The Ghost on the Stairs

We here at Ghost Diaries think about ghosts frequently. Well, we think about a lot of paranormal things. But ghosts, for whatever reason, have a particular resonance. Perhaps this is because proof of ghosts, or of some kind of continuum between life and death, would offer a counter-argument to the far more horrifying vacuousness of modern science. While most scientists celebrate the incredible vastness and awe-inspiring energy of the cosmos, they ultimately conclude that it came from nothing, for no particular reason, and that existence is essentially a violent furnace of atoms in the void.

The existence of ghosts would liven things up a bit, endowing human life with a more important energetic imprint than previously thought. To think that something of our identity is left behind after we perish is to imagine that the universe values consciousness and intelligent thought far more than we know.

But are ghosts limited to humans? That’s the same form of anthropocentric selfishness that has allowed the boring ghost stories—major religion—to flourish so long. What if all life forms are part of this continuum between the living and the dead, the animate and the inanimate? If the universe contains intertwined dimensions—as physicists currently believe—it may very well be that consciousness is actually physical force that interacts with matter and energy. And since we know that time is itself a dimension of space, rendering the past and future as differentiated only by perception, it seems to us fair to suggest that a mind from the past and a body of the present could inhabit the same space at the same “time”.

So what do you think? Are there dinosaur ghosts out there, perhaps loitering at corporate headquarters? Are the earliest humans still among us, peppered among the 107.7 billion humans who have ever lived? Are ghosts merely the Earth reorganizing its files?
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real ghost picture, backseat driver
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