorting in agony–much like the bird below–be sure to report it to the CDC immediately. It’s your duty as a citizen!

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One Response to “Zombie Pigeon Outbreak in Moscow”
  1. sighing says:

    Is this a joke? I could understand some concern that maybe they’re all sick with the latest bird flu or whatever, but unless they’re coming Back from the dead, they’re Not zombies! What a poor excuse to get some attention with a sensational headline!

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