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When the Dead Come Calling – Signs That a Deceased Loved One is Nearby

5 years, 1 month ago
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By Best-selling Paranormal Author Joni Mayhan

Several days after my grandmother passed away suddenly in her sleep, I had a dream about her. In my dream, my mother and I went to my grandmother’s house to clean out her closet so my grandfather wouldn’t have to contend with it. As we came into the house, Nanny was sitting on the couch. I was astounded because nobody else could see her. I rushed to where she sat and said, “Nanny! I thought you died.” She wrapped me in her arms and said, “I did die, but I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you.” I was only six years old, but the dream is as clear as it was when it happened.

Since that time, I’ve been a student of the paranormal world, learning as much as possible about what happens to us when we die. One thing I’ve discovered is that loved ones often try to contact us after death. Here are some of the ways they might reach out to you.



When we sleep, our vibration rises, nearly matching the higher vibration of loved ones in spirit form. Because our subconscious minds are far less cluttered than our waking minds, spirits have an easier time getting through to us. For many, dreams of this nature have a realistic texture to them, not feeling as dreamlike as most dreams. You will also have a higher probability of remembering it, even if you don’t normally remember your dreams. When you have dreams of this nature, pay close attention to them. They might be a message from beyond the grave.

Phantom Scents


Loved ones often reveal their presence by sending us scents that we always associated with them. This makes perfect sense, considering scent has the strongest connection to memory recall than any of the other senses.

For some, the scent might be a favorite perfume or the smell of pipe tobacco. For others, it could be the smell of a favorite meal or bread baking. Frequently, the smell is so faint and fleeting, you might attribute it to your imagination, but you shouldn’t. It took a lot of energy for your loved one to send that to you. Appreciate it for the gift it was.

Misplaced Items


When you place your reading glasses on your nightstand and find them on the kitchen counter, you might wonder if you’ve lost your mind. I had this happen to me repeatedly until a psychic medium friend clued me in to what was really happening. A family friend who often visited me liked to play pranks on me, similar to the things she did in life. It made me feel much better knowing it was Betty and not the first signs of dementia.

Others might find more obvious signs, like a photo of the departed loved one that refuses to remain upright or a piece of jewelry that continues to turn up in odd places. This is especially significant if the jewelry or item once belonged to the person who is visiting you.



When I’m traveling long distances, I like listening to my ITunes collection through my car stereo. I don’t have to bother with songs I don’t like and there aren’t any commercials to contend with. During a recent trip, one family member sent me a distinct warning. Four songs with the word “angel” in the title played in a row. That definitely got my attention, since my music is set to play randomly.

I let them know I was listening and told them to give me the next sign, which was The Kill (Bury Me) by Thirty Seconds to Mars and then Prayer by Disturbed. With my heart hammering in my chest, I put on my blinker and got into the slow lane, reducing my speed down to 5 mph below the speed limit. Moments later, a pickup truck buzzed past quickly, weaving back and forth in the lane with obvious signs of driver inebriation. After that, the next song that came on was Drive by Incubus and then Slow Ride by Foghat. Message received, I drove a bit slower and made it home safely.

Thoughts That Aren’t Your Own

Often, we dismiss many of the messages we receive from our loved ones as our own internal monologue. I did this with my grandmother. In many ways, she was the voice of responsibility that seemed to run through my mind when I wasn’t doing what I should have been doing. It took me years to understand that it was HER and not ME telling me to “slow down!” when I was driving too fast or to “get off the computer and start getting ready or you’re going to be late!”

Ways to determine if this is your thoughts or helpful advice from a deceased friend or family member is to inspect the thought. Typically, if you were thinking this, you’d phrase it in the first person format, as in “I need to get ready or I’m going to be late,” instead of “You need to get ready or you’re going to be late.” When you get these mind messages, jot them down and see if a pattern emerges. Look for phrases or word usage that is not a part of your normal vocabulary. In my case, I asked my mother if Nanny was something of a worrier and she confirmed it for me.

Unexpected Gifts


A gift doesn’t have to be something purchased from a store. It could be a cherished moment or an act of serendipity. Have you ever been feeling down and then received a friendly call from a friend to see how you’re doing? Or perhaps your melancholy thoughts might have been interrupted by the sight of a beautiful cardinal landing on your fence post outside your window. Another gift could be a flower blooming out of season or a perfect white feather on your door stop.

For me, one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received came to me on Mother’s Day in 2012. I was feeling especially down. My grown kids made a brief visit to see me, but had work obligations for the rest of the day, leaving me home by myself. Since my own mother was 10000 miles away in Indiana, I moped around the house all day. I walked outside to get some fresh air and discovered a baby squirrel sitting on my step. Orphaned and abandoned, he needed the one thing I needed to give: mothering. I bottle fed him and eventually released him back into the wild, never doubting this was a gift from a loved one.

Meeting the Right People When You Need Them

Don’t think for a moment that it was coincidence that led you to the so-called chance meeting that changed your life. Think about your life, viewing it through the rear-view mirror. Was there ever a time when you really needed guidance, only to have exactly the right person come along to provide it for you? Mine came right after I wrote my 2014 book Bones in the Basement – Surviving the SK Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion. A small local metaphysical shop offered to set up a book signing for me and I graciously accepted. While I was there, the shopkeeper noticed that many people were coming in and asking me questions about the paranormal world. We decided to set up a few Paranormal 101 classes, which led to me meeting a group of people who have become like family to me. I really needed those wonderful people to come into my life, and they came when I needed them most. While it’s easy to say that one thing simply led to another, I believe that one of my loved ones was providing nudges behind the scenes to make sure it happened.

Another example of this also involves my class. Lisa had a few friends, but none who shared her spiritual beliefs. Mere weeks after she started coming to our classes, her husband passed away. The group was wonderfully supportive, going to her house to sit with her and offering her support and friendship at a time when she needed it the most. A psychic medium from our group gave her supportive messages from her husband, helping her understand the depths of her husband’s love.

Funeral Signs


According to legendary psychic medium James Van Praagh, everybody attends their own funeral after they die.They will often roam around the room, offering comfort to their loved ones, trying to give them signs that they are peaceful in their passing.

While most people are tuned inwards during funerals, absorbed in their own emotions, if they look outside of themselves, they might see the signs their loved ones are trying to give them. It could be a touch on the shoulder or a caress on the face or simply a fond memory playing in their minds.

Watch Your Pets

If the loved one was someone who was also fond of your pets, your cat or dog might see them and react to them. Does your dog sometimes wag his tail while staring across the room? Does your cat start purring for no apparent reason? Both dogs and cats have far superior hearing than we do. They can pick up sounds that expand beyond the scope of normal human hearing. Their sight is also different, allowing them to see further into the red spectrum.

Pets often come back to visit after they’ve passed too. Signs of their presence will be similar to the habits they followed in life. They will sleep in their favorite places and jump up on beds and couches with a pronounced landing. If your cat often liked knocking the knick-knacks off your mantel, you might find them on the floor on occasion after his passing, as well.

Watching for Old Habits

Was your father always complaining about people leaving the lights on in rooms after they left? One way he might let you know he’s there is to frequently turn the the lights off, sometimes even while you’re still in the room. Was your grandmother fussy about where things went? If you rearranged her items, you might find them back in their old familiar locations.

