The 25 Coolest VHS Horror Movie Covers From Back in the Day

Horror movie VHS covers…it gives us nostalgic chills just thinking about how awesome they were. Was there a kid on this planet during the 80s and 90s who didn’t sneak away from their parents to steal a quick glimpse of the horror movie section nestled in the back of the video store? As youngsters, seeing those VHS covers for the first time had profound effects on our imaginations. Just making that sojourn to the local video store was an epic adventure in and of itself. Then, we’d spend months imagining what these horror movies were about, what kinds of elicit violence and nudity they contained.

There was something magical about going to the local video store back in the days before Blockbuster sold out and Netflix ruled all. So let’s rewind for a second and relish some of these pulp cinematic treasures of horror art that have been buried by time and technology, but not forgotten.

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