Who Are the Figures Standing Over My Bed?

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By professional psychic medium, healer and author Nadia Shapiro

Many years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to what I thought were people standing over my bed. I quickly reached out my hands as though to protect myself from an intruder. As I blinked a few times, I realized there was nothing standing there. Every night I would see a different face, sometimes two or even three. This happened for years–I would wake up suddenly and open my eyes to see someone staring back at me. It is something I still have not gotten used too.

Around that time this started happening, my mediumship abilities started to grow really strong. I started learning about my gifts as a medium and practiced doing readings on people. It came easy to me and I was able to communicate with spirits on the other side. I would see them hanging around people at the store, see them in cemeteries, and even speak to ghosts that were trapped here. I became pretty amazing with my gift. But one thing always puzzled me, who are the people standing around my bed at night? Who are these spirits that I can see so vividly? I can see them even more clearly than when I am awake doing a reading. I can see the wrinkles in their skin, their eye color, and even the details of their clothing.


So I decided to start asking them directly: “Who are you and what do you want?” Every night I would get the same answer, nothing. I have been trying for years to get an answer out of these spirits and have yet to hear a damn thing. The spirits that startle me almost every night have nothing to say, which is something I can’t seem to comprehend because when I do readings I can’t get the spirits to shut up.

Then I learned to call in my spirit guides and set up my shields before bed. As I got better at this, I was no longer being woken up at night. Every once in a while, one will slip through, but it has happened to me so many times that I just don’t get scared anymore. I get pissed. I have been know to yell a few cuss words, telling the to get the “F” out. It works every time.

Over the years years, many of my clients have shared with me that they have has similar experiences. Many that even have sleep paralysis.

Who are these figures??

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  • Ash

    1) The person mentioned in this article needs serious psychological help because he is delusional (contacting spirits, mediumship?!?!). 2) The figures standing at his bed are visual hallucinations caused by engaging the completely natural and normal hypnagogic state between sleep and wakefulness that happens to everyone. 3) His delusions relating to his ability to contact spirits make him regard the normal and natural visual hallucinations as something paranormal. 4) There is nothing supernatural or paranormal concerning this person.

    • Eric

      Agreed, a simple case of chronic sleep paralysis. I have it occasionally if I fall asleep on my back. Very scary, once the shadow of a tree cast on the wall next to me began to come over me; obviously this was the tree’s spirit!!

      I just found this site because of the Elisa Lam case. I saw this article as the perfect test of the credibility of this website — Fail.

      • Ash

        I am able to induce sleep paralysis (at will) on some occasions if I remain very mindful of the transition between sleep and wakefulness. The transition is almost seamless and feels very natural. My technique to induce sleep paralysis is very simple. I set my alarm to ring at intervals of 1 minute as I lay in bed. So each time my brain gets foggy and wanders into sleep, the alarm wakes me up. Over a period of time (15 – 30 min), the brain becomes extremely tired and yet cannot fall asleep due to the constant waking up caused by the alarm. Then an amazing thing happens sometimes. The brain becomes confused, thinking it is both awake and asleep at the same time. When I manage to reach this stage, I switch off the alarm before paralysis sets in, then maintain full conscious awareness of myself. This is when the visual and audio hallucinations start to set in while I am still conscious. I hear strange noises and see strange things, but I can still move slightly. During this time, I can also induce lucid dreams, and it is a very strange experience. I can imagine anything and it will appear in my room like magic, even while awake! This is the true power of the hypnagogic state of consciousness. It is a magical time for me, which is why I love inducing sleep paralysis and the hypnagogic state. Only after another 5 to 15 minutes will I finally lose consciousness and fall asleep. The writer of the article is extremely ignorant of such matters as sleep paralysis and is regarding perfectly normal issues as paranormal occurrences.

        • The Ghost Diaries

          Your analysis is always appreciated, but seriously why go to a site called The Ghost Diaries and then act shocked that there are paranormal theories presented? lol

          • Ash

            Because some people need to know how to differentiate between naturally occurring phenomena and paranormal phenomena.