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Unknown Voice Beckons Rescuers to Trapped Baby

4 years, 13 days ago
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by Taylor Leonard

Ghostly encounters are a bridge between life and death. In some cases it can be speculated these perceived events are a way for the dead to protect life, especially life precious to them. Such a theory is evidenced by the accounts of first responders to a horrific car crash outside of Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday March 7 2015.

On the previous night, Friday March 6, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck – 25 – was driving home to Springville after visiting her parents in Salem. Buckled into a car seat behind Miss Groesbeck was her 18-month-old daughter Lily.

At approximately 10:30 pm a man living in Spanish Fork, a town halfway on Miss Groesbeck’s route home, heard a tremendous crash outside his home but saw nothing unusual upon inspection. This is when police believe Miss Groesbeck lost control of her vehicle on a bridge headed home. The car landed upside down in the shallow river below, where traffic overhead couldn’t see the wreckage.


The vehicle stayed like this for the next 14 hours until a local fisherman spotted it shortly after noon on Saturday. He immediately contacted authorities and first responders were dispatched to the crash site.

Wading through freezing water, several officers including Tyler Beddoes and Jared Warner of the Spanish Fork Police Department began hearing a voice calling out to them from inside the car. The voice, described by Warner as belonging to an adult woman, asked for help, according to Beddoes. The cry for help drove both men and two other officers to manually flip the overturned vehicle then and there.

Accessing the car it was quickly determined Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck had been dead for some time – either killed on impact or drowned after becoming unconscious from injuries. However when the officers looked in the backseat they discovered baby Lily was relatively dry and showing signs of life. It’s believed the girl’s car seat remained above the freezing waterline for the 14 hours she was trapped, keeping her from drowning or dying from hypothermia. Her survival is also attributed to a healthy layer of baby fat.

What is yet to be explained is the source of the voice beckoning first responders. Miss Groesdeck had tragically passed away shortly after her car plunged off the bridge. Yet all four officers first on scene swear they had heard a woman’s voice call for help from inside the overturned vehicle. More than that, they attribute a collective boost of adrenaline upon hearing the voice, a boost which enabled the men to successfully flip the car over and get to Lily.

Perhaps Lynn Jennifer Groesdeck was still there, but in spirit. Devotion to her daughter’s well-being was death-defying. It can be speculated her motherly love lingered in that overturned vehicle to be with her child until one of two things occurred: the baby was rescued or her spirit joined her mother’s. When police arrived, Miss Groesbeck’s refusal to leave enabled her one last connection to the realm of the living in the form of a cry for help.

It seems even death won’t stop some mothers from protecting their children.

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