Always bear in mind that it takes a tremendous amount of energy for spirits to manipulate the physical world. If you ask for a sign, look for the subtle signs as well as the obvious. If your best friend always called you on the phone on Thursdays, you might not receive a phantom phone call, but you might notice difficulties with the phone itself.

The soul is eternal and your loved ones will let you know this to the best of their abilities. Life goes on for them, but in a different way. Watch for the signs because they are there. You just have to know where to look for them.

For more information about signs loved ones send us, along with dozens of heartwarming stories, please check out my new book. Signs of Spirits – When Loved Ones Visit

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and author from central Massachusetts. When she isn’t investigating or writing, she also teaches a Paranormal 101 class online and in Gardner, MA. To learn more about her, visit her website


Click on the cover to learn more Jon’s latest book:





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  • Ian Tog Jenkins

    Seven years ago, my brother who was 11 months younger than me passed on after a long illness, at the age of 42. After the funeral everybody retired to a local pub for refreshments. I went to the bar and ordered drinks for myself and two young sons aged 9 & 11. While we were waiting, a song was playing on the jukebox, and I said to my sons that it was the first 7″ 45 single my brother had purchased in the early 1970’s. We then went out into the beer garden so as I could have a cigarette. The music had been piped outside. To my amazement the song that followed was the second record my brother had bought. This made the hairs on my body stand up.. Only to be followed by the third and then the fourth record in order he had purchased many years before. When I returned inside and looked on the jukebox for the music I had heard, only to find that they were not there…. I then asked the bar staff about the songs I had heard, and that I couldn’t find them on the jukebox. Only to be told that it was a cassette mix tape the landlord had put on. I told them what had happened and they were dumbfounded. Love and Light. Tog /| xXx

    • Joni Mayhan

      I know exactly how you feel. That’s so wonderful that he came to you in a way that made you recognize his signs. Love and light to you, as well 🙂

    • lol

      What are you saying? That the landlord was possessed by your dead brother and made the cassette tape and brought it to the pub?

  • wylekat

    Ok… what is it when you can relate to a vast majority of these signs, and the person a) is still alive, B) dumped you in the most horrible fashion ever possible, and c) TELLS YOUR SPOUSE IN A DREAM THAT YOU ARE (the ex’s) THEIRS.

    All the time, married with kids, yet…..

    • Joni Mayhan

      Maybe it’s someone else coming to you, showing you what they want you to see. Just a thought.

      • wylekat

        The question would be- *who*. I do not know of anyone who would want me to be seeing this.

        An odd item which is bothering the back of my mind:

        The ex looks like a character from a tv show (from the 60’s)- or, she did. I showed my wife a pic of the actress from the show as she looks today, and asked if this was who she saw in the dreams. No hesitation- I got “Yup. Longer hair, but yup”.

        At that point, I started to smell something fishy (My wife wouldn’t lie, so that isnt a factor). Thing is- it goes *right* back to the second sentence in this post : I do not know anyone besides the ex, who would even remember me, let alone have the ability to do this.

        It’s confusing.

        • Joni Mayhan

          You’re right. It is confusing. Sometimes it’s not easy figuring it out. Keep a journal of the events and see what happens next. Maybe ask for clarification. Sometimes that helps.

  • Dean K Miller

    Many spot on descriptions, scenarios that I have experienced. Too bad so many others are, or won’t, recognize them. Thanks for this article post.

    • Joni Mayhan

      I’m glad you found it helpful. Thank you 🙂

  • Cassie Montgomery

    My Grand mother passed away last year and at the end of her service when only myself and sister and one other cousin were left in the room a tiny baby frog was croaking by the door, my grandmother you need to know absolutely hated reptiles and called them slimy I honestly believe this was her message of comfort not to cry to cheer up and help others. I picked it up and brought it outside to a grassy patch and let him go.

    • Joni Mayhan

      That’s a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it 🙂

  • Cindy Porter

    I was very sick a few years ago the point that my mother thought she would be burying me..during this time while in the hospital I awoke to my father sitting at the end of my bed with my son on his lap… well my father died while i was in my twenties and my son is in his twenties so he def wouldnt have been sitting on his lap..I took it as a message from my dad that is wasnt my time to go I still had plenty to take care of.. my necklace also disappeared from the hospital I was crushed I never took that necklace off I wore it everywhere a few months after I was home and feeling better..I was standing at the kitchen sink and i heard a loud crashed in my room so i went to look and my dresser had fallen forward I was heartbroken again because i had a unopened bottle of crown royal I had it for twenty yrs it was my fathers and when the dresser fell the bottle fell off and the cap cracked open…so i picked everything up and called my mom to tell her what happened when i got back into the kitchen the necklace that went missing months ago from the hospital was on the floor out front of my sink….my father had brought it back to me and apparently wanted to have a drink!!!! Makes me happy to know he is around

    • Joni Mayhan

      I love the way you found the positive message in that scenario. I really do believe our loved ones stay with us for a long time, watching over us. Your father must have been a very special man.

  • Adrienne

    A few days after my mom passed away, I was in bed and in that half awake, half dream like state. A crow was outside my window singing VERY loudly and the smell of my mom’s perfume was in the air. My first reaction was to smile, say good morning mom and say “I love you!” My mom believed that crows or ravens carried the soul of the dead and would visit the souls loved ones before passing to the other side. I really do believe that my mom came to visit me before she passed over. I had a very peaceful feeling all day and I couldn’t stop smiling. I love and miss her. Also, my taste and style in clothes has changed since she passed away. It’s reflecting more of her, I have even had some of my relatives tell me I look a lot like her. Thanks for posting this, It makes feel like I’m not crazy, I’m normal 🙂

    • Joni Mayhan

      Thank you for sharing your story. I believe it was your mother too. 🙂

  • Suzanne Staley

    Both my parents and grandparents are gone. I have no problem accepting death. But, for many years, I felt a family member was near and that I may see that person again some day. I then found out that party had died several years ago. But, I still feel that person near as if they were alive. I am a sensitive person and often receive warnings or feel energy from other people, good or bad.

    • Joni Mayhan

      They do often stick around for most of our lives, watching over us.

  • donna

    My mom passed in Jan. Of 2014 and since then Penny’s àre found, then my dad passed in sept. Of the same year, then I was finding dimes, I don’t find any other coins just pennies and dime, I really believe it’s my parents

    • Joni Mayhan

      Wow… Several people have mentioned that I neglected to add that to my article. It is a very common sign too.

