Druids on Halloween

UFOs on Halloween — What Does It Mean?

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UFO in Hollywood
Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, evolved from the eerie Celtic tradition of the Druids, who long ago believed October 31st represented the opening of a gateway between our world and the dark spirit domain of Samhain, Lord of Darkness. Even today, many people believe Halloween night represents the opening of a portal for undead spirits.

But what if this gateway is not between the realms of the living and dead, but rather humans and aliens? Indeed, there is a rich history of UFO sightings on Halloween and, if you think about it, with all the lights and helicopters and general tomfoolery, strategically speaking this would be the perfect evening for an alien vessel to avoid scrutiny and engage in otherworldly ethnographic research. After all, as a race we probably appear pretty peculiar on Halloween night.
aliens portal to Earth
But if Halloween represents the opening of a portal, what portal could be opening? A wormhole connecting us to some distant galaxy? A portal to a different dimension which houses different forms of life, matter, and consciousness? How about a portal to a different universe altogether, one constructed from entirely different laws of nature? Maybe beings from these dimensions and worlds ‘feed’ on energy, exotic matter, and consciousness itself.

We’re just now beginning to understand the full scope of the infinitely complex reality we live in. Indeed, 96% of our universe is comprised of dark matter and dark energy, which continues to baffle scientists. Who’s to say this isn’t the detritus of quantum entanglement with an advanced alien consciousness? An encounter with a species like this could result in a collapse of the physical laws of our own universe, something akin to Stephen King’s The Mist.

This is why when Halloween night rolls around we here at The Ghost Diaries start thinking about more than just ghosts and ghouls–we think about how massive and creepy the universe is and what else could truly be out there, represented by the strange traditions of the Druids and UFOs in our Halloween night skies….
UFO in Puerto Rico
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UFO in Rome
UFOs in space
UFO in Spain
Druids on Halloween

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  • Steve

    Good set of pictures–and interesting ideas on the connections to other domains.

    • http://theghostdiaries.com theghostdiaries

      Thanks, we’re all about the zeitgeist here.