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Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges & Universities in the Country

3 years, 18 days ago
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by Anna Olvera

As soon as a high school student gets to their junior/senior year, it’s right about that time to start looking into the perfect college/university. From researching classes, scholarships, the perfect sorority/fraternity, and of course the joy of living on your own. But what happens when you end up in an institution with a little bit of history like phantom ghosts, creepy girls or even the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer? Well, take a closer look and step into our own private campus. Dare to find out?

1 – University of Notre Dame  


Established in 1842 and located in Indiana, the fighting Irish is known to excel at football (among other things) and that’s where the ghost of George Pipp comes in. George was a legendary football player back in the 1920’s who sadly died of strep throat. Still, that does not stop George from playing shenanigans around campus. People claim to hear music playing late at night, footsteps around the roof and even shoving students around. But he’s not all that bad. He’s also known for giving football players a “pat” in the back right before game time. There’s also theories about a certain hallway being built over an ancient burial ground back when it belonged to the Patawatami tribe. Students claim to have seen some of the Patawatami warriors on horseback, riding up and down the halls.

2 – Iowa University


The oldest university in the state comes to us with amazing academic achievements and of course, a few pesky ghost stories. One of the most noted haunts is that of a lovers’ quarrel. The tale of 3 students, who at one point were best friends, but were deceived by the same man. When they all found out about his betrayal, they decided to go back to Currier Hall, where they shared a room together and committed suicide. It’s unclear if it was by poison or by hanging but now the residents hear ghostly moans late at night, arguments with no one around, and even weeping of women…maybe still crying over that lost love.

3 – Salem State University


This next academic institute really doesn’t need any introduction. Home to the infamous Salem Witch trials that rocked the city from 1692-1693, SSU is a magnet for the paranormal. Some of the recorded phenomena around campus includes a student who hung herself, a man in black that walks Gramley Hall, two girls who sadly got electrocuted at Gramley Library and the tragic death of a girl who died in the elevator shaft in Clewell Hall. They also own a portrait, that of Mary Babcock, which the dorm is named after. Story goes that students who do not say ‘hi’ or ‘bye’ to Mary’s portrait, or the ones that are disrespectful to her, suffer harsh mishaps.

4 – Ohio State University


Housing more than 64,000 students, OST is also known for hosting prolific serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer at one point (one quarter before flunking) and now, people claim to have seen his ghost from time to time. But he is not the only spirit roaming the halls. Other sightings include the ghost of a woman who committed suicide a few decades ago and you can still hear her piercing screams all over. As well as a student who got stuck in an elevator, had a nervous breakdown and started to write bizarre things all over the elevator. They managed to rescue her safely but a few months after she graduated, was killed in a car accident. Now, they claim to see odd writings in the elevator, with such messages as “I’m still mad at OSU for what they did to me.” Question here is, what did they do to her???

5 – Boston University


If at first glance Shelton Hall seems like you are outside of a hotel, that’s because initially it was constructed as one of the Sheraton’s back in 1923. One year before BU bought it back in 1954, Pulitzer price winner and playwright Eugene O’Neill died inside room # 401. Now, it seems that Mr. O’Neill decided to stay and write a little bit more. According to sources, they’ve heard music, sudden knocks on doors that when they go and open, there’s absolutely no one there. Temperature drops and the elevator constantly stopping on the same floor for no reason. On the plus side, some students have claimed to have been inspired or become more creative with their works.

6 – Texas State University


Located in the Lone Star state where bigger is better, TSU has been filled with many stories of lore through the years. “There’s so much activity on school grounds,” says a freshman, “that they even offered us ghost tours when we first got here.” While the Gothic building was under renovation, a student threw herself from the third floor and her ghost still seems to be roaming around heading towards class. At the fraternity house of Pi Kappa Alpha, rumor has it that a terrible mishap happened during initiation ceremony several years ago, where a group of new members were killed. In 2007 a fire broke out at the house where everything perished. Before the fire incident happened, members of the paranormal investigation team Weird US stated that they saw the words “Help me” and “I’m sorry” right before the fire broke out, along with bloody hand prints on the walls.

7 – Gettysburg College


The name says it all. Gettysburg, ring any bells? That’s right, the college is located right where the famous “Battle of Gettysburg” took place back in 1863. Before it was known as GC it was founded as Pennsylvania College. The school’s Pennsylvania Hall was used as a field hospital and communications outpost. At one point even the students went into combat with little casualties, still holding 100 of them prisoners. Aside from this, the specter of a Civil War officer nicknamed “The General” haunts the theater. He goes as far as playing pranks on the actors such as moving the props around, their costumes and they have even seen him catching the show up in the seats. Another tale is that of two lovers who decided to commit suicide, only to have the male back out at the last minute, while his beloved plummeted all the way down. Now, she’s in search of that long lost love.

8 – Fordham University


With Rose Hill campus being a century old, no wonder FU attracts lots of unearthly spooks. Maybe is because it was built where a hospital once stood, and even one of their buildings was constructed on top of some old morgue tunnels. Or perhaps it’s because some scenes from the classic demon movie “The Exorcist” were filmed there. Who knows, but whatever the reason is, FU has some really eerie tales. A security guard back in the 70’s was taking a break when he suddenly witnessed chairs flying about, and doors slamming inside the basement without a reason. Even tales of shoulders being touched along with unwanted and inappropriate gestures towards female students.

9 – State University of New York


Located in the big apple, SUNY is home to its resident ghost, a former football player by the nick name of “Gridiron” who haunts room 716. Appearing in his football uniform and also sporting a bleeding gash near his eyebrow, Gridiron’s identity remains unknown. Another solicit-ant is that of Elizabeth, a woman who according to some people, accidentally fell down the stairs, or by some accounts was pushed by her boyfriend. Others speculate that she committed suicide because she couldn’t stand him anymore. None the less, Elizabeth’s ghost can be seen roaming the the fourth level, appearing in some sort of mist with arms wide open.

10 – Kenyon College


Being Ohio’s oldest and most private school, that does not stop it from housing residents spirits. Unlike other colleges and universities who have their typical hauntings around campus, hallways or dorms, KC is slightly different. Their south grounds entrance is known as “The Gates of Hell.” Creepy name huh? Legend says that whoever passes thru the gates at midnight can hear the bells from a nearby church called Holy Spirit, and that’s a sign that you’re going straight to hell. In 1949, there was also a fire that engulfed an old dorm building, causing nine students to perish and now they haunt the grounds. In the Shaffer Dance Studio, an apparition by the name of “Greenhouse Ghost,” makes his presence known.

These and so many more tales surround the country’s most noted colleges and universities. Please stay tuned for more creepy and scary articles. In the meantime if you have a supernatural story for me or you simply wanna chat, please be sure to follow me on my social media pages, you can find my links down below. Until next time…Sweet Screams!

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