      • Donna

        I told this at my mother’s funeral and whenever I need my mom, I find a quarter. I truly believe in pennies and quarters from heaven
        my father in law was passed away 25 years ago I felt I had a strong connection
        to him and if I needed an answer to a question or support with a situation with
        Walt or my mother in law Catherine I
        would ask Dad to let me know he was looking down and there for us. I would find an old penny in the most unusual
        place and know everything would be ok. I
        would find pennies even when I wasn’t looking and after a few years I told Walt
        and Mom Waryga Dad says Hi when I would find a penny. Well move forward to Friday when my mom
        passed, I wondered how will my mom let
        me know everything was going to be ok and know she was watching over us. Well I was in my parents home, Dad had gone
        to the bank and I asked Walt to help me change the sheets on the beds. There was laundry in the washer from Thursday
        and I put it in the Dryer and turned it on.
        There was a slight banging in the dryer.
        I said She is sending me some pennies.
        NO Pennies from my mom no she liked the silver stuff, there was a
        Quarter and a nickel, Walt said
        your mom will be around when you find
        silver. I turned the dryer on again,
        more noise, pull everything out and another quarter, she wanted to make sure I
        knew only quarters not nickels. Turn the
        dryer on again and more rattling, the clothes inside were underwear, nightgown
        and bathrobe, where the heck was this money coming from. Another Quarter Ok Mom I heard you loud and clear, when I
        find a quarter you are talking to me. Oh
        I get it I am doing Laundry and she hates the way I do laundry. Walt and I are
        the only ones to know about the quarters.
        So move forward a few hours and Dad, Diane and I are at the florist and
        there is a meter at the street. Dad says
        there are quarters in the console get some for the meter. There is one in the slot and I am having a
        difficulty getting it out and then out it pops and lands inside the console and
        I have to move some papers and I see a whole pile of quarters. I take one quarter out and when I get to the
        meter it says FREE between noon and 2pm.
        I put the quarter in my pocket for the rest of the day and touch it once
        in a while to know mom is there while we make the decision for today. Saturday while I was getting ready for Kyle’s
        Birthday Party I found 2 quarters in my travel jewelry bag who has quarters
        with their jewelry. While at Kyle’s I
        was on Facebook and a friend posted a picture of a Quarter with George Washington
        cut out and it say to pass on and you will become rich. I see these all as signs from my mom that she
        is looking down on us. So when you find
        a quarter know it is not a penny (too cheap for my mom) but a quarter from

      • Jenngal

        My mom gets pennies all the time. She always says “Pennies from Heaven.” I also find a lot of pennies and dimes.

  • Paula Braman-Duarte

    I have experienced so many of the examples on this list that it is uncanny. One of my favorites being one that happened two days after my mom had passed. I was busy getting the funeral arrangements finalized so I was out and about early with a long morning of errands. All I could think about was having my (current) favorite sandwich for lunch – very specifically, a turkey with mustard and Swiss cheese on a bulkie roll. Very odd that such would be running through my head at that time. and I definitely had none of the ingredients on hand. I got home, arms full of things, mind on overdrive, only to be met by an old friend and long-ago neighbor. This was someone who had been close to our family, but we had not seen much of in recent years. She had been thinking of me and wanted to drop off lunch. The sandwich she handed me was “as ordered” right down to the bulkie roll. I knew immediately it was a sign from my mom that all would be well.

    • Joni Mayhan

      That’s amazing. What a sweet thing for your mother to do for you. They take care of us forever 🙂

  • Emily Byron

    My cousin died of cystic fibrosis and the picture of him keeps falling down

    • Joni Mayhan

      That’s a pretty strong sign. I’m sure he knows you still keep him in your heart.

      • Crystal Flaherty


        my name is Sarah i am a mother of two, i want to quickly use this opportunity to explain this to you out there! its about my husband who was killed by Gun on his way back from work, without hearing a last word from him, is been 1years and 2months now that my husband was killed, ever since then i have not had anything from the police people who says that they are investigating to find out who the killer of my beloved husband is, but ever since then i have been a confuse woman, having bad feelings about this whole thing, because every night in my house i always hear voices in my sleep, before i know what in my sleep i see male hands try to touch me in my sleep, then i will quickly wake up, this has been happening ever since my husband has been buried now, i thought it was normal maybe it was because i think about my late husband a lot that is why this who thing was running through my head, Not knowing my dead husband was trying to communicate with me in Person, when i see this keep happening to me every night, it was as if i was going crazy i could not bare it so i have to cry out to my mom one morning, arriving to my mom place her friend was there in her apartment who just came to visit her, i could not wait for her friend to leave, because the who matter was so heavy in my heart, i have to open up. it was that same woman my mom friend who visited my mom that morning who told us something similar to our conversation happens years back to one of her relative, that she has someone who she will like us to contact and explain to, that the man in question is a spiritual man, his name is called Cordel Doughty a spiritual Doctor who connect the dead and the living to have contact to each other, so i contacted him, after giving him all the details he ask for ,the man excuse me for some minutes, when he write me back he told me what i need to do, Honesty i thought it was wasting of time, i have no choice than to put a try on it, so i explained to him, after he did his consultation i was told that my husband want to make contact with me and make me understand who is responsible for his death, so the man told me what to do and of which i did, a night after i did exactly what this man told me, when i fall at sleep, i cant believe what i saw, behold it was my husband with tear on his face and blood all over him, it was like i was in the other side of the world that night, he started talking to me, my husband explain everything to me, not knowing this man who my husband call his best friend was the one who is responsible for his death, he pay some drugs head people to kill my husband for him, this same man was coming often to check on me and the kids asking me so many details about my dead husband, but i never suspected him because he was acting nice and kind to me and the kids, after a night my husband speak to me two days after this man confess how he pay some group of boys to murder my husband, and some hiding property of my husband was review to us too, Today i try to put it into written what i have been through in life, your love ones are out there crying trying so hard to make contact with you and show you things you never know about him before his/her death, you can know all this and help them achieve there dreams in life, Contact this powerful man who made my own possible today via Email: } thanks to you all that take your time to read from me…….

  • Kelly

    I grew up right next door to my cousin Todd. We were very close, like brother & sister. He died at 14 in a motorcycle accident, i was devastated, i felt like i was dying with grief. Many years later i was pregnant with my 4th child and trying to come up with a name & Todd kept coming to mind, but more just thinking about HIM. One night i had a dream about him. He “came back” & i was SO happy & couldnt wait to tell everyone! But he looked sad. I went to tell people & when i came back, i couldnt find him…when i did, it was in the woods at a favorite spot. He told me he didnt want to be “back”, he was so happy & loved where he was. I still think about that dream & truly believe he came to me to tell me this. I have had several dreams or “premonitions” that have come true…one just happened a few weeks ago about my oldest son. I wish i could cultivate what may be something special i might have!

    • Joni Mayhan

      I’m sure he did come back to visit you. Many people have gifts like yours. Read as much as you can on the subject and see if anyone offers classes for developing your psychic gifts.

  • Sandie LaNae

    An awesome article! Thank you for posting!

    • Joni Mayhan

      You’re very welcome 🙂

  • K Brown

    Thank you Joni for this wonderful article. Articles like this only reconfirm what I know is going on in my life. From a small child till present I have been able to see, hear and feel things that others couldn’t. For a period I was afraid to sleep in fear that I might have a bad dream. My dreams were coming true the very next day. Three separate occasions I dreamed of being at a family members funeral, while none were expected to pass I would receive a phone call in the morning that they had. Simple silly dreams would also come true the very next day, like boxes falling of a delivery truck in front of my house and so on. I often have feelings to call and check on someone only to find out they are sick or hurt. My son now has these overwhelming feelings too and will call. Since my Mother passed so many things have happened to let me know she is with me. She knew of these “happenings” I’ve had since a small child and promised during one of our last conversations that if at all possible she would let me know she was with me. Several things have happened to let me know she is here but the most noted it the 222 I see very often without looking for it. I’m a Nurse and took care of her till she passed. One pain medication (Morphine) she knew she could have every two hours but couldn’t say the name of, so she would say 222 and I knew what she wanted. The smells, the quick glance that I saw something I have it all. Thank you for taking the time to read this, articles like this reassure me that no I’m not crazy.

