Were the UFO Sightings at the 2012 Olympics Real?

A clearly defined UFO was captured by several news stations during the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London at around 12:30 AM. This mysterious glowing craft created a wave of controversy after it went viral on YouTube.

After the footage was enhanced and analyzed, many people saw a classic disc-shaped spacecraft; skeptics, however, were quick to disprove this theory. They’re convinced the UFO was a Good Year blimp capturing aerial footage of the ceremony. Robert Sheaffer, founder of the blog BadUFOs, pointed out that the UFO images bared a striking resemblance to the blimp pictures posted on the the Good Year blimp’s website “Spot the Blimp”. Sheaffer stated: “The resemblance between this object, and the unknown object in the video is obvious. Case Closed: The object was the Good Year blimp.” – Huffington Post

Hardcore UFO believers insisted it was an unidentified space craft. They quickly retaliated by posting numerous videos on YouTube attempting to disapprove the blimp theory. They claimed that the UFO was glowing and disc shaped and that it had no resemblance to a blimp or helicopter.

Watch the video below -

As with most UFO cases that show up on the Internet, the problem is that the footage may have been tampered with to help make the case for it being an unknown spacecraft. For instance, maybe the glow of the UFO was enhanced. With all this tampered footage showing up on the web it’s making it harder and harder to know which videos are actually authentic UFO cases. Often times, if the UFO looks too good to be true it probably is.

What do you think? Do you think this UFO is blimp or a spacecraft?

Or maybe a drone. The U.S. domestic drone program is now a major source of suspicion when it comes to UFO sightings.

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One Response to “Were the UFO Sightings at the 2012 Olympics Real?”
  1. Thomaas says:

    Blimp, it is obvious. Watch the part of the footage right before they keep pausing it.

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