Ti West’s ‘Sacrament’ Plays Like 90 Minute Commercial About Vice Magazine


Review by BILLY RUSSELL Ti West is one of the most innovative directors in modern horror. If such a word as “auteur” could be assigned to any director with a unique, personal style of storytelling, Ti West would fit the bill. Here’s a fun drinking game: Read a review of a Ti West movie and […]

Oculus, A Great Drive-in Movie


Review by Billy Russell Going to the ol’ drive-in is still one of the most fun ways to experience a movie. You don’t go to the drive-in if you’re obsessively concerned with having the best possible sound and audio quality surrounding you with such pristine remasterings that any flaw or error will stand out like […]

From the VHS Vault: Habit (1995)


There’s just something about thrift store finds. You see something on tape with a bizarre cover and a semi-promising recommendation from Roger Ebert on the front explaining that it’s a realistic vampire movie, whatever that means. But, since the price tag on it is $0.99, it’s not much of a gamble. If it sucks, chuck […]

Movie Review: Martin, George Romero’s Forgotten Vampire Film


Guest post by Billy Russell In 1976, sandwiched between Dawn of the Dead and The Crazies, George A. Romero directed a little-known movie called Martin. In some ways, I find Martin to be similar to Francis Ford Coppola’s movie, The Conversation, the other brilliant movie he made in the 1970s between The Godfather, Part II […]

Movie Review: The Purge

The Purge

Guest Post by Billy Russell The premise in The Purge is a pretty original one: For twelve hours in one day of the year, all crime is legal. Because of this, all Americans have the opportunity to purge their sins without legal repercussion and violent crime is at an all-time low. Things are going well […]

The Changeling (1980): Subtle Horror Masterpiece

The Changeling

A ghost story is a hard one to manage. As far as concocting a scary story for a horror movie, it’s easy for a movie about a haunting to slip into utter ridiculousness as each scare, by formulaic definition, must top the last one until, at the very end of the movie, anything that once […]

The Citadel (2012): Feral Children for Agoraphobics

The Citadel

Everyone wants to be scared when we’re watching a horror movie, but why? Why do we crave the worst? Why do we want to see movies where the unspeakable things only our imaginations could create will be lurking in the darkness to jump out at us? My theory is that we go to the movies […]