    • Joni Mayhan

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful story 🙂

  • Janet Jaeger Croneberger

    The picture you see is my son Daniel he died at home on Sept.8,2014 from an accidental overdose, I have desperately wanted to connect with him just to know if he is ok because to live each day not knowing is a mothers worst nightmare I have this deep need to know he is ok….if I died tomorrow it would be fine then I could go find him this is the worst……

    • Joni Mayhan

      Sometimes it takes them a while to come back to us. If they died traumatically, the soul needs time to heal. When they do come back, somethings the signs are faint. It might be as simple as a thought of him at an odd moment or in a dream. Talk to him. I’m sure he can hear you and knows how much you love him. He wouldn’t want you to be worried. The soul is immortal. Only our bodies are mortal.

  • Cydney Sabin

    When my stepfather died, the funeral home sent us a small angel statue with his urn. That angel had the exact same smirk he always did.

  • A R

    Approx. 10 years ago, I fell asleep in the couch. Around 4:30 – 5:00 AM a kid’s scream woke me up and I saw a blonde kid running towards the hallway where the entrance door is. I thought it was a dream and I was still confused for a few minutes after I woke up. That morning I had one song over and over again in my head, the same line, and the song was about the death and how you want to be remember by your love ones. Around 9AM my mom called me and told me my cousin died in a car accident and the accident happened around the same time I saw the blonde kid in my house. My cousin was the only blonde in the family. He was in his early 20’s. A few nights after I saw him in my dreams. He was just smiling at me and he was wearing white shirt, white pants and white shoes. It was nice. He was in my dreams again a few months after, but this time with my uncle, his dad, who died a couple of months after him. They were smiling, letting me know they were happy and at peace. They were in my brother and other cousins dream as well. They never said anything, just smiling and with white clothes.

    A year or so ago my grandma died. She had a peculiar smell that I really loved. I was in my office and I started, unconsciously, tapping my fingers like she used to do, and all of a sudden, I smell her perfume. I said hi to her and thank her for visiting me at my job. I couldn’t go to her funeral because I’m living in US.

  • Kristin Allen

    My Mother died unexpectedly March 31, 2005. I was out with friends and started choking and when i got home I found her. The reports said she choked to death and it was about the time I was choking too. When I got married I had two butterflies that kept flying around and landing on me. I knew it was my Mom and Grandmother and I have a picture of the butterflies on me and smile every time because I knew they were really there for me!

  • Jennifer iliff

    You had me with the very first thing you mentioned. About 2 years after my grandpa died I was sleeping at my grandma’s. I had a dream that my grandpa walked into the house and went straight to the fridge sat down at the table everyone in the house was like statues except my two daughters and I. I asked him what was doing there because he was dead. He said he knew he was dead He had been in a place like jail for what he had done wrong and was now eating and then going fishing and not to worry he was ok. It was one of the realist dreams I have ever had. I know that my grandpa was communicating with me that night and I developed a new calmness about the other side after hearing what he had to say. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who has experienced something like this.

  • Teri Townsend

    My mother passed away June 23, 2015, my youngest granddaughter loved her so much and when ever they would talk or see each other they always called each other their best friend, about a week after my mom passed, my granddaughter and daughter came to my room to check on me and while we were sitting on my bed, my granddaughter asked me if I had talked to Blackie and I said no Jaedyn , she passed away so how could I talk to her, Jaedyn said because she is here in your room, standing in front of the dresser just watching us. Jaedyn constantly walks around the house talking and singing to my mom as if she was here, she is 6 yrs old. I have always heard that children are more in tune to spirits!

  • Shyra

    My mother passed December 29th 2014. When she passed I got a pair of her earnings that she liked very much, I wore them every day. My friend was getting all dressed up and asked if she could wear them so I let her. But I told her she couldn’t loose them because they were my mother’s and when she gave them back to me she gave me one back, saying the other one fell out in the shower. A few weeks went by and my fiance dropped something behind the couch so he pulled the couch out and found the earring. The next time I toke them off i toke the off in the bathroom..the same one my friend toke a shower in. I couldn’t find one of them again and after a couple days my fiance found it again in the couch. My mother was very into her jewelry. Also when she passed I was pregnant and had my son just six months ago, may 9th 2015. My son is always starring off at something and it makes me wonder if he is looking at her..

  • Jessica

    An ex lover I was very close with for a few years has recently passed away. Ever since his death I have been reading articles like these & trying to find any sign he might be giving me. Is it possible for his spirt to be hurting & angry at me for how our relationship ended still, & that’s why he doesn’t want to contact me ?

  • Allen Burbank III

    I had to put My Dog and Best Friend Bear down October 6th 2015 he was almost 16 years old I had him sense he was a pup and I was only 13 years Old I never thought id have to make that decision and never understood how people could do that what I then considered an unnatural Death, I wanted Him to pass with us at Home but Reality reminder me passing is not always quite in sleep. I was Nursing him as things where starting to happen It started with him suddenly not being able to walk with out me Holding him up so he can walk around then back to His Bed where he would Lay and he was such an Active athletic Dog up Intel this last year. the last week I seen something change in his Eyes It Felt as if he was holding on for my well being and Only that he Knew how much he Meant to me and he Loved me so Much that even though he could already see that every thing will be okay and what Beauty awaits for him on the other side he knew I was still naïve to what he already sees and he did not want me to hurt I Later understood this, but before I just seen that change in his eyes so I went in Panic mood I Naturally wanted to Fight for Him even if it meant just a little more Time to gather, I started to Construct a doggy safe wheelchair even though I Knew his passing was approaching, as I was Building my girlfriend was helping me with him I got it done in 3 days time Iv never Built anything like this before at such a Pace. then I Noticed other Problems he had his body Began to shut down but his strong will just kept Holding on, one day was Terrible he began to Whimper in pain I Held Him Crying then I looked into his eyes and Noticed his spirit was Holding on unselfishly for me even though his Body was shutting down and I understood what I needed to do for Him braking down nearly unable to comprehend what just accrued to me Losing my best friend and Having to make that decision the worst pain I have ever felt but I did not want Him to be in pain any more and I wanted his passing to be as Peaceful as possible, at this Point we drove Him to our vet and He allowed us to keep him resting in our Jeep where he is Comfortable and would go on rides with the ones that Love him most in this jeep, it was a cool breezy evening we sat beside him as he slipped away to the Other side we gave Him a proper burial with love notes roses and belongings with him in his box we made for him the Night he passed. the Next Morning during the Time I was digging our other dog Dolly whom Bear Razed from a puppy as if she was His responsibility she was watching us and began to whimper for him I Felt Him the whole Time saying our good byes as our Tears dripped over Him we Covered his tired body with a warm Blanket of Mother earth. we Light Candles for Him every Night sit at his Grave I always Talk with Him and though I Feel Peace he is no Longer in pain I began to Feel Anger and Guilt, I felt as if me making that Decision was Like giving up on Him and this is where the story of How he made Contact with me and my Girlfriend we are siting at his Grave I was feeling these thoughts and I was asking Him to forgive me and Pleas Know that I Love you very Much and always will I told Him your always Welcome to Visit me and I Invited him to visit me that night in a Dream, I feel asleep thinking of him that Night and suddenly I woke up nearly jumping out of Bed to this Loud BANG!! and Flash Car Alarms where going off we got up and there was an intense Thunder storm Possibly the Biggest one I have ever Experienced in my Life there was a Strong Feeling I got and I felt His Presence and I then Began to Smile and I Remembered how when he had His Health he would run out side during thunderstorms Barking at the Sky and I would Have to Chase Him around to make Him come in for his own Safety I can not even describe theses Intense and Familiar Feelings it was Undeniable that Bear Used this situation to Let me Know he is still here. I Still miss him and there are those days when a Memory will bring a tear to my eye but I Feel him all around me through Nature he is everything and every where we also had another Visit Both I and My Girlfriend where siting at his Grave again and as I was Talking to Him we both Heard a Noise that Made us Turn Our Heads to look Directly Behind us and right then the Biggest most Beautiful Shooting star I have ever seen and Its been a While sense iv seen one as we Live in a Largely Lighted aria with hardly any visible stars and Facing the Other way we would Have Missed it if bear did not make us Turn our Heads I Smiled and Said Thank you Bear I Love you too buddy and can’t wait to see you.. this dog was the Kind of Dog I wish every One Got to Know Him Like I did was with me through a very tragic Time as a young teen boy and then better Times all the way tell I was almost 30 year old man Like my Guardian Angle. this Dog was the wisest Iv always thought of Him Being an Ancient soul it was as if he always Knew something we didn’t the Most wonderful 16years I Could ever ask for bless you Sweat Boy Our Love will always be……

