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Top 3 Most Terrifying Things That Have Ever Happened on Craigslist

3 years, 9 months ago
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Warning: Graphic and disturbing content:

Craigslist has to be one of the coolest websites out there, particularly because you can use it for almost anything. Need some cheap furniture for your new apartment? Head to Craigslist. Want to get rid of that old bike collecting dust in storage? Craigslist can help with that.

Unfortunately, Craigslist is also the premiere destination for psychopaths hoping to lure unsuspecting victims to their residence for their own sinister purposes. To date there have been 86 murders connected to Craigslist and that doesn’t count all the disappearances and other countless acts of horror that have taken place on the site. All sorts of things can go very wrong when you’re dealing with a site where the end result is one stranger showing up at another stranger’s house, especially if that stranger is a psychopath. Here are a few stories that prove Craigslist is one of the most terrifying places on the internet.

3) Newlywed-Satanists Murder A Man For Fun


In November of 2013, a 42 year old engineer, Troy LaFerrara responded to a “Looking for a companion” ad off of Craigslist. Laferrara was instructed to meet Miranda Barbour in a mall parking lot in Pennsylvania. Little did Laferra know that the teenager awaiting for him was a Satan worshipping, self-proclaimed “Dexter”. When Leferra stepped into the car Barbour and her husband Elytte Barbour, hiding under a blanket, jumped out and wrapped a cord around Laferrara’s neck as Miranda stabbed him 20 times in their Honda CRV. The couple then hid the body, bought cleaning supplies to remove the blood from inside the vehicle and then went out to dinner. LaFerrara’s body was discovered the next day in a residential backyard in Sunbury.

According to Barbour, two other men escaped death by canceling their appointments with her at the last minute.”I tried it a few times but it never worked out,I knew we were going to do this since the day we met, and we tried, but the others just didn’t show up”, Barbour claimed.

What’s even more terrifying is that Burbour has claimed that she’s killed 22 men over six years in a cross-country murder spree motivated by her satanic cult beliefs. These claims are currently being investigated, including the mysterious death of her first husband who died when their son turned one years old.

2) Psychopath Commits Unimaginable Triple Murder-Suicide


The horror all started with a Craigslist ad gone very wrong. In July 2014, 18-year-old mom-to-be Brooke Slocum and her boyfriend Charles Oppenneer came into contact with Brady Oestrike after they had responded to a casual encounter ad on Craigslist saying “Looking for a girlfriend or fwb (friends with benefits).” Matters took a dark and tragic turn when Oestrike must of “snapped” and enticed Slocum and her boyfriend into his home instead of their original plans of meeting in a park. The exact details are unknown, but Police believe that Oestrike held Slocum captive for 5 days in his Wyoming home before strangling her to death. The police also found Oppenneer’s body decapitated in a park near by, and according to authorities, his head still hasn’t been found.

Scouring Slocum’s Internet history, officials zeroed in on Oestrike, and executed a search warrant for his home. Oestrike fled and a high-speed chase ensued which ended in Oestrike fatally shooting himself. Although the true motives of the murders may never be determined, investigators who searched through Oestrike’s Wyoming home, found dozens of firearms, bondage gear, sexual restraints, handcuffs and sex toys all over his home.

1) Fetus Cut From Womb After Woman Answers Craigslist Ad


Michelle Wilkins, who was seven months pregnant, was responding to an ad on Craigslist for baby clothes on March 18, 2015. The meet-up started out innocently enough when Wilkins texted the seller that she had arrived. But when the seller, a former nurses aide, Dynel Lane, asked Wilkins to go downstairs to see some baby clothes, she brutally attacked her with shards of glass, cut open her womb with a kitchen knife, and then took her baby, leaving Wilkins bleeding in the basement profusely. Luckily, Wilkins managed to lock herself in a room to prevent any further violence, while Lane put the baby in the bath tub.

The story took an even creepier turn when the killer, Lane, later showed up at a hospital covered in blood, with her husband and the dead unborn baby, claiming the baby was hers and that she had miscarried.

Meanwhile, when police found the victim Wilkins in the basement gasping for help, they had this to say about it: “When I walked in and looked at her for a short moment, I actually had to walk out for a second because my head wasn’t able to wrap around it. The entire room was covered in blood.” Wilkins survived the attack but her baby did not.

What’s truly terrifying is this isn’t the first time a horrendous crime like this has taken place. In 2010 Korena Roberts lured a pregnant Heather Snively to her house through a Craigslist ad for baby clothes and cut her baby boy right out of her.

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