Will the Singularity Be Privatized? Welcome to Life

We were exposed to a great video recently, entitled “Welcome To Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers”. The video imagines an individual waking up in cyberspace limbo in the year 2052 with the opportunity to live a simulated life in an advanced cloud based network called The Life Network. Thanks to your primary care provider, you now have the option of engaging in 30,000 unique activities, as well as the ability to contact non-digitized family and friends. (We’re assuming that means, family and friends who haven’t died–so does that mean you’re haunting them, or intelligibly communicating?)

At first, this sounds great–no death!

But then you get into the Terms and Conditions and the different tiers of a Life Plan. For example, in Tier 2, the sky may be replaced by targeted advertising. In Tier 3, your thoughts may be subject to a Fair Use policy; self-awareness and creative and subconscious thought may be regulated.

To afford a Tier 1 plan, we’re assuming one would have to be a corporate indentured servant, but we’re sure the golf courses are great.

Upon selecting a plan, illegal mental patterns are corrected in accordance with the Prevention of Crime and Terrorism Act of 2050. Further legal compliance involves the stored, copyrighted works we remember from our lifetime–songs, books, movies, etc. To keep them, one must pay a licensing fee of $18,000 a month.

Welcome to Life!

This is a painfully possible scenario, a future world in which the advanced technologies of the Singularity are privatized and commodified. Yes, someday we will live as algorithms inside of simulated corporate arcologies…

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