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Was Stanley Kubrick Killed By The Illuminati?

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kubrick illuminati
One of the more outlandish conspiracy theories holds that Stanley Kubrick was killed by the Illuminati for revealing too much about the secret society in his final film Eyes Wide Shut. While the official cause of death was listed as cardiac arrest (certainly not shocking for a 70 year-old man), some conspiracists point to the preponderance of Illuminati symbolism in his films, his clean bill of health prior to dying, and the strange editorial takeover of the film before its release as evidence there was more going on here than meets the eye.

Believers of this theory, many of whom also believe that Kubrick was enlisted by the US government to produce the faked moon landings, view the prevalence of Illuminati symbols in his films as more than just the result of unconscious archetypes. They are evidence that Kubrick himself was a part of the Illuminati, and was using his films as a vehicle for communication with outsiders, as way to reveal the existence of a globalist synarchy. Indeed, many if not all of his films–including The Shining, 2001, and A Clockwork Orange–are full of Illuminati symbols, most notably the one eye symbol.
The Shining, Kubrick, and the Illuminati
The ubiquitous one eye symbol and the pyramid shape are often pointed to in popular culture as evidence that the world’s major celebrities are puppets of the Illuminati.
Lady Gaga Illuminati

But if Kubrick’s body of work is rife with Illuminati symbolism, his final film Eyes Wide Shut is the climax. Not only is this film about a mysterious, perhaps murderous, secret society, it is drenched in allusions to the New World Order cabal. Occult symbols like the pentagram can be found throughout the film, as well as multiple references to rainbows and looking glasses, which are notoriously used to evoke The Wizard of Oz and the cultural brainwashing of MKULTRA and other CIA operations.

In another anecdotal connection, the film’s costume store called the Rainbow is actually across the street from a Masonic lodge. The secret society in the film is often compared to the Masons, as they have both been associated with ritualized sex magic orgies in which human blood is sacrificed. This association is also frequently tied to Satanism and pedophilia, both of which are alluded to in the film. There is even a character named after the creator of the Church of Satan, Anton Sandor LaVey; and the Rainbow store owner’s underage daughter is depicted as a prostitute to rich men.
Eyes Wide Shut Illuminati
Eyes Wide Shut, the phrase itself, is a calling card among secret societies, meaning ‘my eyes are shut to your misdeeds, brother.’ This anonymity is required of the participants, otherwise the society’s moneyed elite would be revealed. For as one character in the film says, “If I told you their names I don’t think you’d sleep so well.”

Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising evidence for Kubrick being murdered by the Illuminati is the events surrounding his death. Kubrick had no history of heart disease in his family and was very healthy prior to his passing. More importantly, he died only days after submitting the first cut of the film to Warner Brothers. At this point, the film was commandeered by Warner Brothers and heavily edited. At the time, the editing was attributed to the need to mask out the hardcore sex shots in the orgy sequence. Yet edits to the film regarding sexuality were very minor. It’s hard to believe that so much energy would be invested into editing images that displayed sexual deviance no more lascivious than the vast majority of Hollywood films.

Is it possible that this scene and others originally contained images and/or dialogue that illuminated the New World Order in a way that was dangerous to their privacy? Was Kubrick trying to out the secret society, or at least toy with their heads?

Regardless, it is worth noting that Stanley Kubrick’s wife has gone on record at least once claiming she doesn’t believe Kubrick died from a heart attack. So perhaps it is no coincidence that Kubrick passed exactly 666 days before January 1, 2001 — the first day of the year in which his most famous film takes place.

Was Kubrick killed for attempting to blow the whistle on the Illuminati? We’ll probably never know for sure, just as we’ll never know the events surrounding the death of Bill Hicks…but that’s for another post.

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  • Geoff Cocks

    If you check Eyes Wide Shut carefully, Rainbow Fashions is actually right across the street from the Sonata Cafe. Bill keeps coming back to the same street over and over when he takes a taxi from the Cafe to the costume shop. This represents an obsession that takes the place of thought in Bill’s dreamlike odyssey through his day (and night).

  • theghostdiaries

    …because they might KILL him??

  • Killer

    If anyone is the moron mate, it’s you. Clueless mind controlled slave.

  • Nix

    Roc A Fella

    Named after Rockefeller, the famous family who are suspected to be some of the most powerful, highest-ranking members of various secret societies.


  • zorbot

    Count the number of days from that of his death to 2001 and you receive a big clue

    • oyster

      i just shat kubricks.

  • Illuminati

    Ok. So that guy wanted to reveal about the illuminati so he used illuminati symbolism in his moves. As a result he was murdered. What if he was manipulated and was used? And what if it was part of the Illuminati plan. Where is the best place to hide? The answer is: the plain sight. If Kubrick was murdered by the illuminati due to his deliberate use of symbolism in his film, why is it in Hollywood and the music industry, lots of symoblism are still being used…? Are the actors or the film markers trying to warn us about the Illuminati..? I’m sure all films would be rewived before released to the public. And one a final note, maybe thats how the Illuminati works. If you believe in the Illuminati, then you hear of the alien invasions taking place. If we are to know about a ‘secret organisation’ then we are able to pereive that there is nothing for us to do/ or attempt to stop it.

  • goe

    Symbolism is harmless and secret society loves when they can put their shit in cartoons and movies, but Stanley exposed too much of their secret sex rituals. Symbolism is everywhere it can be, but he showed stuff that supposed to be hidden.

  • David Douglas

    Alex jones has film of the occultic rituals at bohemian grove in Northern California where the wealthy and connected politicians meet each summer sexual deviance, and celebration of their power and corruption. Planning sessions also occur there for continued world dominance and manipulation

  • David Douglas

    The fed reserve was planned and formed on Jekyll island in the same secretive manner