    • Mouse Wheel

      May you find comfort in knowing that Bear had a happy and loving life with you. They will ALWAYS be with us. My Kitty of 20 years (1977-1997). I was 17 when I heard a mewing in a trash can on the way home from school. She became my best friend and beloved companion. She also held on much too for MY sake. I had to release her from her suffering and indignity, and I physically had a in my chest/heart. She came to me and visited nightly until my husband brought home a kitty. As soon as my baby knew that I had a little life force to raise, she slowed down her visits. Even today, several times a year, she visits me. God I miss her so much, I’ll never get over her. May piece be with you. Love to you, your family, and Bear. If you need to, please feel free to write to me about Bear.

      • Allen Burbank III

        Thank you for your Kind words and shearing your story. I Feel him at My side every day. and Just a few days ago he vested me in a Dream just as I was falling back into Anger from missing him so much its as if he Knew I needed comforting so He Visited me in that Dream his eyes Look deep into mine Just Like he would do when he was Alive and that sent warmth in to my Heart I woke up with a smile and the Feeling that everything will be ok. I do Miss him Deeply and always will Just as you Miss your Kitty…

    • Jared Salas

      Thanks for sharing this very touching story. 🙂

      • Allen Burbank III

        thank you, I’m Glad it touched others I had to shear it and this Seemed to be the place…

    • Jenngal

      You brought tears to my eyes. I can feel your pain. I also know this pain. My cat, Smokes went through the same thing. She was 13 years old when I had to euthanize her. She was one year older than my son was and he is almost 16. So it was almost 3 years ago I had to put her down. She was sick, but I didn’t realize how sick. I thought she had renal/kidney failure and I found out at the last exam at the vet (they do an exam before putting them down to check their health due to people who put them down while they are still healthy) that she had cancer. She had a very large mass inside by her stomach. The vet had me feel it and I felt horrible for allowing her to suffer so long. I should have put her down months, if not a year before. She had gone from my ornery old lady to sleeping all the time, projectile vomiting and drinking water like she was a fish. Turned out she was also severely dehydrated due to the cancer. The vet couldn’t even get a vein to put the euthanasia in for it to work within 2 minutes. So it was put in her leg and it took up to 7 minutes for her to pass. She got wobbly, weak, and my son and I just held her until she was gone. She also had that look in her eyes when she looked at me on the couch. I knew it was time.

      The only way I could get through it was because a stray had a baby that was dying outside (about 6 weeks old) and I brought her in and saved her life. I would have fallen completely apart had Cairo not been sent to me.

      Smokes has made many visits to us and surprisingly, Cairo is my sensitive animal to activity. My son and I were sitting on my bed in my craft room and looking out to the closed door of the master bedroom, when suddenly we saw a grey flash jump out of the closed white door and dart down the stairs. Cairo saw her too and dashed downstairs to play with her. Cairo began meowing, looking for Smokes as she went all the way downstairs then came back up meowing in a different tone. It was confusion…we knew it right away. When Cairo came back into the room she looked at my son and me with a look of complete confusion on her face and questioned meowing. It was like her meows ended with a question mark. We saw Smokes twice in the same area. She used to lay right inside our master bedroom door and normally the cats are not allowed in the master bedroom due to my boyfriend’s allergies. But he let her stay by the inside of the door.

      So there have also been many instances where I have felt Smokes jump up on our bed and lay on my feet like she did while alive. I know the weight of all my animals and how it feels so, it was the very same delicate weight I felt. I have heard purring as well while she is on my feet. Our door is always shut when we sleep and the 2 cats we do have are not in there at all. It made me feel better to know she’s with me. I had her cremated and her ashes put into a permanent nice wooden box that I keep on my mantle. She’s on one side, and my dad’s ashes are on the other side.

      • Allen Burbank III

        I’m Deeply sorry for your Loss and wow 7mins poor girl. but she is at Peace now the Visits she Gives to you are not the Only way to Acknowledge her or Know she is there, she is in the Gentle breeze that Gives you a shiver she is In the warm rays of the sun and all Forces of Nature in every thing Organic that you touch and she is simply In your Heart..

        Thank you for Shearing your story theses are the Things we all need to Talk about and attempt to better Understand the Beauty of a Loved ones soul can teach us so much. sending Much Love your way, blessed Be….

    • sly

      thank you… it is so nice to hear someone else’s story of a deep connection with their fur pal as I felt with mine. After 21 years I lost my fur pal Miko. Needless to say … she was there through of my ups and downs… she lasted longer than all my boyfriends… and most friends… I so wanted to believe that she was still here in spirit but this was before the internet and so I had to just go with my gut but would have so appreciated reading your story when I needed it the most… I am sure your story will help others.

    • cassidy breeze

      This story brought tears streaming, it was as if I could see the whole thing like a movie in my head. I’m so profoundly sorry for your loss I firmly believe that pets are sent to us for a reason and stay with us to help us in many different ways. Thank you for you touching and heartwarming story

  • Rodrigo

    Sorry to ask that, but is it possible that the opposite way happens? Someone loved already deceased come to warn about future deaths? I lost my father 35 years ago when I was very young, so I never reminded of him with grief or sadness. But last month, on a saturday night, I was alone and started realizing how I missed him. I cried a lot for the first time in my life thinking of that. On the next thursday my loved father passed away due to a heart attack. I´m still mourning his loss but think a lot about this. Thanks!

