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Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere–Half-Breeds and an Evil Harvest??

The Ghost Diaries missed the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead. Why? That’s a question for the ages, with an answer laced in expletives. But we watched it tonight and were pleasantly surprised.

One of our chief season 3 complaints was lack of zombie action in some of the episodes. That was quickly rectified in the Season 4 premiere.

The episode opens with Rick Grimes gazing lustfully at walkers lining the prison fence. Their numbers, we learn, have risen. There are two principle storylines that follow. One is Rick accompanying an extremely disturbing half-breed woman, who claims she needs his help. Unsurprisingly, she tries to slash his face with knife…but the big issue here is HALF-BREEDS. Are there half human/half zombie walkers out there? With a little help from the uncanny valley, that is almost scarier than full monty zombies.


The second storyline follows Daryl, Glen, Michonne and some newcomers to an abandoned Big Lotz store. What they don’t know is that a helicopter has crashed on the roof, where there are walkers. While the group gathers their sundries, the roof begins to give and zombies fall into the store like video game enemies. We get a nice human kill in that store–some character who was both introduced and viciously eaten in less than thirty minutes.

An interesting–and possibly terrifying–sidestory comes in the form of the garden and farm the group is developing. One of the Ghost Diaries members began to question: wouldn’t all that zombie blood eventually get in the soil and infect the harvest? We get a possible answer at the end of the episode, as well as some very confusing full black eyes.


The Walking Dead Season 4 started off firing on all cylinders…and we haven’t even yet glimpsed the now vagrant Governor….

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