UFO Sightings Near The Moon

There have been many intriguing videos uploaded to YouTube recently that purportedly show UFOs on the surface of the moon. They have created a massive divide in the UFO community regarding their authenticity due to their lack concrete evidence. The issue of extraterrestrials on the moon and Mars has been a contentious issue among fringe thinkers for a while now; recently, the debate has been rekindled by the recent anomalies reported by the Curiosity Mars Rover.

Lunar mysteries are nothing new to the 20th and 21st centuries; in fact, they have been documented by scientists since the 1700s. There are many conspiracy theorists–one of whom, Richard C. Hoagland, you can learn about in the link above–who actually believe that NASA has kept archival evidence of alien activity on the lunar surface hidden from the public.

In fact, it’s believed by many that two of the most famous astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, have held secrets of extraterrestrial visits to the moon from what they witnessed during the Apollo 11 mission, secrets which, in the case of Armstrong, were taken to the grave.

What really happened during those two minutes when their radio transmission went out? Buzz Aldrin states in the interview below that the astronauts saw a UFO the night of their journey to the moon. This information had been kept secret by NASA up until this point.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

What do you think of these recent UFO sightings videos?

What are your thoughts on this endlessly fascinating topic? Was Buzz Aldrin seeing what so many other astronauts and NASA technicians have seen, space debris of an unidentified sort? Or are these space-bound UFOs indicative of a larger force that we can scarcely comprehend?

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