  • Rodrigo

    Sorry to ask that, but is it possible that the opposite way happens? Someone loved already deceased come to warn about future deaths? I lost my father 35 years ago when I was very young, so I never reminded of him with grief or sadness. But last month, on a saturday night, I was alone and started realizing how I missed him. I cried a lot for the first time in my life thinking of that. On the next thursday my loved father-in-law passed away due to a heart attack. I´m still mourning his loss but think a lot about this. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Furfaro

    My brother passed January 13 2014, he was killed in an automobiles accident, he was 21. In April of 2015 a good friend of myself and my fiancé passed, I grew up with him as he was my other brothers best friend. Starting in may 2015 a cardinal has been pecking at my window.At the time I as going through severe depression and some family issues. The cardinal left in September suddenly when I became somewhat myself again . I just recently became even more severely depressed and suicidal and the cardinal just came back this week. He always pecks at the windows as if he wants to come in. I can only hope its them, here for me guiding me as I fight through my depression and don’t harm myself. I sure hope so. I also have a 3 year old son he looks out the window often and cried to me twice in one week that someone was in the sky crying. But he was very scared. I don’t know if these are signs but would really appreciate some insight on thus to ease my broken heart. week that someone was in the sky crying. But he was very scared. I don’t know if these are signs but would really appreciate some insight on thus to ease my broken heart.

  • jojo

    About a month ago my neighbour and close friend died in my arms, after a long battle with cancer. I’d been helping his wife take care of him and unknowingly I shared his last hour with him holding his hand, wetting his lips and comforting him while she caught up on some much needed sleep. The last month of his life had been so intense and watching him take his last breath left me raw and emotional and full of questions about the after-life. I just wanted to know if he was okay where-ever he was. A few days after he died I was in the pharmacy I work at, when a mother and her 5 year old son came in with a prescription. The little boy whispered something to his mom, and she told me “he’s says you’re beautiful”. A five year old finding a 50 year old plain woman beautiful. Weird, but so sweet that I was drawn to tears in my emotional state. So I explained to the mom about my recent loss. She told me that her little boy was a super-sensitive child. They left the pharmacy and then returned a little while later, the boy holding up a small gift for me.It was a glass mug filled with sweet dates. “so that your heart can be sweet again” he added. I was dumbstruck. I immediately understood that this was a message from my neighbour. After they left I went back and checked the prescription for his name somehow knowing it would reveal something. The little boys name was Tomer Sagi Kochavi. Hebrew for exalted palm tree / my star. Isn’t that just incredible?

    • disqus_ZN3ittOIb8

      Yes! My 3 yr old grandson has told me when he is visting and we are playing outside that my mom is here. He never met her- but he was standing by the hibiscus bush I had tranplanted 3 years earlier from her yard to mine when he out of the blue said that. And so much more. Kids are susceptible to that! He is also very close and loving to me.. very attached- and from my story above- was presented to me in a dream by my deceased mom 8 months after she passed- before he was born… as a 2 year old.. hugging and kissing my cheek in my dream. I will never forget that face in my dream- and it was him!! It is incredible! He also says he used to be really really tall before he died. Started that when he was 2. Strange, but I believe!!

      • Jenngal

        Wow that’s amazing!! I also dreamed of my son when I barely began dating his dad. It was 3 months into our relationship and in my dream, my son, Andrew was 4 years old and playing at the park as I held an infant, while talking to my mom. When I got pregnant I told my then-husband (his father) that it was a boy and he would be named Andrew. When he was 4 years old, he looked exactly like he did in my dream. Due to domestic violence, I did divorce his father when our son was 1 years old so we never had our daughter, who was named Maria.
        My son is very intuitive and reminds me so much of my maternal grandfather, whom I was very close to until his death when I was 10 years old. My son is beginning to look so much like him when he was in his early 20s. I think part of my grandfather’s soul came back to me in my son because he is so much like my grandfather….mellow. His dad and I are friends now and we aren’t people that stay mellow when angry lol. I told my ex what I thought about my grandfather and our son and he could see it.
        My boy is sensitive, very attuned to animals, and has seen my father and my paternal grandfather (who passed before I married his father) in spirit. Now that he’s almost 16, he doesn’t see as much as he used to. But he described my grandfather exact in detail, so when I finally pulled out the family photos, I handed him a photo of my paternal grandfather and my son exclaimed “Mom, that’s the old man I saw laying on your bed..just like that!” In the photo my grandpa was laying down in bed in the clothes my son described and the same boots were by the bed.

        • disqus_ZN3ittOIb8

          That is amazing! I know this stuff is real- I too have had many experiences similar throughout my life.. (a couple of them are in her book “Signs of Spirits” above). It’s really exciting!

    • sly

      wow… beautiful !

    • Kellan Barry

      Where could I find a thermal camera and one of those microphones that record through static white noise

  • Mayra García

    My sister passed away on September 22 2015 we found her almost a week later and we still feel shes here but I cant seem to dream her I talk to her all the time I tell her and beg her to come in my dream but I just seems like shes in everyone’s dreams but mine how can I look out for signs or how can I know she is ok? I need to know what happen that day if ahe was killed or did she killed her self?

    • LettaB

      I’m so sorry for your loss!
      I can’t imagine what you’re going through…
      If you truly want to receive messages, or feelings /signs, from those who have passed, you can’t try so hard. I know it sounds impossible, but relax – your mind, body, and soul, and give the spirit a chance to communicate. When you’re looking SO hard you’re essentially making it harder for them to get through. Putting a wall up, if you will…
      When you least expect it, you will hear from them. And if you really cannot do either, then look for a reputable medium to talk to, they are very skilled, and real mediums don’t charge astronomical fees. They’re not ‘cheap’, so expect to pay $1.5 – 2 hundred/ hour.
      Good luck to you, and I pray for your healing heart.

  • Laurie stevenson

    Hello my 24 year old son passed away last August my son and I found him down in the basement he took his own life it has been so difficult the pain is unbearable I look for signs everyday just to let me know he is OK he was so full of life he believed the devastating lie he was told went out got really drunk and high and decided he couldn’t live anymore everyday my heart aches sometimes I feel like a shadow passes by and I wish it was him or a song will come on at a certain time and I wish it was him I still can’t accept that he’s gone and always wishing for more signs at least to know that he is at peace thank you for listening

    • LettaB

      I’m truly sorry for your loss! I can’t imagine what you’re feeling!
      Please know that the ‘shadows’ are your son, and the songs playing, if they’re triggering a memory of him, within you – it’s him sending you a message. These are exactly the things that they do, as subtle as they seem, to let you know that they’re with us. Not everyone gets flashing lights, or coins showing up, or items being moved. Most people get a song on the radio, or a favorite bird on a tree, or see a subtle shadow of them, they THINK, walking by like they always did….You ARE getting signs that he’s there. Talk to him. It’s okay! He loves you and he’s letting you know HE’S okay.
      May peace come to you and light envelope your soul. God Bless you!

  • Carla Clarke

    I have never been a person who has believed in supernatural or the afterlife until the past 9 years. My husbands mother passed away in 2006 and after her death, he kept finding dimes. He kept all of them. We looked it up on the internet and it means the deceased are trying to communicate and tell us something. My husband passed away a year ago and I am now finding dimes everywhere at certain points in my life and in specific places. There was a picture of me which was my husbands favorite picture that hung on the wall in our master bathroom, the day he passed away, I noticed the picture was gone. I thought he took it with him. I searched for 2 weeks thoroughly for this picture, one day(our wedding anniversary) 2 weeks later, I saw a dime sitting on a shelf on his side of our walk in closet, I looked down, and there it was, this picture of me with writing on it addressed to me. I searched everywhere for 2 weeks up and down and couldn’t find it until that day. One year after his death, I happened to take a picture of the moon that night after spreading his ashes and saw a face in the clouds. I checked with 3 people prior to posting on Facebook that they could see a face. They all did. Every person who has seen the photo now, see’s a man’s face. I am now a true believer. I don’t know what happens to us after we pass, but now realize they are still around us.

