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The Unexplained Disappearances of Lieutenant Felix Moncla and Frederick Valentich

5 years, 4 months ago
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There is a long lineage of mysterious pilot disappearances, but two of the absolute creepiest–and unsolved–cases are that of Lieutenant Felix Moncla and Frederick Valentich.

The “Kinross Incident”

In 1953, Lieutenant Felix Moncla was stationed at Kinross Air Force Base in Michigan. An unidentified flying object appeared on radar and Moncla took an F-89 Scorpion interceptor to investigate. Ground radar operators reported that Moncla’s aircraft flew at about 500 mph and closed in on the object while crossing Northern Lake Superior from west to east at 7,000 feet.

Felix Moncla

At this time, operators claim that on the radar Moncla’s aircraft merged with the UFO, at which point they both disappeared. A search and rescue turned up nothing and no debris or wreckage was ever found from either aircraft. Canadian aviation authorities have steadfastly maintained that there were no planes in the sky at the time of the mysterious ‘merger’.

Frederick Valentich


The case of Valentich is notorious for the creepy recording that accompanies it. In 1978, Cessna 182L light aircraft pilot Frederick Valentich reported a UFO while on his way to King Island, in Australia. He claimed the unidentified aircraft was flying about 1,000 feet above him. Specifically, Frederick said, “That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”

Soon after, his aircraft began to malfunction and his plane disappeared from radar, never to be found again. Despite recent ‘evidence’ turned up that claims to debunk this case with the mere assertion that Frederick Valentich believed in UFOs, the final 17 seconds of the flight depict metallic noises that analysts still have not been able to explain.

Want more? Well, it turns out that the Department of Transport’s “Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report” contains a transcript of radio communications between Valentich and the Melbourne Flight Service Unit.

This case gets even a little more weird. For one, according to a Royal Australian Air Force spokesman, about 10 reports of UFO sightings were also documented during the same weekend of the disappearance. And a few years later, a man who claimed to have discovered an artifact which contained a message from Fredrich Valentich.

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    Nice post my friend I did not know that unexplained disappearances happened. Just a quick hi from Area 51 Aliens