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The 4 Possible Types of Parallel Universes…and Can We Visit Them

5 years, 3 months ago
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By Jake Anderson

In the last decade, parallel universes–a thought experiment once reserved for geeks on rainy (or sunny) weekends–has become something of buzzword, up there with dark matter and time travel in its capacity to captivate. It used to be that no one actually believed in parallel universes, they just thought it was cool to think about. Then something called string theory (or the ‘branes’) came around and pistol-whipped us with the notion of other dimensions wrapped into the fabric of our own reality. The shocks to the system didn’t stop and, in recent years, scientists have actually begun to look for physical evidence of the ‘multiverse’.

First, let’s identify the four possible modes of parallel universes:

Type 1 – The Infinite Universe

This model holds that the universe is infinite. Therefore, every possible configuration of matter must necessarily repeat itself at some point. This means that beyond the cosmic horizon of our universe–somewhere way WAY out there, a place we haven’t even received light from yet–there is a region of space exactly like this one, where exactly the same galaxies, solar systems and planets have formed.

Type 2 – The Inflationary ‘Bubble’ Universe

This type of parallel universe envisions countless bubble universes popping up and disappearing. This would mean that the beginning of our universe, the Big Bang, was just the creation of one bubble in a vast sea of inflating universes, which will eventually pop–or whatever universes do when their bubble juice becomes too unstable. Type 2 also includes the “brane” universe, which is an evolution of string theory.

Type 3 – The Many-Worlds Universe

This theory is borne out of the weird and wild world of quantum mechanics, but in the science fiction world it’s often identified as the “alternate history” universe. The Many-Worlds theory holds that every possible version of every possible event will happen in a different universe. Essentially, it posits quantum uncertainty as a kind of bifurcating tree of worlds; every time you make a choice, you’re branching off into a different universe. We find it kind of comforting imagining that everything that can happen will happen–then again, it’s also kind of horrifying.

Type 4 – Different Laws of Physics and Mathematics

The final type is our favorite, a truly bizarre notion that our universe is just one of an endless number of different KINDS of universes. The concept sort of harkens back to the bubble theory–countless numbers of universes existing within the same multiverse–except in this model, each one of these universes is wildly different, containing different laws of physics and different mathematical descriptions of reality. In one universe, matter never formed; in another, time flows in reverse. There could be a universe filled with wormholes, allowing intelligent life to travel around to different stars and galaxies. Or a universe that is one giant black hole…with a computerized brain at the singularity.

Last year, scientists made the shocking announcement that there may be impressions or “bruises” of other universes that have impacted ours. Roger Penrose at the University of Oxford and Vahe Gurzadyan at Yerevan State University in Armenia say that strange unexplained circles in our microwave radiation maps suggest other “bubble” universes may have collided with ours four times in the past.

Eternal inflation

Another scientific study published a year earlier, suggested there may be evidence of dark energy “antigravity” leakage from a neighboring universe.

The question we’re left pondering is whether it’s possible to visit any of these other universes, to cross over. It’s kind of a shoot-for-the-stars question (literally) when you consider that we haven’t even been to another planet yet. And even if we did cross over to another universe, we might wind up in the middle of a star, or maybe this new universe contains planet-sized bioforms that immediately gobble us up. Regardless, there’s no pressing need to abscond to a new universe right now, we still have plenty to do here.

But at some point in the distant future, our universe may in danger of succumbing to the great freeze, when the heat death of the universe is upon us (or whoever is alive). By this time, a post singularity civilization that is able to harness the power of a star or even an entire galaxy could direct all that energy into a single point, achieving ultimate Planck energy and actually tearing a hole in the space/time of our universe. Perhaps through this hole we could send a nanobot spore endowed with all the blueprints of human (or by this time, likely posthuman artificial intelligence) life and seed the new universe.

Or, crazier thought: what if the “bruises” detected in the cosmic microwave radiation map are actually the efforts of advanced aliens to break on through, beating us to the punch and trying to get the hell out of Dodge.

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  • Casey Lee Anderson

    Nice, I like the number 1 and the number 3 theory, but the number 2 theory is a possibility but the number 2 comes with a cost of elimating doubles of ourselves within the multiverse theory, Look at the Science Fiction Television series called Sliders(season 4). episodes one of those episodes show a version of a bubble universe but watch all 3 previous season plus the one after season 4. Note the series ends on a complete cliffhanger.. which I find that was a stupid thing to do in the first place. But my theories are usually far fetched, and impossibility to figure stuff out. Now take a quote from the last episode of season 4, but the gist of it, one person who lived on the world they were at, was a scifiction writer, but the so-called writer was from another earth who was exiled from his earth and since he tried to get back into the science field, but since that was an impossibility, he decided to become a scifi writer and used his scientific knowledge from his universe to turn science fact into science fiction. Now think of all of the screen play writers that use science fiction and imagine that those particular writers are visiting us physically(like how quinn mallory figured out how to travel to other worlds or were probably exiled from their world) or if they aren’t visiting and are now living here they might have thought the same way as this writer did, Now if they were exiled they would have no way of making it back to their world, now if they were just visiting and decided to stay, they could have the technology to make it back to their earth..

    Now let’s assume that they were exiled, but had the knowledge to create their own travel between world device and therefore the people of that world had to travel with the exiled person in order to make sure that the exiled person took a memory erasing pill or something of the sort to make sure that they would not be able to figure out how to travel to other worlds.. and more importantly other earths.

    Now the sliding machine from quinn mallory basement(from the tv series sliders) is a good start, but one key flaw, he couldn’t put other parallel earth coordinates, in order to get back to the right particular earth that they started at. And Each Parallel Earth has their own quantum fluctuation or quantum signature if you will, like how humans DNA, differ from on another with only a few key changes.

    And second of all, the main thrust of the entire series, the timer saved the coordinate of their Earth Prime, but if you activated the vortex early on another parallel earth, the coordinate would be lost completely and probably took them 5 yrs to make it back, but we’ll never know considering the series itself ended on a freaking cliffhanger. So they were travel from parallel earth to parallel earth to parallel, earth for 5 yrs trying to find their way back home. That was the main thrust of the entire television series.

    How long are the coordinate for other earth well 12 digits to be exact in groups of 3, for example:
    this number is taken from one of the episodes on the tv series Sliders:

    405 134 101 118

    now those would be the coordinate supposedly to access another parallel earth, and now if my theory holds up. If there is world or worlds out there that make tv series(certain ones only, no horror genres, thankfully, or hopefully), would be a real version. It’s hard to explain, but Let’s take a look at Disney television shows, Imagine the tv series Hannah Montana was real, or Wizards of Waverly Place or Lab Rats(All Season, including the elite force current one), but on this earth, it’s fake but on another earth the character and lives are real, but the actors are actual look alike of their characters from the other earth.) I hope I explain this pretty well. Now if the tv series sliders were real, then if you entered the coordinates above you would be bounced back here because it was a slidecage in other words you would be stuck there instead. but since quinn adjust the slidecage, to bounce back the sliders from the previous world that they left.