    • lol

      Wait a minute, so the clouds, which are gaseous matter that keep morphing into different forms, happened to form a man’s face for a little while, and it had such a profound impact on you?

  • disqus_ZN3ittOIb8

    I have had all of these- me and my sisters!!. One thing we did get as proof are pictures the night of my moms funeral… They would blow you away! I smelled her on monthers day -which was less than a month after she died- while I was sadly thinking of her -smelled strong gardenia’s (her perume and fav flower)- while driving in the car. I just smiled and knew! My sister has dreams (and my daughter) of my mom AND dad who died within 6 months apart- greeting them in their dreams where they are the only ones in the dream that sees them- just like in this story! Was awakened on the one year anniv of my moms death by my feet being tickled and no one esle was in the room- at the exact time she passed (6am) & So much more- but yes- this article is spot on!!! I wish I could add the pics to show. Simply amazing.

  • Vladimir Vcelar

    I’m glad you mentioned the phantom scents. My wife passed away from cancer in 2003,She was pregnant at 4 months with our first baby when she was first diagnosed with granular cell cancer. We lost both mum and girl. After so many years, I noticed that when I’m sad or angry, I keep smelling something very much like her favourite perfume she likes to wear on special occasions. At first it freaked me out, but over the years it calms me down and everything becomes OK and I can carry on.

  • Andy

    My father died on Feb. 7th this year after battling cancer for a year. I have had dreams about him sitting by the TV and I’ve hugged him and it felt very real. On the day of his funeral, I swore I could smell his cologne and while the band sang and his coffin was being lowered I could feel his presence in the wind that was blowing. Rationally, I assume it was my imagination, but obviously a big part of me wants to believe in it, since that’s how I found this article.

    I have a son, he’s 6 and he was very attached to his grandpa. They’ve had a special bond, the two of them. When dad got sick, the little one understood grandpa couldn’t play some of their special games (like rolling around and wrestling on the floor), and waited patiently for him to get better. They still spent a lot of time together and had lots of fun times. Telling my son his grandpa is not coming back from the hospital this time was the hardest thing I had to do. “You mean, he died?” he asked. He got very emotional and he didn’t want anyone to even mention grandpa for several days.

    The reason why I am writing this is that a few days ago he told me the dream he had, about how grandpa was sitting on the couch and how he asked him “How did you come back? Didn’t you die? I thought you died, how can you be here?”, so that part of your article really resonated with me. I asked my son to tell me more about the dream, but he refused to talk about it any further. Do you think grandpa came to say goodbye? Because none of us had the chance to say goodbye to my dad, the cancer was in remission, and no one has suspected it has instead attacked his cerebellum, and another metastasis has spread down to the lungs. He ended up in the hospital, fell into a coma and never woke up. We are all absolutely devastated and I keep looking for the small signs he’s still here. Sometimes I hear his voice in my head and I wish I wasn’t just imagining it.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Suzanna Gentle

    This is all conjecture. I’m not saying i know the answer because i don’t but having a dream about a loved one after they die is not evidence its them coming to you, it means they are on your mind at that time. Songs playing etc. All of this is just the poster making up explanations for perfectly ordinary events. Where is the evidence of any of it.

    • lol


    • Annie

      But if it provides someone with comfort, why do you feel the need to take that away?

  • Delilah Rowley

    Hi, my Grandpa passed Aug. 22, 2009 from Mesothelioma. My Aunt and I were with him when he passed, we went to sleep and he let go about 15 minutes later. I believe he waited until we went to sleep, so we wouldn’t have the image of him taking his last breath in our heads. It really broke my heart when he passed, but it was also a relief, because he was suffering and I knew he wasn’t in pain anymore. He lost his ability to talk a week before he passed, so he wasn’t able to say goodbye to us at the time. He has since then. He visits me occasionally. I’ve experienced the flickering lights, misplaced objects, I’ve even felt him sit beside me. He was a practical joker, so I know it’s him. I miss him terribly, but he’s in a better place and I know he’s watching out for us and still playing practical jokes on us. He’s with his parents and all of his siblings and I’m sure they are cutting up, and carrying on up there in Heaven.

  • Jenngal

    As a Psychic Empath and some medium abilities, I’ve had numerous visits and signs left for me. The most recent is on Father’s Day. My dad passed away 9 years ago in May. We had our house foreclosed on unfortunately, but the house (which was my dad’s) is literally falling apart. One thing after another. The morning of Father’s Day while I was still asleep, I dreamed of my Daddy…it wasn’t just a dream. I know it was a visit. Being the hardest part of the year for me and losing the house he told me that this was just a house; leave it and be happy elsewhere. While our conversation was not verbal in the dream, I knew everything he was telling me because I could FEEL it. I knew that he knew I felt like I let him down and in that dream, he was simply reassuring me that I had not let him down. That was the first morning I woke up feeling at peace over the house situation. I became excited to move and start over. We did get the first place we applied to rent at and so far things have gone smoothly. All the other signs during waking hours did not go unnoticed. The last sign was when the dishwasher started leaking from the back/under/inside and currently has ruined the kitchen flooring. We are packing and will move in the next few days.

  • sly

    I love your blog. It is very detailed and in line with my own experiences. Thank you.

  • sly

    Hello… all of these examples are true gifts… I feel so grateful for mine… On August 27th 2016 – would have been Dan’s 40th birthday.

    I remember I was sitting by the water and I told him I loved him and then a huge breeze came and filled the space around me. With it came the smell of water and lilacs and its warmth remained intense and steady, so much so, that I felt it would stay forever, if this is where I decided to remain.

    In that moment… I could feel him close. I felt grateful he was born into my life as my beautiful brother, even if it was for a shorter time than I would have preferred. As I reviewed my memories of him in my mind, the one that stuck out was of his special gift he gave me just 5 years ago. He had passed 2 years before that.

    I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep. I decided to go lie on the couch so as to not wake my husband. It took a while but I eventually drifted back to sleep. I was awaken by soft clattering sounds and I slowly opened my eyes peering over the couch, expecting to see my husband emptying the dishwasher. To my surprise it was not my husband, it was Dan.

    -‘’Hi DAN!?’’ I shouted as I opened my arms wide to encourage him to come to me. He looked up and gave me that smile I loved. He stopped what he was doing, walked to the couch and jumped over the back and into my arms.

    For the longest time I just stayed there enjoying his hug, enjoying his presence. I had missed him so much. I knew he had passed. I knew this was a dream. With my face buried into his chest, I was grateful for this chance to feel him close again.

    Eventually I looked up into his eyes. His face became the younger version of him…. when he was a child. We remained arm in arm staring at each other, happy to just be together. He looked good. He looked better than good, he looked well. I realized that now he new everything. He had experienced it all… life… suicide… eternity. Surely if I asked, he would tell me what I wanted to know.

    Looking into his loving eyes I asked…

    -‘’Dan… what is the most amazing thing?’’.

    He whispered something and I could not hear. I waited a bit and then asked again.

    -‘’What is the most amazing thing, Dan?’’

    Again I could not hear.

    I wanted this moment to last forever, but I began to feel that it would soon be over. I wanted so much for this moment to last. I closed my eyes in order to concentrate on staying with the physical sensation of him, to just enjoy him… in this moment.

    After a few seconds I felt the pressure of his index finger on my nose and heard his soft whisper…

    -‘’YOU ARE’’.

    My eyes flew open. I was awake… for real this time and he was gone.

    I lied there for a while just remembering his presence. Grateful for this gift.

    To this day I continu to feel it has been his greatest gift to me. It continues to change the way I see things, the way I do things. It is slowly eroding guilt and fear out of living my life my way and bringing peace with allowing those I love to do the same. It is also making me brave enough to share what I know is true… love is stronger than anything… even death.

  • Theresa

    My dear soul mate husband died quickly 2 1/2 years ago…since that time-I have been awakened 5 to 6 times a week…late at night or am…by 3 knocks on the front door…recently, though the pattern has changed and I’m receiving the knocks earlier and sometimes on the back door….I’ve been so puzzled…is it my husband saying hello? I’m not afraid when they happen…but just can’t figure it out. He did tell me that if it was allowed, he would come back and visit…I’ve had so many unusual things happen since his death…I’ve documented everything…and have started a book…I’d like the unbelievers to know…that we do live forever…and death is an awakenening…Has anyone ever heard of others getting knocks???

    • Kwamella Diquan

      Yes I believe you. My mother passed away last year two days before xmas. 2-3 days after she passed, in the middle of the night she knocked on my door three times. when i heard the knocks i answered her and told her to come in. She used to knock on my door to wake me up for work. Same three soft knocks. when i said come in, it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. I havent had any more knocks but now she is dripping my water in my shower.

  • leah

    About smells and scents.. I had not seen my father for 17 years..though as a child he called me his princess we were not close. It was left to me to travel to clear his place when he passed last year. which was a harrowing ordeal on many levels. Not just that after I realised it was actually illegal for me to go and do this but family dramas . I bought some of his things back home to give to my brother. I contacted people in his phone book, passing on he had passed away. They thought I was my half sister..his first born who he told people about. Her number was in his wallet. her name on his will. I had last seen My father at my brothers funeral. The crates of things I brought home I put in my lounge room awaiting my brother to come and get, which he never did, The smell though at times was very strong. Heavy horrid smoke. My father was a heavy smoker and coffee drinker. Very unhealthy man. His unit hung with stale smoke. This smell would come and go in my lounge room area. I took his things out to the garage and used a smudge stick thoroughly around my home . As I was doing this I told him he was not wanted here and to please leave my home. I think I still feel his presence at times tho am not freaked by it.. More annoyed.

  • Songbird Cloud


    • Denne

      My husband died September 17, 2016. I have been talking to him also and miss him just constantly. I still love him with every breath I take. I have not children and no family living in the city I live in. It was just the two of us and I cared for him daily due to his dementia and blindness. He was just the sweetest and loving man. My heart is just so broken. I sure know how you feel and want to talk to my husband to much too.

    • Neusa Appler

      My husband died December 2014, I was in a trip overseas, some kind of business I had to do, was the worst thing that happened in my life, besides I feel guilty, his father lived to 94 and he was only 78, If I was home I would call 911, there is an ambulance 4 blocks away in the sheriff station. I miss him so much it hurts deep in. My life will never be the same anymore.

  • Liam Mc Namee

    This is such an old post I’m sure knowone will reply but my father died last week and ever night since I have been waking up between 3:15 and 3:30 am!!! At that time during the night of my fathers death I had been waiting on the call to hear if he was ok after having a heart attack, and at that moment he was getting resuscitated, is this strange??? Mind working overtime or is my dad waking me up!!! Last night my phone charger kept making the sound of getting plugged in and out of my phone continuously, my gf woke me up and said what the hell is going on with that, so I took the plug out, then looked at the time….. 3:19.. has to be something, right??

  • Nancy Pierce Clements Norwood

    My Mother passed away when I was 5, my Dad remarried 1 yr later, I had the best StepMom anyone could ever wish for. After I had 2 Sons 1-1970..2nd in 1972..I was pregnant again in 1975, my StepMom passed away day after Mother’s day in May 1975. Her and my dad gave me what was called a 1 piece bunting suit blue, newborn size, for my 1st son, I used it with both boys. I so wanted a girl this time, my StepMom prior to passing told me over and over again I was having a girl, a week or 2 after her death I was going through some baby things from my boys to see if anything I could use, I picked up the bunting suit which was blue and it had turned pink, zipper was still blue, I always new it was my Mom telling me “I told you it was going to be a girl”..I had a baby girl on June 5 1975

  • Walley

    Mum passed away and upon clearing house a single pearl dropped down the stairs when I was speaking g to her … anyone know what this might be

    • Uh

      A pearl!

  • Sammi m

    hi I’m sam…. my girlfriend Suzanne George passed away a month ago July 22, 2017. not a day goes by that I don’t think about her, cry about her, and miss her, however I’m confident she is home with Jesus. we only shared lives for 6 months, but we grew so unbelievably close in that short time. about 2 weeks after her passing, I began to notice so many strange yet comforting signs and reoccurences I cant even remember them of the first things I noticed was in the sky. one night while I was at a gas station to meet a friend, I looked up at the moon and noticed the moving clouds passing under the moon and its light allowing those clouds passing under it to glow. I looked a little but harder and saw what looked to me like her head. a connection of clouds resembled her smiling face and long, thick black hair flowing in the wind. I was speechless. could just be my mind playing tricks, but ive also noticed faces, birds, and other significant images in the clouds at various locations and times since then. I have also noticed a strange recurrence of numbers all around, but specially when looking at my phone or laptop time randomly. 2,22,3, 33, 4, 40, 44 are the numbers. also could be a mind thing, but a few of those times really caught my attention because I would notice the same number on some other object near me when seeing the same number displayed on the time on my device…… I also have felt things. feelings that i really cant say i have felt before. they sometimes came when i noticed a recurring number specially 33. the feeling is almost indescribable. its like sensations that come out of no where, like massages, touches, feels supernatural. also, some of her belongings to seem to re surface to me pretty often, but i am a little disorganized so that could play a role. anyways, i just wanted to share my story, and say that I do believe God allows our loved ones to communicate with us in some shape or form

  • candy lopez

    why can my mum hear my father that died on 6th janaury 2017

  • Pam Bassett Wanhala

    I’m in the midst of reading your book, “Signs of Spirits” and was directed to this site. I lost a son to cancer twenty five years ago. In actuality, I could write a book on the signs I’ve received from him, as they are nothing short of a miracle. I would love to speak with you further on this …

  • Renee

    My name is Renee. My mom died on a March few years back. I feel like my mom reaches out to me lately by answering thoughts in my head. I feel like I can hear her in her own voice commenting on silly thoughts she would say when she was living onthis earth. I feel I had a loving connection to her when she was alive, I am missing her even more as the days fly bye thinking of her and will till my last breath. Miss you mom so much!

  • leanne lynchy

    hi my name is leanne i lost my dad 6 th march this year i was with him when he passed way i have been getting lots of strange things like i took a photo of my new living room to show my mum and i can see my dads face in the window of the door and smells and i have herd him shout me 2 times and often find pennys around the house as he had a jar full of 2 ps and pennys i still have and keep putting them in the jar i miss him so much im so lost with out my dad its been 5 months i wish i could talk to him as i was close with my dad before he passed away he told me it was gonna rain later and it did he died in hospital he never had a phone or a window so im a bit baffled how he would no im looking for something and answersxx